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Spencer Smallwood

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Seattle, Washington, US

I have had about 10 shoots since January (which is alot for me). But I need critique because I rarely get it. What should I change up? Most photographers consider my look a little unique and "cute"... I dunno. haha

Suggestions would be much appreciated...


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Guss W

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Clearwater, Florida, US

Well, your existing collection certainly tells us that you are going for a commercial look.  Since commercial people expect their ads to be at a high level of professionalism, you want your photos to be more than just OK, you want them to be slick and polished.  As an example, the shot of you jogging through the woods isn't really bad, but think of how much better it would be if you had been brought out more with a pop of flash and the background darkened a bit.

Even though you are just starting your portfolio, I think you have enough that you could consider thinning out a bit.  I would suggest dropping the following:
The first one on the bed - kind of blah, shadow distracting.
The hockey shots - replace with a studio shot of you in the gear, but with dramatic lighting.
The straight-on shot in the gray jersey - bland, also don't repeat the same outfit too much.

Add shots of a variety of themes - business suit in the city, etc.

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Spencer Smallwood

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Seattle, Washington, US

Thank you for the response!

Yeah I have more photos coming in soon from a few shoots... I Definitely will re-organize my port and try to grasp different themes.

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Marissa Armas

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Eugene, Oregon, US

I would work on bringing some emotion into your eyes. In a couple of the pictures you've really got it down and those ones definitely pop out in your portfolio - if you can get that down more consistently then you'll have it down!

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