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Mamiya 645M Pro TL Kit $700 obo

I have way too many cameras and equipment! Time to sell some off and save up for traveling!

OK Model Mayhem film fans- I have an awesome medium format film kit for a great price! Absolutely everything you need for a studio or field camera set up. Shoots great landscape, macro, portraits, fine art, etc.  Lenses provide exceptional sharp results with amazing resolution. I have used this set up for years, but it is time to let it go.  It is light yet durable enough for hand held shots- but the image quality is top notch for professional studio work.

All components are in very good to excellent condition. They are in superb working order, with slight cosmetic wear from use over the years.

The full kit includes:
•    Mamiya M645 Pro TL body
•    Mamiya Rapid Wind Grip
•    Mamiya AE Prism Finder (this viewfinder has a built in light meter with average and spot metering)
•    Two Removable Film Backs with two 120 and one 220 film inserts
•    Mamiya-Sekor 210mm F4N lens
•    Mamiya Sekor 80mmF4N  C Macro Lens
•    Mamiya Sekor 45mm F2.8N C Lens
•    No 1 and No. 3 lens extension rings for macro work
•    Polarizing Filter and a few other random goodies
•    Camera Bag/backpack to hold everything

Too see some pics of this kit check out my Craigslist post in Western MA: (in reading the MM Market Forum rules it seemed OK to post a link like this)   

Send me an MM message with any questions. I will take Paypal for payment- unless you are close to western MA, and then I can meet you for cash payment. If you pay the full asking price shipping will be included- if you haggle me down I might ask for you to cover shipping!

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