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Cory Boehne

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Miami, Florida, US

Hi all,

New to MM, but I've been doing this for a while now.

I've got a fine sense of humor, and a very thick skin - so don't fear to tread heavily.

I do enjoy a nice ego stroking occasionally as well though, so if you love something I'd enjoy that too.

I'll try to return the favor for those who would like me to do so.


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Marin Photography NYC

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New York, New York, US

You have good technical skills. I just think some of the concepts are a little wacky but that's up to personal taste anyway. big_smile

I like this shot!

I don't care for the rest, not because it isn't good photography but you don't have any models in your port yet. It's hard to judge what you can do. It's obvious you know how to use the camera. The rest is just putting it to use for a portfolio and whatever you want to accomplish. Your bio is too long!!!'s not supposed to be a book!

As for me it's all shits and giggles at the end of the day! big_smile

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Charleston, West Virginia, US

I really like this one:

Such a neat concept

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Aaron Lewis Photography

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Catskill, New York, US

I like most of your work. You have good lighting skills. The 2 3/4 body shots in the middle of the port page could have been composed better but your work is clean and dare I say fresh?

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STUDIO CITY, California, US

can't say I really like any of your shots, but I think this one is your best:

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