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Mira Nox

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Saint Petersburg, Saint Petersburg, Russia

Greetings. I was out for a long time, because seriously ill. Over the past two months has made some photoset, interested in your opinion

May 20 13 06:03 pm Link


The Gross Bite

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Lansing, Michigan, US

The images of the girl with red hair are okay. I'm assuming that's her 'real' hair color and not post processing trickery. The hair color is what 'makes' the images IMHO.

The girl with black hair image... I don't understand at all. I see no relation to industrial or Gothic. The hand bothers me a lot! Interesting outfit though.

The girl with purple hair image... nothing in it 'grabs' me. I think the eye makeup is a bit overdone.

Just my opinion.

Glad you are feeling better and back to shooting!

May 20 13 08:13 pm Link


Amber Dawn - Indiana

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Salem, Indiana, US

None of your images grabs my attention, I did a quick scroll and clicked the X

May 20 13 08:19 pm Link


Spectre Images

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Tyler, Texas, US

Actually I find quite a few intriguing. Maybe some additional post-production work but the theme execution and base imagery is strong.

May 20 13 08:26 pm Link



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New York, New York, US

you have the same expression in all the photos , so that nots good. Your avatar isnt the best choice as it would be fine for the photographer or stylist but you arent doing anything in it and can see your face.  I would go with pic #1

hope you are healthy these days

May 21 13 08:44 am Link