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Body Painter

Jamie Janett Graden

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Los Angeles, California, US

Hi All!

I'm a facepainter/body artist (for 8 years) who is just now getting into makeup artistry. I would like some advice on how to get into editorial shoots and how to transition into the fashion world.

Heres some info about what I currently do-
I have excelled at my craft using water based cake makeup by wolfe, kryolan and mehron. I've worked hundreds of events in LA ( is my website) and some photoshoots. My rate for facepainting at event is $150 for one hour, $225 for 2 hours, and $100 per hour for anything 3 hours or more. Generally for full bodypaint I charge $100 per hour.

I've been told for years that I should get into makeup, but I didn't have an interest, until now. I have so many questions about what I'll need to do to get started as a new mua.

~ what should I have in my first kit? what brands, and how much should I spend? I already have all the bodypaint supplies, I would just need foundations, eyeshadows, tools, lipsticks, etc. Which brands are good to start out with?

~ how can I build my portfolio? where should I look for gigs as a 'beginner'?

Any general tips or tricks on how to expand into the makeup world would be MUCH appreciated! I live in Los Angeles btw.


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Body Painter

Lisa Berczel

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Corona, California, US

Nothing like trading one addiction for another wink

I too started out with bodypaint - and then expanded to makeup.
For me, it would classify my MUA skills as Adequate.

Just as with bodypaint, you'll end up having multiple formulations in your kit for a better range of coverage styles (matte vs dewy... etc).

An Artist's background in color theory will be invaluable. This means that will a little practice, you can have a condensed kit with basic foundation colors + adjusters to match any skin tone.

While I love my OCC - if I had to start out all over again, I'd seriously consider Yaby's Starter Kit.

Edit to add:
As to portfolio - it really depends on the market you want to enter. Commercial & Bridal is where the money is - and those Clients want to see work that reflects what they hire for. As in, your portfolio is only as strong as the weakest image.

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Body Painter

Jamie Janett Graden

Posts: 4

Los Angeles, California, US

Thanks Lisa!!! I'm going to look into getting that kit!

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