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Looknsee Photography

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Portland, Oregon, US

I believe that it is a very good idea to put your own work on your wall.  It's good to walk about in your home & have your eye catch on your images -- it will indicate what's working and what's not so much. 

So, I just made some good prints.  I went to the framing store to get five of them mounted, matted, under glass, and framed all nice & tight with a simple but elegant frame.

Yowza!  Not cheap!

So, questions for the forum:
...  Do you put your images up on your wall?
...  Do you frame them?
...  What kind of treatment do you use?
...  Is it important to you to have your work on your wall?
...  Where else do you display your work?

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Looknsee Photography

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Portland, Oregon, US

In my previous house, I had a fairly large bedroom, and I covered two walls with cork tiles, so that I could put up work prints with push pins in the corners.

But once I moved to digital, I stopped creating letter sized (or 8x10) prints, and I never replaced that bulletin board.

I'm thinking about rethinking that.

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Dan K Photography

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I actually always want to. Whenever Blue Cube has a sale I go and look at my work to see what I can get printed to put up but never have anything to choose.

I am starting to hate when he has a sale:)

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Jerry Nemeth

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Dearborn, Michigan, US

Dan K Photography wrote:
I actually always want to. Whenever Blue Cube has a sale I go and look at my work to see what I can get printed to put up but never have anything to choose.

I am starting to hate when he has a sale:)

I took advantage of his Memorial Day Sale.  I'm very glad that I did!

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Frank Lewis Photography

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Winter Park, Florida, US

I have some of my work hanging in our house. My wife insists on me doing so. Back when I was still shooting film, we spent a weekend in south Florida shooting lifeguard stands on Miami Beach and high tide at Blowing Rocks Preserve near Jupiter, Florida. Also hanging in our house are pictures of lighthouses from around Florida that I have taken over the years. I don't have too much of my digital work hanging because most of that work is model photography posted here and/or posted on my Flickr page:

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I hang mine at home - nudes and natural world shots.

I frame them - wait for Hobby Lobby or Michaels to have sales or discontinued items for sale.  I don't care much for the frames themselves - I figure that if you work does not outshine the frame - it's pretty weak.  So, cheap and simple works for me.

It's important to have them in my home because I enjoy them - and if it is about decorating my home with stuff I like - (that I didn't make) - or stuff that I like and had a hand in creating.

I'll go with my own work.

My living room has this - A Solar Eclipse over Anasazi Ruins as a 12x18

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Fayetteville, Arkansas, US

I have several of my pictures on my walls.  I use simple glass and clip frames.  They're simple and sleek, and I don't have to agonize over frame color and style.  One is a canvas, though, and that was custom-framed.

I always wait for Hobby Lobby to have them half price, which is every other week.

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Red Sky Photography

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Germantown, Maryland, US

I get plain black frames from Michaels when they have a sale. I order prints, mostly metallic paper ones from Blue Cube a couple of times a year.

Currently have seven 20 X 30 images on the long wall between living room and dining room also known as my studio. A few more in bedrooms.

I love to see my own work and when models come back for the second or third time, they like to see themselves up on the wall.

I rotate images about every six months, but some favorites have been up for years.

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Looknsee Photography wrote:
In my previous house, I had a fairly large bedroom, and I covered two walls with cork tiles, so that I could put up work prints with push pins in the corners.

But once I moved to digital, I stopped creating letter sized (or 8x10) prints, and I never replaced that bulletin board.

I'm thinking about rethinking that.

I have some letter size laser jet prints on a piece of poster board. And I had a single poster size image 20x30... didn't bother framing it, just taped it to the poster board it was attached to when they sent it and hung it up. It was really cheap, and I don't think a frame will enhance anything, imo, lol

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I photograph and paint what I want, like and is in my head... never understood people that wouldn't display and enjoy their own work...

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Clothing Designer


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Yes.  I hang some of mine, mostly the ones I print over and over for a few months of tweaking them since I print myself.  I may waste a box of paper tweaking just one print.  I have yet to find a commercial printer/lab that can satisfy me.  Just too picky and I'll tear my own stuff up days later after inspecting them if I see something that bugs me and redo it.  Carryover from my old color and B&W darkroom days I guess.

I think it (i.e. printing shots myself) helps me better understand a future shot based on what I see hanging on the wall and me staring at it.  There's been times I recall fighting a print on color and then seeing the same issue coming up in the viewfinder and re-lighting it.  Sometimes I will think and plan the paper surface based on the shot.  Seems like I am seeing a print come out of "the printer in my mind" at times when I hit the button.

However, I don't do the framing myself as I leave that to someone who has done it for 30 years.  I never can cut glass worth a hoot either and the Tru-View N.R. museum glass runs about $160 a sheet so I don't want to even try to cut it.  The framer goes to all those Las Vegas framing shows and has recommendations and new things to try.  Not cheap as mentioned, but the "Wow!" factor is much better when it is commercially framed, imho.

Mine are up to about 30x40 inches now with the brass piano dual lamps (OSH has them as Westinghouse for about $30 ea.) over them and them off a sliding dimmer control.  I even dipped the clear lamps into some "Martha Stewart Transparent Glass Paints" (Micheal's Art Supply) to make them appear like daylight-balanced bulbs (Her "Blue Bonnet" glass color and the white mix stuff that looks like white glue mixed 50:50).  They are under Tru-Vue's non-reflective museum glass and with black suede mats too.  They can serve as night lights too.

I'd like to try some of Roger Hograth's ( ) "aimed" LED color-corrected pencil lights, but they run about $1,100 per light last I looked.  They'll have to wait until I see one in person someplace.  There are some lights called Phantom's that are like spotlights in the ceiling with apertures to spotlight just the print and nothing else.  Cheaper than the Hograth's too, but you need the ceiling space and some power there too.  Probably more evenly lit on a long print as well.

One old pro told me, "The more the customer pays for it, the more they like it - even if it is pure crap."  I think the same holds true for frames too.

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I started buying others art, to get the experience of what an art-buyer thought like, so then I can understand the behavior from a first person point of view.

If I put my own art on the wall I get tired of it and sell it, or people like it, so they buy it off the walls.  sad

I've sold over a thousand prints of my own work to people all over the world. .but Most of it in the North of 60. I often see people's photos on facebook and see a print of mine hanging in the background.

Galleries, not so much anymore. I believe the gallery has to be special. Or an event/award. Like when epson printed and exhibited one of my panoramas during the 2011 pano awards. My shot is the upper image in the middle. … =3&theater

and again on our MP's building wall...4x16' in size:

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Chicago, Illinois, US

I always have a couple of my images hanging on the wall - sometimes I have images I like up - other times it is to hang images I'm not sure about and want to live with them a bit to see how I like them.

I keep the framing simple, black Nielsen frames with acrylic glazing. Simple white mats, which I generally cut myself.

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Bunny Bombshell

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I have this shot framed and on a wall:

I've had that image and several other prints shown in various local businesses and an art gallery

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Looknsee Photography

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Portland, Oregon, US

Both a nephew & a niece are moving into newly purchased homes this month.  I'm sending them framed prints.  One is my avatar here.  The other is this image here (which really isn't 18+, but why take the chance).

We'll see how that goes. 

It's a teensy bit weird to give nudes to my sister's children, whom I bounced on my knee when they were tiny.  But they asked for it, and I'm happy to oblige.

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Chris Macan

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More so in my studio than in my home.

Well actually... the home office walls are one of my default storage areas for framed prints, so yeah quite a bit there as well.

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I have a few of my photos on my wall. Some are framed, others are laminated.

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Shooting on a Budget

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Las Vegas, Nevada, US

I buy 11x14 (16x20) double black-on-white mats in bulk (end up being like $2 apiece) with cheap frames, and do things that way. I get my work, and (hopefully) they stand out enough that the image catches the eye more than the frame.

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Instinct Images

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I have my work hanging in my house, my family's houses, my friend's houses, even some stranger's houses!

I love BIG prints. Back in 1982 I had a 3'x4' print made from a 35mm negative. The guy thought I was nuts but was surprised to see how good it turned out. I had already printed an 8x10 from it so I knew how sharp it was and how fine grained. I still have that print.

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Drew Smith Photography

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Nottingham, England, United Kingdom

I'm waiting to shoot something I feel is good enough to hang on my wall.

I do however get a huge sense of satisfaction selling prints and canvasses of my sport work.

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Jennifer Barker

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My mother put one in a frame and put it on display. But me myself, no.

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Kent Art Photography

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Ashford, England, United Kingdom

When I moved into my present house, there was a large number of bare walls, so I went to my local art dealer and began looking for paintings to put on the walls.  I found myself trying to choose pictures to fit the spaces, rather than for aesthetic reasons, and the dealer got snootier and snootier as things went on.  I left with only a fraction of the pictures that I needed.

Some photos were shot specially, some were of the local church to please the Vicar's wife, but most were from my stock.  I exhausted my local art shop's stock of mounting card, and the chap who made the frames thought Christmas had come early.

I am now gradually replacing most of my pics with better ones, or with paintings that I've bought, because one can only have so many male nudes around the place, and it also looked as though I was on a bit of an ego trip.

The intention is to restrict my pics to the passageway leading to my studio, which is quite well lit and suitable for being a sort of mini exhibition.

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Image Works Photography

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Orlando, Florida, US

If I put a picture on the wall it will be of nature with a message. I don't put pictures of my models but do keep a album. I would like to have a room where is totally dedicated to my work- much like a gallery- but only rich people might get the chance to do that.

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Anastacia Nikolaeva

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Brooklyn, New York, US

My boyfriend is an artist who works as a picture framer, so we have a ton of framed artwork on our walls. Some are my nudes, some are his work. And a bunch of other things.

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