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BPS Imagery

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Sarasota, Florida, US

Hello everyone, I thought I would say hi as I have been a long time lurker. I joined up a couple months ago, but this is my 1st real post.

I've been a hobbyist photographer for longer than I care to mention doing landscapes, motorsports, & aviation going back to the film days with a 35mm SLR.

I have never had the chance to work with a professional model as I didn't used to know anyone in the business personally and am originally from the mid-west. So I  am studying up and getting ready to purchase my 1st "real" DSLR very soon and will then dive in head first as they say. I will be doing my own retouching and am looking to learn some digital art as well.

Time, family, and money have prevented from doing much in the past (as can be seen from the photos on my page taken with a point & shoot digital camera or a digital video camera even!), but I hope to change that in a big way in the near future. 

Any tips or suggestions are openly welcomed, thanks!

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Nikki Magnusson

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Las Vegas, Nevada, US

Welcome to MM !!..

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BPS Imagery

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Sarasota, Florida, US

Thanks for the links, and hello!

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Welcome to the party, enjoy!

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Grin Without a Cat

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Las Vegas, Nevada, US

Welcome!  Always good to see another Vegas dweller.  Sounds like you and I are in rather similar situations.  We shall have to talk shop sometime.

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Welcome to MM

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Cody Augustine

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Welcome to the brood!!!

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BPS Imagery

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Sarasota, Florida, US

Thank you everyone!

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Welcome to MM!

I wish you the Best of Success in all of your future endeavors out here!

Kindest regards,

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