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NYC-based prominent French photographer Yann Feron presents


Sunday JULY 21st 2013 10 am to 6 pm NYC

In collaboration with professional art nude models Nadine and Nikki, international photographer Yann Feron presents a full-day, 8-hour workshop at STUDIO 111 located in East Harlem, NYC.


Setup Instructions: In this opening segment of the workshop Yann will demonstrate and explain the guidelines on technical preparation for nude art photography sessions, and will give tips on how to ensure a fun and upbeat environment throughout.

Lighting Setup and Camera Settings: In this segment, students will receive thorough instruction on basic studio and outdoor lighting: on the choice of lighting equipment and its effective utilization along with auxiliary accessories. The tutor will also provide instruction on how to optimally use camera settings both for indoor and outdoor sessions.

Model Direction: During this live demonstration session, students will get to closely observe the tutor employ his professional directing skills along with providing commentary on his choice of instructions for the model in a given setup. Yann will give tips on how to best increase a photographer’s and model’s comfort level and confidence in order to attain optimal results technically and aesthetically.

Essentials of Image Editing: In this last instructional segment, the tutor will demonstrate and explain basic image improvement techniques, will walk the students through the editing process, examine various tools available for image manipulation, and will explain the core capabilities of the Adobe Photoshop graphics editing program. This segment will give you a chance to open your eyes to the wealth of editing possibilities at your fingertips. (Familiarity with Adobe Photoshop is desired though not necessary).

Experimentation Session: After having covered the essentials of photo production, students will get to work with the art nude models in various settings (against the black/white backgrounds, on a bed/sofa, outdoors (rooftop), and around water). This segment, which will be followed by a discussion/Q&A session, will last for several hours in order to ensure that the students get ample experimentation time under the tutor’s close guidance.

Due to the hands-on nature of this class, we only accept 6 participants on a first-come first-served basis.

Workshop price: $450

Yann Feron has had an expensive career shooting for a variety of international fashion magazines and has been instrumental in launching the careers of musicians, actors, actresses, models, and artists.

His extensive portfolio of art nudes can be viewed at:

For more information, please email: [email protected]

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