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Anita Deanne

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Many people spend $10-20K on makeup school, to learn almost nothing. This 4 week Intensive Beauty Boot Camp Training in BALI is the BEST investment you will ever make towards your career. #1 Makeup Artistry Educator, Donna Mee teaches more about makeup in a few days then you learn in almost a year elsewhere! NO JOKE... And for so much less money and in just 4 weeks. You will be blown away at all you did not even know existed, while learning so many skills and techniques that will be a huge asset towards your career. TRAVEL, CULTURE, & the BEST TRAINING POSSIBLE. Do not miss this opportunity to achieve the career you desire as an artist. Donna is one of my biggest role models and mentors in the industry and she has trained and inspired MANY! Read what others say about her classes. … /teaching/ I guarantee this training will be well worth it!
Check out this link for details! … ncTvaLoH9Y

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Keith Bienert

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Los Angeles, California, US

Do you need any photographers at this event?

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