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John Shields

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Provo, Utah, US

Hey everyone!
I'm super excited to finally be a part of Model Mayhem! I've heard so many good things about this place and I'm excited to work with everyone here! I plan on being very active on this site so please feel free to comment and converse with me! I was recommended to this site by my good friend Rich Clark! Quick bio for you all! Born and raised Los Angeles, California and I'm currently living in Utah just outside of Salt Lake City! Right now I'm currently going to school at Utah Valley University, and I'm also working on my website so hopefully that'll be done soon so I can post the link! For now, I post all of my work to Instagram, so if anyone is interested you're more then welcome to follow me @johnshields. So as the new guy, I'd love for some feedback or even some tips!
Thanks everyone!

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Long Beach, New York, US

Welcome to MM, John, best of luck to you. smile

Jimmy McNamara

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Indianapolis, Indiana, US

Welcome to the party, enjoy!

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robert b mitchell

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Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

Welcome to the site. big_smile Stay awhile!

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Drew Smith Photography

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Nottingham, England, United Kingdom

Welcome to the Dance of Delights TH

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