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Rodenstock Sironar-N 210mm 5.6 MC Copal1 Lens SN 10553377 PERFECT CONDITION


The Sironar-N is the direct predecessor to the current APO Sironar-N. In fact, all the mechanical specs and basic design is unchanged between the two lines. At the time it was a change in name and labeling only. The MC refers to multi-coated.

The Rodenstock 210mm f/5.6 Sironar-N Lens is a standard lens for the 5x7 format, or a slightly long lens for the 4x5 format. Designed for universal use, it provides high image reproduction quality and its applications are practically limitless. Its strengths can be seen when complex, fine structures in the adjustment range have to be reproduced.

The 72° angle of coverage of the 210mm Sironar-N permits generous shifts of at least 83mm in the 4x5 format and 53mm in 5x7, allowing more control over the large format image and less limitations upon the creative capacity of the photographer.

    A compact, sharp slightly long lens for the 4x5 format or standard lens for 5x7 format

    Classic 6-element, 4-group optical design

    Coverage of 72°

    Maximum image circle of 301mm allows ±83mm of rise/fall/shift (in both vertical/horizontal composition) for 4x5 format

    Accepts 67mm filters

    Standard-style Copal #1 shutter with calibrated aperture scale and maximum 1/400th speed

Optical Construction     6 elements in 4 groups
Aperture Range     f/5.6-f/64
Covering Power     72°
Image Circle @ Infinity     301mm diameter @ f/22
Shutter     Copal #1
Shutter Speed     1-1/400 sec., T,B
Flange Attachment Size     39mm dia. x 0.75mm - standard Copal #1 size
Slip-on Cap Sizes     70mm front, 60mm rear
Filter Size     67mm
Flange Focal Distance     200mm
Overall Length     66mm (2.6")
Weight     14.6 oz (414g)

comes with rear cap, no front cap and mounting board

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