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Aspect By Allanah

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MidnightSun Designs wrote:
If she was a nude model when I meet her then do your thang. If she was just a clothing model then wanted to pose nude, I would be her only photographer. And I would continue to shoot nude models.

Uh, massive double standard there?

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Jay Farrell wrote:
Why would I care, if there is trust in the relationship, and that was what she wanted to do? If there is no trust, there is no relationship.

This +1000

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Dan D Lyons Imagery

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Fuck that shit man, if we were all serious than nobody ain't beatin' off to what I'm a tappin'. if she's a gutter-slut, why would I care? Only a true sleaze would want a guy to perve on her spread-eagle poon while she was *ahem with one guy. Trash-buckets.

P.S. Goddamned right my azz is gettin' brigged tonight. For saying what those brigging me agree with but don't have the jam to speak their minds. Me. I call it how I see it - for better or worse.

IMHO alone;

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RacerXPhoto wrote:
I'm not in the Taliban so its really no big deal

This is the correct answer.

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Stephen E Morton

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SPierce Photography wrote:


Double This

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Koryn Locke wrote:

This is the correct answer.

Who gave you permission to speak woman...Keep thy place!!!!

Ya know thats joke ???

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Green Grape  wrote:
Would it matter to you as a photographer that your lover does spreads?

DougBPhoto wrote:
You talkin grape jelly?  Raspberry preserves?  I Can't Believe It's Not Butter?


That was exactly what popped into my mind as well... big_smile

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Elizabeta Rosandic

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A former girlfriend of mine once berated me for shooting erotica (she had a slew of other issues as well though). The moment the words "I think what you do is really slutty" escaped her mouth I gathered my things and bolted out of her apartment in a fury. Two years later I haven't spoken to her since. My partner should support me 100%, and vice versa.

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T Noble Photography

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I agree with most of the photographers on here, it's a trust issue. If I couldn't trust her then I wouldn't be with her. As it stands if it's something she wanted to do, I would be OK with it because I do trust her.

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Peach Jones

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Green Grape  wrote:
Would it matter to you as a photographer that your lover does spreads?

wouldn't care at fact I would encourage it

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Makeup Artist


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attila zsargo wrote:
I wish she would, at least I'd know what it looks like down there.


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I think you know whether or not your lady is the type to do a spread by about the third date. If you've been together for awhile and she starts wanting to do a spread then that's probably the least of your problems.

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I have to say i don't think it would be all that high on my list of things to pretend to give a fuck about.. trust is everything, without that solid I'm unlikely to stick around long.

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