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Geo Leon Photography

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Orlando, Florida, US

Doing a fashion shoot soon. I've got some locations in mine. Im looking for locations in the Fort Lauderdale area with nice lighting and good amount of shadows.

Anyone in the South Fla. Area know of any?


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Vector One Photography

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Fort Lauderdale, Florida, US

Moved to his duplicate post.

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Nature Coast Lightworks

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Tampa, Florida, US

Best location in the area:

Worth the drive.



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John Fisher

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Miami Beach, Florida, US
Model: Annie Gustafsson (Elite Model Management) for Nicole Swanson, Designer. Photographed at the Spanish Monastery, North Miami Beach.

I'm feeling generous today. Look up the Spanish Monastery in North Miami Beach, it's the oldest European building in the Americas, built in 1132(?)! You have to visit and arrange the shoot in advance and there will be a small fee (worth every penny).
Models: Maya Brekina and Jessica Bleier, "Garden Party", shot at the Botanical Gardens, Miami Beach, Florida

Also, the Botanical Gardens in South Beach. Join as a member ($35 a year!) and shoot as often as you want.

I shouldn't really be telling you this, but some people have been very good to me over the last 24 hours and I'm paying it forward.

John Fisher
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