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Just 4 Fun

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Where do you go to find group shoots? I used to go to a lot of events through Meetup and everyone posted their pictures. I know they stopped allowing nudity, so was the the death of Meetup? I have looked at some Facebook groups but again, you are limited in posting what you shoot. It is hard to find photography group shoots anymore where you can collaborate with and gleam from other like minds.

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Just 4 Fun wrote:
I know they stopped allowing nudity, so was the the death of Meetup?

Pretty much.  They actually started allowing nudity again about a year after they shut it down, but, the damage was done.  The activities never did recover.  One of the organizers I know ended up creating a website.  And, they use to post information and photos of the models and location; and email is sent out to those that signed up to their website.  Basically, good 'ol fashioned mailing list.

Others would book a model or two for at least half a day, and a group of photographers (they usually know each other) would chip in.

And, with Meetup's latest layout change, it's even harder to find nude/glamour groups.  Back in the day, they'd set their groups as Private that way sensitive folks don't stumble in the photo sections which could contain nudity.  Only members of the group are allowed to view the photos.  The events still show in the search results. 

Fast forward to today, the problem with the new layout is Private groups don't show up in their search unless you type in something in the keyword search that exists in the event title (or maybe group name).  Basically, you would have to know what you were looking for.  I use "photo* fashion editorial nud* glam* lingerie boudoir model* portrait" just to find people photography related events and to include Private groups.  Otherwise, I'll get knitting, accounting, etc etc in the search results with no Private groups.

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Meetup was recently sold and the new owners really botched things up.  Their new opening page makes it difficult to figure out what's going on at all.  Too much info in too little space.

As HiRes mentioned, nudity is no longer banned, but I found out the hard way that even mentioning nudity will end up with their administration AUTOMATICALLY making your group PRIVATE, and it can never berreturned to being Public.  That makes it extremely difficult for groups to get new members as none of the events or groups are listed at all unless you specifically search for those groups.  The few private meetup groups I've checked out had little going on and very few members.


In the past I was the organizer of a popular Hot Springs Meetup Group, where our 250+ members would arrange visits to the hot springs in and around the area.   People that visit hot springs usually don't wear any clothes while bathing and mentioning nudity wasn't a problem.

Their newest rules make it so that even mentioning nudity will cause the administration to turn the group Private, even if you're not even talking about public nudity.

When I opened the newest hot springs meetup group I made the mistake of mentioning nudity in a description of a resort.  "Clothing is prohibited in the private, enclosed hot spring room because the dyes and detergents leach from the fabric and pollute the crystal clear water".  After that the group was set to Private by the administration.

So, I started an identical meetup group with a disclaimer/warning near the beginning which says something to the effect of 'please note that traditionally people that visit hot springs soak without clothing so if you're offended by seeing naked people this probably isn't an event you'd like to attend'.   Each and every event that we have where nudity is permitted is given a similar 'warning' (wink wink, nudge nudge).  So far it's still a public group!

I think there could be a similar way to run a photography meetup group.  I know I organized a few figure shoots on Meetup photography groups and they're still public groups.  I didn't have to create any warnings to do that either.  I think after a certain point Meetup admin isn't so picky and will only change the group to Private if someone complains.

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Just 4 Fun wrote:
Where do you go to find group shoots? .

I don't, never have and actually avoid them like the plague.

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Fred Gerhart

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EventBrite has a few listed.

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Charlie Graham

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Between 2010 and maybe 2013 there were two or three good size group shoots each month here in the Los Angeles area. They started out advertising right here on Model Mayhen and later included Meetup until they were kicked off or what ever. Maybe you remember Models and Mansions. Basically an organizer would get some models together and rent a place for a shoot. Photographers would pay $100.00 to get in to cover costs and the models would model during a three hour period for free while they schedualed private shoots for afterwards. Models charged like $50.00 per 30 minutes up to implied. Not much nudity. Most of the models were regulars but many of them were not. I thought they were great. Take a look at my portfolio. All group shoot. Anyone have similar exprience?

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Many of the group shoots I have modelled for, even in recent years, were arranged by one or more photographers or artists, and available spots were apparently filled by them making the session known to their friends and students by calling or messaging them. I've also had multiple occasions where a group of college art or photography students would get together to share the cost of a model or two, and contacted me to see if I was interested.

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