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We are finally reopening after a way too long hiatus during Covid closures. Now that we are reopening we are looking to do another photo shoot to revamp the website with new hair augmentation offerings and options! Looking for models now!
> Models must fit the necessary profile for each installation method, be available and willing to have your likeness photographed for before and after photos and allow photos to be used for advertising purposes. Models must also be available and willing to come back into the salon within a specific timeframe for post pictures and to answer a questionnaire and give honest feedback.
> All services will be performed by the owner.
> Services and installation are free of charge, however there is a reduced fee to purchase the augmentation hair that will be used to create your extensions or augmentation pieces.Models are needed for the following:
> XYS Links- this is an amazing opportunity to experience a hand tied strand by strand technique that  will virtually erase signs of thinning on the top, front and sides of the head.  This service usually starts at $400 per session. For the accepted model we are offering this service as a 2 session package for just $250. These hair additions will never need to be removed but will shed off with the hair as it naturally sheds off.
> XYS Luxury Extensions-
> This is a hand tied beaded row extension method created by the owner of XtendYourself Salon.  We are gearing up to provide classes for other stylists because we believe that this is by far the very best method of hand tied extension installation available. The beads are completely hidden so you can wear your hair how you like. The wefts are not pulled too tight so there is no damage to your hair or scalp. This service starts at $1520 and includes coloring of your own hair, top Russian quality hand tied hair wefts that have been custom colored just for you, installation, custom cut and 2 maintenance appointments that include an uplift service of the extensions and 2 root touch up services.
> We are offering this to two lucky models for $500.
> Xtend it After Chemo!
> This is one of our premier services that we offer to anyone who has come out the other side of chemotherapy. We know how much this devastating illness can take and we are here to help you take some of it back! Hair loss can be no big deal for some and for those people we are here to celebrate with you.  For others, hair loss can be traumatic. Some people just don't feel like themselves while waiting for the hair growth process to really kick in so we are here for you. We understand that sometimes you just don't want to wear a wig. You want your old hair back... or maybe you want a whole new look! We can do that for you. Whether you are regrowing your hair back from chemotherapy or some other reason why your scalp released hair and is now, slowly, growing back, or you impulsively chopped all your hair off and now regret it... we can help! All you need is 3 inches of growth and we can create a beautiful head of hair for you.
> This service includes the augmentation hair, custom color of your growing hair, texture control of your naturally growing hair if needed, installation, custom cut and 1 maintenance appointment at 6-8 weeks. Please understand that this is a highly customized service and may take anywhere from 6-12 hrs to complete.
> This amazing service usually starts at $3500 but for 2 qualifying models the cost is only $1250
> Hair Restore
> This is an amazing opportunity for anyone who has some hair, but not much.... you can't do extensions but you don't like the idea of wearing a wig that might slip off....
> Here we custom build a bespoke hair topper system using a breathable mesh and the highest quality hair wefts and closures to create a bespoke hair system that you wear for upto 3 months. Fully customized FOR YOU, on you. From inception to color to installation this piece was made just for you.
> This service starts at $1800 and for 2 lucky models we are offering this service for only $900.
Time based on appointment. Between Dec 2021 and feb 2022. Gilbert, Az  516-816-6452

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Shouldn’t this be posted elsewhere. Castings?

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