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Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Hello there.

A question in looking to start a partnership with experienced retouchers.

How much is the going rate for retouching work?

Now, I realise of course, it depends on how much work is required to the photos, how many photographs are requiring touching up, what work is actually required.

I realise there is going to be the price of my completely offering no where near enough money for the work required versus my inexperience in meaning there will be the chance of being taken advantage of.

Over the next couple of months I hope to get some studio experience to get my technical experience up, and will appreciate having someone help out with the post production editing, with the colour correction and balance, sharpening up the images, and the such like.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Retoucher Daniel

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My port and prices:

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Vinnytsya, Vinnyts'ka, Ukraine

Hello. If you need help with retouching, write to me [email protected]

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Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Thank you all for your replies, but it will be some time before I will be needing to speak to someone about the work.

At the moment I am just seeking some information for when I do start...

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