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Emx x

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Chorley, England, United Kingdom

Hi All!

My names Em and I am new to the industry.

Currently, I am wrapping my head around stuff and delving deep in! I was just wondering if anyone has any general tips about where to start in the industry. I am currently looking into doing commercial modelling, does this seem a good route?

I am sick of my 9-5 and would love to possibly have a little me time, and I am so excited to start. I know it will be tough but I think I am ready.

So, lovely to meet you all!

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Alameda, California, US

Welcome to the Mayhem!

Enjoy your stay here, do your best to read the forums, glean the knowledge, wisdom and advice from others in the industry and don't be afraid to ask lots of questions.

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Mark Salo

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Olney, Maryland, US

My advice is to fill in your stats ASAP.

Only 18 years old and you are already sick of your 9-5?? You have a long life ahead of you! LOL

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Nor-Cal Photography

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Welcome to the mayhem!


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Lallure Photographic

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Hi Emx x,

First you need to visit commercial modeling agencies to see if you are a good fit, for commercial modeling in that market. Commercial modeling goes primarily through bona fide agencies. You are tall enough to do commercial work, but you would be terribly limited in fashion work, due to being not tall enough, and for being too busty.

Product advertising is another animal. That you can possibly do. You could also do advertising on TV, for retailers, etc.

A good agency will evaluate you, and give you a thumbs up, or down, as to being able to be successful.

The Gothic look is out. You will need more pictures, in a different style. The agency will know which photographers you should go to, to test with.

I am not knowledgeable in the UK markets, so that is as much as I can guide you with, for now.


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Flex Photography

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Welcome to Mayhem! For some helpful info for new models read everything at

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Rhea Monson

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welcome to mm.  My advice, first hire a professional photographer to help you with your port.
( That don't necessarily mean the person with the most expensive camera)
Let the people in the industry see more of a natural you. You have been given some good advice
already. Talk shop with other models, and photographers, so as to increase your knowledge, more
and more.    BEST WISHS!

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Thomas Van Dyke

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Emx x wrote:
...I was just wondering if anyone has any general tips about where to start in the industry.
...currently looking into doing commercial modelling, does this seem a good route? excited to start. I know it will be tough but I think I am ready.
So, lovely to meet you all!

Pleasure hearing from you Em... Yes the Commercial Genre could be a excellent choice (albeit you need to follow through with both appropriate images and accurate measurements otherwise I can only say maybe)

In order to better understand your market it is always wise to carefully study the "New Faces" in the top Agencies in your market. Here you will find (some) of the type if imagery you need to have available. First and foremost you seriously need a quality Head Shot... This doesn't have to be taken by a photographer, a friend with any "consumer" grade camera can do this just fine (provided they carefully craft the image in a similar manor as those in the "New Faces" Women's Board of agencies in your area). Keep in mind that a simple natural look is preferred (very little if any makeup (a touch of mascara, a touch of concealer only if needed, a little matte powder (go sparingly and no blush) and nude lip decor (matte or semi matte no high gloss or any bright vivid colors).  Again check the images in Agency New Faces Women's Boards where your applying.

While I'm totally loving your Heavy Metal Goth Look it's a bit much on the theatricality side...
Maybe tone it down and keep one Goth Image to provide variety to your book.

You will also need a Swimwear Image (full length and a two piece is preferable). Again no viable reason to pay for this... Just be certain it meets what you see posted on the Agency Women's Boards in your market.   

Please understand that a simple "Clean Look" Head Shot and Two Piece Swimwear are essential for your submission.

Where can you find the very best examples in your Market? Storm Agency (London)... check the link below to their new faces. 
If you totally love Modeling, are successfully booking work then Storm could be the ultimate to aspire for.

However you would likely have to relocate: How close is Lancashire to London?  (4 hours  (228 miles)
Initially you might try a locale agency... 
Like NEMESIS MODELS   (How close is Lancashire to Manchester? (50 min (36 miles) via M61))
1 Oxford Court, Bishopsgate
Manchester, M2 3wq

Wishing you much success on your modeling journey Em.
I'm certain you will enjoy the efforts in meeting this challenge...

Cheers! Thomas

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