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Celebrating 9 year anniversary on Model Mayhem, offering an elite model contract for 9 models every month during this 9 year anniversary. If interested, message me here for full details.

Capturing natural beauty goes beyond what the eyes see and deeper than personal expression

Mission Statement
To maintain an environment of endless creative possibilities through unique
imagery while redefining the meaning of true natural beauty, self expression and the discovery of the vivid dynamic of each model’s personality. To always work within the models best interests with genuine intent of a supportive environment based on each model's uniqueness building a pathway to a positive future.

I've had an interest in photography since childhood and currently I am open to doing most styles since a lot of the models I work with have different looks and styles including alternative models that are doing punk, gothic and cosplay. I am open to many different styles since I believe that creativity is too dynamic to limit to any one style or medium of creativity and always seek out new avenues of creative outlet. When it comes to Artistic Nudity I do those rarely since I am VERY strict when it comes to concerns of maintaining tasteful looks and compositions. I do have separate release form specifically for Artistic Nudity shoot(s) which must be signed to clarify all conditions before starting. I also don't do artistic nudity with anyone on a first shoot so please don't ask if I haven't worked with you already since it requires a certain level of trust and comfort between photographer and model. I will not do a nude shoot without knowing the person first since mutual trust is involved before I will move forward. If it is discussed, will only be done AFTER reasonable level of trust and comfort can be established well in advance to see if our rapport is on the right level before initiating artistic nude shoots. Since I am making this clear in my profile for everyone read, its expected that all models honor these conditions since I also honor reasonable requests with each model that I work with.

Work Style
Generally speaking, my overall style can be described as permissive autocrat with a focus on being easy going and all of my shoots are about having as much fun as possible while staying on task to get the shots needed/wanted. From my perspective, the more fun and relaxing the environment the better the pictures turn out. Though shoots take some degree of seriousness and focus, this shouldn't inhibit finding the joy and fun in what we do. With this also comes an environment of mutual respect and reciprocity that works best when done with mutual effort. Since I work with alternative models often; any tattoos, piercings, body mods are fine. If its part of your personality/look, then you wont be asked to hide or remove them for any shoots and include them into any concept that we discuss. If it does become an issue for some reason, we can work something out of course (ie digital cover/removal) but generally it hasn't been a major issue that has stopped any work I've done with models. So if you already have, or will have, tattoos, piercings etc....they are a welcome addition to expressing your personality in any work we do together and always look forward to trading tattoo stories. Escorts are welcome on shoots if a model feels more comfortable having one and completely understand that at times, a model feels the need for whatever reason to have an escort. That said, keep in mind that shoots are still a work environment and if an escort adversely effects the work environment, that will reflect on the model just as much as their chosen escort.

Communication Information and Requests
DO NOT leave me tags/comments saying "let's work....check out my event...available on this date?" or any kind of variation.....if you would like to work, send me a private message and private message only which is the only way to get my attention to collaborate on anything.

Once we reached the level of communication that includes email and phone number exchange the following expectations of mutual respect is highly appreciated. For all email communication, if I do not respond right within 48 hours it is due to my current schedule and not a lack of interest in communicating with you in any way. If I don't respond within that time frame, a follow up email or txt/sms is welcome as long as not excessive in any manner including, but not limited to, 3+ emails txt/sms messages within a 24 hour period verifying if I received the original email and/or subsequent follow up messages.

For phone calls and txt/sms messages; generally speaking I do provide all models with my work number as primary means of communication. Although I do so to make communication with me more easily accessible, doing so is only to be done during normal business hours for all general questions, concerns or communication and after hours reserved only for instances such as late cancellations due to unforeseen circumstances. Normal business hours are being defined as 10am-6pm Mon-Saturday with no business hours for Sunday being available at this time except in notifications applicable to Monday (ie cancealltions, emergencies).

Any calls or txts after 10pm will be answered "at will" or upon availability unless to cancel do to emergency, sudden illness etc. Non-emergency calls or txt/sms after 10pm may be billed a consultation due to explicit request to communication within reasonable "work hours" and the sender will be billed the current consultation rate which is based on two hour minimum.

Please keep in mind that if you call me from a blocked/private number that may show up as "unknown" or "private" on caller id, such calls are not answered and more than like sent directly to voicemail system to safeguard against spammers, telemarketers or other such unwanted phone calls. So if you call me from such a number and I either don't answer or you don't receive a call back, more than likely my phone flagged you as spam and I never got your call. So if you do call me, do so from an unblocked and leave a detailed voicemail (including name and number)

Tags and/or Comments
Every MMer loves when someone leaves a comment on one of their pictures or a tag from a friend stopping by to say hi, but please DO NOT post links to your site, youtube, flickr or any other site in tags or comments on my page. If you want to promote yourself through links that can be done by 1. Your own profile on MM or other networking sites 2. Through MM advertising services. If you post a link on my profile without reading through my profile first, I will treat it as the same as I would my own site for advertising since I do offer ad spaces on my website and treat MM (and other profiles) the same way.

If you simply wish to just share a link to show other work you've done not on MM, something purely to view for S&G's, please do so by direct private message along with description of what I will be seeing at the link since I don't click unknown links for who knows who may be trying to send me to a malware site smile

For those who request, I am currently working TFP/CD on a selective basis right now due to intensive scheduling with several shoots, ads, projects etc being worked on right now. Don't be afraid to ask for a TFP/CD shoot if really wanting/needing one and I will let you know as soon as possible when I would be available for one. I still do them when I can and any model who is currently serving in the military or is a veteran will always have priority for any tfp/cd requests so don't forget to mention when requesting since more than likely, I will book you right away since I am all about honoring those who are currently serving in the military or who are veterans.

Rates and Services
A list of rates for services rendered is available for those who requested. Depending on an offer given to specific model, certain fees (sometimes all) can be waived completely maximizing the benefit to the model since, for those who know me know this, that everything I do is always about the model's best interests.

If you want to hire me for group shoots shoots as well there could be fees associated with this as well depending on specifics you have in mind so message me full details ahead so we can discuss in full detail if the shoot(s) will/is of mutual benefit.

Any kind of large event clearly will incur a service charge whether hourly or day rate depending, one again, on the specifics on the offer. My rates for such events are as reasonable as possible and anything outside of the LA and OC areas does have a minimum amount that must be met no matter what since it means committing additional time/effort for travel etc and anything requiring airfare more than likely will have to be paid for by you(or client) if not included in the agreed service fees.

Cancellations and No Shows
In regards to cancellations and no shows I always ask anyone and everyone to be as timely and respectful as possible since obviously, time is precious and any time left vacant by a last minute cancellation or no show could have been filled by another or made available for pending work that needs to be complete. I am not "vindictive" or "bitter" when it comes to cancellations or no shows but it will greatly effect considering working someone if they're excessive and if signed to a contract with one of my clients, then you risk your contract being cancelled completely since it does reflect on your poorly(and me as well for having suggested you).

There are times when life throws us a few curve balls beyond our control which understandable and appreciated, so keep in mind this section is specifically commenting on those within this lovely industry who like to be excessively flaky whenever possible and have it here as a cautionary brief so each potential realizes that there are consequences if you're not taking an offer seriously (yes, it actually happens..imagine that)

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References available upon request to those who ask for them. I no longer list credits here since several people have received harassing messages, creepers etc and out of consideration for their privacy I only send out references for those who have agreed for their information to be sent out.