About Me

11/24/19 Update - I have relocated to where I grew up here in Reston VA. We just got a condo at RTC, and I hope to be up and shooting in 2020 as soon as I fine some fun and honest models and MUA's. If you like my style, feel free to message me on here or Instagram. Thanks!

Thanks to all the Awesome models I have had the pleasure of working with so far:
2368327 - Alysha Desiree (Three!!!)
2449226 - Charisma Collins
2451247 - Stephanie Larochelle
2298957 - Alicia Jones (Three!!!)
2481431 - Jenny B
2366536 – L Wellington (Twice!!)
2509194 - Dayana Cristina (Twice!!)
2262764 – bella 23
2266862 - Lindsay Boswell
2359315 - Veronica Maja
2221140 - Stephanie Ziajka (Four!!!!)
1735325 - Tina - L (Twice!!)
2033848 - Sarah MacLellan
2677463 - Natalie Modeling
2794163 - May Rojas
294441 - Lalka (Three!!!)
2978376 - Holly Brynn (Five!!!!!)
2796960 - Kristen De Mae (Eleven!!!!!!!!!!!)
2453563 - Emagee (Twice!!)
3188670 - Charlie Landis
3338142 - KKnight (Three!!!)
3522783 - Loren Shedden (Eight!!!!!!!!)
3419905 - Ana Thomas
2951593 - Amanda Madere(Twice!!)
2695630 - Erin Dorn
2242567 - Danielle Ashley Blue
3490038 - jengotcanceled
3679482 - misskrt
2942979 - Kaitlyn Warner (Twice!!)
3713995 - Casey Marie
3368936 - Kaylee Rachelle Taylor (Three!!!)
3740598 - MegenMarie

And all the other non-MM People I have shot with:
RL (6 Times!!!!!), AM (Twice!!), LF, DK(Twice!!), JG (Twice!!), JM, TL, JM, AB, GM, EC, SD (5 Times!!!!!),JM, CM, CC (Six!!!!!!), KM, AD, HW, AD (Twice!!), KD (Twice!!), KP, KV, GM, JP, KW,TB, SB, RC (Twice!!), BW, BD, NG, NT, AB, SJ, FM (Twice!!), RD, SL, BJ, EM(Twice!!), JR, JO, BS, EM (Seven!!!!!!!), NW (Three!!!), GS, LD(Twice!!), AL (Three!!!) TK, IB and BS (Twice!!).

I am very passionate & professional when it comes to shoots. I think I can shoot with anyone from rookie to pro. I like to involve you and incorporate your personality into the pictures.

The girls I shot with have all said that I am trustworthy, and personally, that is my favorite compliment of all. The proof is in pudding, as they say and I think it shows I have shot with many people twice or more!!!

I have done a lot of the basic shots, but they are still fun and I will continue to do them, but I am also looking to expand my style, creativity, and get out to locations more often. I am serious about taking great photographs to help your portfolio grow, as well as mine, while at the same time mixing in a little fun!!!

I always shoot TFCD. I will NOT hold your pictures "hostage" for any reason!
I am stilling giving everyone I shoot with ALL the pictures and the rights so they can use them. I want you to be able to use them to help you along!!!

Every picture you see that I have used was approved by the models I shot with.
I like to know we both thought it was a great picture and we both liked what I am showing.

Below is a list of all my equipment also, just so you know I have more than a camera and a lens out of the box :)

Hope to work with you soon!!!

Camera & Lenses
1- Canon Mark 5 D II Full Frame Base Camera
1 - Canon T2i Base Camera
1 - 70-200mm f2.8 L Series Lens
1 - 35-100mm f2.8 L Series Lens
1 - 300mm IS Zoom Lens
1 - 135mm IS Zoom Lens
1 - 55mm Standard Lens
1 - 28mm Fixed f1.8 Low Light Lens
1- 100mm MACRO f2.8 Close Up Lens
1 - Canon Underwater Camera

2- Alien Bee 800's Studio Flashes
2 - Alien Bee 400's Studio Flashes
1 - Alien Bee Portable Power Supply
2 – Studio Lights
1 - Set of Remote Studio Flash Triggers
4 - 10x20 Studio Back Drops (White, Black, Gray, Blue)
Various Props - Fedoras, Shoes, Throws, Football, etc.

Additional Equipment
1 - 580 EX II Canon Flash
1 - 580 Extended Power Pack
1 - Tripod Standard
1 - Tripod Mini
2- Remote Camera Flash Triggers
1- Remote Camera Trigger