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Nov 06, 2017
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Aug 06, 2012
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About Me

About Me:
mal·ice ˈ ma-ləs
noun1 : desire to cause pain, injury, or distress to another

2 : intent to commit an unlawful act or cause harm without legal justification or excuse

ma·ca·bre mə-ˈ käb; -ˈ kä-brə, -bər; -ˈ käbr ə
1 : having death as a subject : comprising or including a personalized representation of death

2 : dwelling on the gruesome

3 : tending to produce horror in a beholder

I'm an artist first and foremost. I use modeling as another outlet for creativity-collaborating with another artist to create something amazing.
I'm not vain, but in fact the opposite-although I don't personally find myself attractive, I also can't deny the usefulness of my shape as a tool for creativity. Two of the most beautiful things in the world to me are the female form, and trees. I tend to paint them both a lot.

I enjoy being on both sides of a lens. I'm rather versed in digital photo manipulation-Photoshop and the like. I'm pretty much self taught in everything I do; trial and error are my best teachers.

I make my own One of a Kind pieces of art, jewelry, clothing, ragdolls, props, etc. When I make/sell jewelry, it tends to be of the steampunk variety. I hand sew things that are reminiscent of a ragdoll-each piece is made from several others. A few times a year, I sell these things at conventions. Nothing is out of the realm of what I'll use honestly, and each piece tells a story.
I favor making and or altering my own clothing, since my body shape is difficult to dress. I've recently been called an "Artist Extraordinaire" because I have yet to find a medium I can't do and do well within the field of art. With that being said, I'm into the more artful styles of poses or implied nudes.

I've also recently entered the world of acting with local horror movies. they're just so much fun.

I WILL NOT do overtly sexual or pornographic poses, nor am I comfortable with having strange hands on me in a sexual manner...that's not what I do. I have no problems posing with women in tasteful and beautiful ways-guys not so much.

I have no issue with exposing my breasts, however,there will be no "vajayjay" exposed-I simply hate the way mine looks, so don't hold your breath on that point. Wearing a thong is the barest I will go, end of story. childbirth isn't kind to ones pluming. If my vagina is shown, my husband did the photography.

Also, if we don't discuss breasts being part of the set/role, they aren't going to be part of a set/role. I'm putting my foot down, and will no longer be letting myself be taken advantage of . You want boobs, I'll want paid.

I'm not above doing all I can to help (and more often than not, do everything but the photography myself) such as make-up, hair, wardrobe, suggestions, etc. I practically have a thrift store's collection of props, costumes, vintage clothing/jewelry/accessories,make-up, etc.
Need faux pearls? I literally have almost every color. Need thigh highs? What kind? Vintage nightgown? Gloves? What color?

I've done most of my own tattoos-and the ones I didn't do myself, I drew (with one exception) I'd list the number of them, but it's ever growing. I also did a good bit of my own piercings.

-body mod stats-
earlobe-0g, 6g, 14g
cartilage & conch-14g
lip-one centered, one on the left-2 additional scar holes from previous piercings 14g
both nipples-14g
Former navel piercing ( I'd had it since I was 13, and left it in through pregnancy, so it was stretchy and just looked sad)

I also have a port wine birthmark on the right side of my face in front of/on my ear that continues and hides under my hair for the rest of it. It vaguely looks like a lipstick mark. My mother called it my "Angels kiss." I don't like to feature this in pictures, as its not flattering in the least. I'm not ashamed of it, it's just not really flattering.

I'm truly a carney by blood;grandmother, great grandparents, uncles, etc-even though I have no formal sideshow experience, and have never performed as an act; I'm a hyper-flexible or "double jointed" if you will. I call m yself the "Creepy, Crippled, Curvy Contortionist." Sadly, with the awesome bendy perks, also comes the unpleasant daily chronic, agonizing pain of fibromyalgia, Spondyloarthropies of some kind, arthritis, etc. I can't stand for more than a few minutes without something to brace on, such as my cane, although with working out recently, I've been able to go whole days without my cane, so this issue isn't as bad as it once was, but some days are worse than others.

My chronic illness ridden body often also limits my availability without warning. I've had to cancel shoots that were thought out months in advance solely because I had stomach spasms so bad that day, I couldn't even function. So, If we book something, and I have to cancel it, I don't mean to be a flake, really I don't, but my body forces me to be sometimes.

Some poses are very difficult to do because of this, but I do try to Hold position the best I can, you just may have to give me a moment afterwards, or snap an extra shot or two. I'm also Practically blind-20/2000 vision, and I wear glasses. I take most photographs with them off, but because of eye surgery I had on both eyes (cross-eyed) I can't tell if my eyes are focusing properly, and sometimes one will drift without my glasses,so I need verbal guidance with that; just say something like "derpy eye alert" or some shit, you won't offend. I also literally can't open my eyes to sunlight without my glasses on, so please don't ask me to do that, because I'll just look like I'm constipated, and really, who wants that for a picture? Not this lady.

My hair is often a bright random color-at one time or another, it has been every color in the rainbow. I'm had dreadlocks (miss them) pixie hair (felt amazing) bangs, no bangs, etc etc.I have even done the "half and half" hair styles, on more than one occasion, and not to sound like a hipster, but I did that shit back in 2007. In most of my pictures I have dreadlocks that I had sewn beads, gears, buttons and such into. However, due to issues with my wrists, I could no longer give my dreads the attention they both deserved and required, I cut them off. Currently, I'm growing out my hair, so it's length only increases these days. As far as the color, well, that changes monthly sometimes, so no point in describing it.
**8/6/2017 it is a pastel mix of blues, purples, and pink and likely will be for a while. it looks like cotton candy

Chances are anything you see me wearing, I made or altered, as I previously described. That being said, tattered Ragdoll/scarecrow style, gothy steampunk is my default look.

I adore abandoned old places, where nature has decided to take back it's space. I would truly love to one day shoot at Transallegheny or a real life "secret garden" with the swing and all. I especially love the more twisted style of thing with a splash of beauty-silent hill esc if you may, or American Mcgee's Alice.

I'm a complete nerd, with the "no filter" kind of humor sprinkled on top. I'm tactless yet charming :} a lovable scoundrel. I'm a true gamer, though most of my time I'd be gaming lately I've been crafting things for conventions, because I also sell all of my one of a kind creations through the year. Especially the raggamuffins (ragdolls I make)

I'm very easy to work with, unless you are offended by people who curse like grumpy old lady sailors and find humor in any situation. That being said, it doesn't mean I'm unprofessional. I'm often the female equivalent of Dr. House, cane and all (minus the pill popping) and with much more smiling.

If you have a "no escorts" policy, I'm not the model for you, so please don't bother.

Unless I have someone I deeply trust with me during (at least) the first shoot, I can't open up to the camera-you'll get more out of me with my husband present than you ever would with me alone, at least the first time we shoot-the opposite of most models, I know, but please understand and respect this-you'll hardly notice him aside from his towering size and helpful assistance with my physical limitations. He's my usually photographer, so he knows the drill and won't be in the way. Typically, after the first shoot, if we hit it off, I don't need an escort present. Thank you for understanding that anxiety sucks.

We finally have a vehicle of our own again, however I also do not have a driver's license, nor will I probably ever have one. My availability does not depend on me alone, as my son comes first, and my husband would likely be the driver. Weekends I tend to be able to do things but those book up fast between events and friends. On the weekdays I'm watching my son since I'm a stay at home mom. Once he starts back up with school again, I'll likely be available from 9am-2pm on weekdays.

As I stated, my availability is limited greatly these days, but Saturdays and Sundays tend to be free most of the time. Just send me a message, and we can likely work something out.

I would love to be paid for a shoot, but as a freelance physically disabled artist, I completely understand and value the concept of trading services/goods if that's not an option; I won't argue with being paid, but I won't demand it like most models either, unless you want boobs featured in our work together; these days, I no longer do that for free. Both of our time is valuable, and I prefer to work on equal ground if I can, but I also need to stop letting people take advantage of me too.

With that said, I however, will no longer pay for a shoot unless it's a reasonable price. I'm a stay at home mother, wife and artist-I don't have the money to spend on shoots, because I don't really make money but on rare occasion. None of this "$200+ for a pinup session" bullshit. I can get better results from people who shoot for free, my husband included. I'm here to create art with other artists, not line the pockets of a pure capitalist with no real vision.

I have no way to afford upgrading my account, but desperately need to do so. I would be extremely grateful if a kind soul were to gift me an upgraded account. Just the next level up would be all that's necessary. I post most SFW stuff over on my facebook page. You can find other stuff on my tumblr and fetlife and now instagram.

You won't find an inflated ego here, but rather an ambitious, quirky, outspoken dork who just happens to have DDD boobs, who has to sometimes shop for shoes in the kids section -_-

Credit Notes

So, I used to have a nice long list here with my 5 separate publications, other photographer's I've worked with, and my most recent appearance in a local horror film...but they all disappeared one of the times i tried updating things from my phone...and now with the new "verified credit thing" glitching out, who knows if I'll ever have my damn credits listed. I've worked mostly with awesome people too, and want to give them their due credit, but this new set up isn't letting me. Hopefully the credits are still under their respective pictures.