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Jun 30, 2008
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About Me

The living model, the naked body of a woman, is the privileged seat of feeling, but also of questioning... The model must mark you, awaken in you an emotion which you seek in turn to express.

Henri Matisse


I’ve been out of the loop for the last 2.5 years, but it’s clear much is changing in our world of modeling and photography. I think it’s safe to say that we are entering a new era of imagery and art. This is one seems marked by censorship, social media, universal access to cameras and never-ending newsfeeds. Whoever can best transport us into their world, create a desirable vibe, a sort of peripheral experience, wins our attention. As artists, models and photographers, we are being called to make our work more dynamic and experiential, if we are to remain relevant. Increasingly, I think we can expect to see a shift from images to moments (if our iPhones are any indication), to video, then 3D, and, eventually, virtual reality. I want to be apart of this evolution. So, I'm gonna make the leap by starting a small 'Moments' project. Read on and please let me know if you might like to explore this with me.

It goes without saying that Video + Nude = Precarious. As a model, it’s a brutal reality that your image is everything. One bad video can stick with you FOREVER. With this understanding I’m very cautious with all video work and do not shoot without thorough consideration. This will be tricky so here's how I propose this project: No continuous video. Only 3 to 10 second clips. This can be done with your pro camera or your smartphone. With regard to subject matter, I have ideas and I’m always open to yours. smile Before leaving the shoot, all video must be reviewed and anything that I or you do not like, gets deleted on the spot. I’m willing to devote extra time at the end of the shoot for this. Please be prepared for me to like none of what we shot and for everything to get deleted. All saved video must be shared with me within 30 days of our shoot and I would require rights for purposes of personal promotion. For any video I shoot on a trade basis, I require shared full rights. Yes, I’m willing to do super select trade for video work at this time. If think you have some crazy cool, super tasteful ideas AND skills, please reach out with links to your work.

I’m excited to get back to collaborating. I’ve really missed it. 2018 is gonna be huge for me creatively. I feel fresh, like a blank slate, and I’m driven to take my art to the next level. I have a little girl at home and it’s my newfound mission to make her proud and to help light her creative fire. So, let’s shoot! Here’s my travel schedule. You can PM me here, on Facebook, Instagram, or directly at [email protected] Whatever floats your boat. smile


3-4: Washington DC
10-11: Charlotte
17-18: Atlanta
24-25: Greenville & Charleston
31-April 1: Raleigh

7-8: Orlando & Tampa
14-15: Richmond
21-22: BOOKED
28-29: Maryland

5-6: Asheville & Close to Home
12-13: Philly/S. Jersey
19-20: NYC & Burbs
26-27(Memorial Day Weekend): Birmingham, AL 

2-3: Indianapolis & Louisville
9-10: Lexington, KY/Cincinnati/Dayton
16-17: Greensboro, Durham, Raleigh, Chapel Hill
23-24: Upstate NY (a little)
30 - July 1: Charlotte & Close to Home

7-8: NYC
14-15: Buffalo, NY (and Toronto?) 
21-22: Delaware
28-29: Vermont (I’m really on the fence about this one. Drive time is 15hrs+ and I’ll have 72 hours to get there and back. I need persuading.)

4-5: Northern Virginia
10-12: Upstate NY
18-19: Philly & The Burbs
25-26: Close to Home

1-2 (Labor Day Weekend): Boston
8-9: Jersey
15-16: Toronto
22-23: Richmond
29-30: NYC

6-7: Chapel Hill/Raleigh/Greensboro
13-14: Maryland
20-21: Upstate NY
27-28:  Greenville & Charleston & Close To Home (I’ll be home for fall and all it’s glory here. Let’s shoot outdoors!)

3-4: Atlanta
10-11: Jacksonville and Savannah
17-18: Orlando & Tampa 


TIPS FOR COLLABORATORS:  In my experience, I have found that it helps to come to the shoot with some clear or even vague ideas about what you would like to accomplish. Maybe you have a location or a set you'd like to explore or maybe your vision is a little more clear: I.E. you're looking for deep shadows, something anonymous with a just got home after a long day of work feel, or maybe you want just the opposite. Like anyone who produces his or her best in any situation, it is important that I am allowed to find my grove and get lost in the concept. Pose coaching is not a problem, but I work best if we can get into a rhythm. I have a sincere AND vested interest in bringing your ideas to life. If something is not working or does not look good, do tell. As far as I see it, it's not personal and I'd actually prefer to know. 

ON BOUNDARIES: Because tuning into and feeding off one another's creativity is essential to producing powerful imagery, I always try to be kind, open, and attentive. I put effort into developing a sincere yet professional rapport with each person I collaborate with. For this reason, I find that I most enjoy working with the same people over and over. Unfortunately, I have found that my friendly demeanor and comfort with being nude can send mixed messages, so let me be clear: Whether I am shooting with you for the first time or the twentieth time, please DO NOT EVER ask me to masturbate, or do spread shots, and PLEASE please do not caress me. Unfortunately, this has to be said.

BOOKING A SHOOT: Only serious inquires will receive a response. Please provide:
•A description of the shoot
•Time and duration
•Confirm understanding and method of compensation
•Contact Information (This is key: A shoot is not confirmed booked until I have your contact number. If you're not comfortable sharing your contact number, then I am not comfortable working with you.)
•Makeup info and whether or not you would like for me to bring wardrobe/props

COMPENSATION:  Though I sincerely understand the many reasons for tfp/cd arrangements, I simply DO NOT shoot on a trade basis. If for whatever reason you think we have a trade shoot booked, there, without a doubt, has been a misunderstanding.

My RATES are as follows: $125/hr or $100/hr for shoots 4 hours and over. I DO NOT offer reduced rates. I am flexible with how we arrange this. You can invite other photographers, pay via paypal, check, cash, or credit card. I do not, however, engage in any sort of arrangement where I receive a certain percentage from the sale of images.

CANCELLATIONS: Too often people book and cancel last minute (like 30%)! This is crippling if you're in business for yourself. If you cancel within 7 days of a shoot AND we have never worked together, I will likely not risk booking with you again unless you've either paid a deposit or provide $150 cancellation fee. My experience is that these people become "repeat offenders," if allowed.

AMATEUR PHOTOGRAPHERS: To those who are new to photography or who have never hired a professional model, please don't shy away. I do not discriminate based on skills, I do however look for tasteful content in someone's body of work.

POSING IN THE COLD:  I simply and absolutely cannot do it anymore. I have allowed too many photographers shoots in freezing conditions, for hours, naked, without much body fat. As a result, I have serious nerve damage and suffer from Raynaud's Disease. If we have an outdoor shoot scheduled and temps drop below 55 degrees, then we need to arrange an indoor location.

FETISH/ADULT CONTENT: I do not shoot any type of explicit or fetish content.  Should you capture accidental images that cross my boundaries I reserve the right to add an amendment to your model release to ensure no such image is shared or is posted on the Internet. I photograph all amended model releases with the photographer holding it. Don't get documented. wink

MY BUSH:  I maintain my bush because I like it. Under no circumstances will I change it.

WAKING UP EARLY:  I love shooting outdoors! And if that means waking up before sunrise, bring it on!

I think this covers all the general, need to know stuff. If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to PM me.

"Our lives are not determined by what happens to us but by how we react to what happens, not by what life brings to us, but by the attitude we bring to life. A positive attitude causes a chain reaction of positive thoughts, events, and outcomes. It is a catalyst, a spark that creates extraordinary results."
-Carl Zaiss

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"Melissa is a true professional model. She was on time, enthusiastic, involved and very collaborative. Our four hour session resulted in numerous shots that now grace the walls of art lovers all over the world. She was among the first professional models with whom I've worked and I'm blessed that such was the case. She gave me the encouragement I needed as I first started out on this journey and confirmed, to me, that my "eye" was, to some degree anyway, talented and true." Read less

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"Melissa is one of the best models I've ever worked with. She's a beautiful spirit, a wonderful creative collaborator, she has a wide range of posing abilities, and the camera loves her. Also punctual and professional. Highly recommended!!!" Read less

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"Every photographer artist that I know respects and admires Melissa's talent and enthusiasm. She has been a superb collaborator and inspiration to my own work. I am just happy as can be that I was able to work with her again on my route through Asheville. A true professional, she is, by any metric." Read less

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"Every time I work with Melissa I always leave the shoot with images that I am super proud of. I have enjoyed her shoots and she has been the most adventurous model I have ever worked with. A nude shoot in a cave while it's snowing, what else can I say?" Read less

... Read more

"Mel was my first pro shoot, and I simply couldn't have been more lucky. Beyond visually stunning, conversationally inviting, and amazingly relaxed, Mel is a beautiful guide into the world of modeling and photography. She's patient, poise, and perfectly on cue with a photographer still learning the ropes. In our one shoot, she taught me more about being a compatible and professional photographer than this paragraph will allow in space. She creates a chemistry and flow with her photographer unlike anything I've ever experienced. She's just utterly phenomenal. If you want to make, and actually FEEL what it's like to make, true art, Mel's your model." Read less

... Read more

"I first shot Melissa at a workshop and knew that I had to work with her one on one. One of the most beautiful and professional models I've worked with, she made our shoots fun and entertaining. I certainly hope we get to work together again." Read less

... Read more

"It was a real pleasure to work with Melissa. A true collaboration and sharing of ideas that led to a few of my favorite images." Read less

... Read more

"I can't begin to say enough about Melissa's work ethic and professionalism. She is always helpful and flexible in a shooting situation." Read less

... Read more

"Melissa is an absolutely fabulous, beautiful, engaging model who brings a huge tool box of poses and knowlege to every shoot. So much fun to work with and I can not wait to do it again!" Read less

... Read more

"Melissa was a lot of fun to work with. I used her images in numerous composites. I highly recommend her. I wish she lived in my area so I could work with her again!" Read less

... Read more

"Melissa is without a doubt one of the very best subjects I have ever photographed, Her commitment to the process was wonderful, I felt, in every situation, that we were working together to achieve the same goals, an the images we made were exceptional.." Read less

... Read more

"Melissa is an absolute joy to work with. She is creative, fun, and an all around wonderful person to work with. I would recommend her to any photographer/artist" Read less

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"Melissa is a joy to work with - eager to please, willing to do most anything to get the shot the *photographer* wants, fun, lighthearted and hard working." Read less

... Read more

"Ultimate professional model! Works hard and knows her figure and the light well! Guaranteed great shoot!" Read less

... Read more

""Melissa is a excellent model a joy to work with! Beautiful, Graceful & easy going. Love working with her look forward to doing it again.." Read less

... Read more

"Aw-right! Let's talk class! Melissa is top shelf beauty and talent. But that's not where it ends. I have had the honor of shooting with her in various locations all over the state and I can't wait to work with her again. Highly, highly recommended." Read less

... Read more

"Melissa is a true talent and consummate professional. She made my job as photographer very easy!" Read less

... Read more

"Very talented and professional, always a enjoyable to shoot with. And always come away with lots of excellent images." Read less

... Read more

"Professional in every since of the word.........experienced on both sides of the camera and a great source of knowledge and guidance for a developing photographer.........dg" Read less

... Read more

"A very, very talented model and wonderful person. Has great concepts and needs no direction. Super talented!" Read less

... Read more

"Melissa is a truly wonderful woman, a beautiful model, and creative poser." Read less

... Read more

"There is no better model to work with on this or any other planet. Mel is engaging, smart, sensitive and passionate about the images she creates. She is a great collaborator, full of energy. She is extremely upbeat and a joy to be around. If I lived closer to her, I would shoot her every week." Read less

... Read more

"A very artistic and ambitious model who has not only the experience of artistic nudes but the talent to get unique and exceptional photos that draw the viewer to have emotional and evocative reactions to her image." Read less

... Read more

"One of my favorites - absolutely one of the visionaries in artistic poses! Love working with Melissa, always can't wait to work with her again! She leaves me inspired!" Read less

... Read more

"Melissa is a great model. She know exactly what to do with very little coaching and a lot of her own great ideas. I'll always work with her when she passes through my town." Read less

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"Melissa was a very thoughtful and professional model. One of my top 5 models of all time. Thank you for all the wonderful images we have shot together." Read less

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"Melissa is the traveling model who defines the spirit of the career for me. The first photo shoot we did together created some of the best images of the genre that I've ever achieved. Upon see the photos, my assistant's mother described Melissa as a "Goddess". 'Nough said!" Read less

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"I have had the pleasure of working with Melissa only once when she was traveling through Colorado. I hope I will have a chance to work with her again sometime! She is a very beautiful, easy going yet still professional model." Read less

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"I owe a great debt to Melissa Troutt. In my early journey of digital photography after years of film photography Melissa was more than helpful. Working with her allowed me to shoot and learn. I suggest working with Melissa if you want build your skillset and portfolio." Read less

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"Melissa is a wonderful, professional model with the experience and reliability to make any shoot easy. I look forward to working with her again!" Read less

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"One of the legends of the industry. Melissa is an incredibly cool and talented fine art model. I've enjoyed working with her tremendously!" Read less

... Read more

"Melissa was at the second workshop I attended and I have worked with her solo as well. She is a great model and works hard at getting it right in the camera. Great posing ability and very flexible." Read less

... Read more

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The Inspired Photograph: Storytelling With The Nude | By Joel Belmont

By Andrew J Baran

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