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I am going to Circumnavigate the Globe by Pedal Power

~my goal is to exemplify the validity of cycling for day to day and lifelong mobility. It’s been my Go- To get around for over 30 years.. it’s a core element of my day and life.. and it is, also, being promoted as one of the KEY ingredients to the development of a Sustainable Existence.

Be Sustainable.. Be Fit... Be A Cyclist!!!

M. Scott Ault, The Artist
I’ve hitch hiked across North America.. I’ve lived my life on the “fringes” of society.. I was a bike courier, treeplanter, even a Sous Chef at a shwankey dive downtown Vancouver.. I was even a professional Commercial Painter with moderate success. I’ve called “home” many different cities and I am, now, “settling down” in Calgary Alberta to shoot.. print.. and promote my own work.. and the goals of Ocean Cyclist.

Stylistically, I shoot differently than others. My work can be picked out from my contemporaries.. possibly because I am self- taught and come from a somewhat journalistic background. Or not. Who knows. Functionally, my print work is laborious and in- depth.. with a new studio here in Calgary will, also, be an awesome darkroom for printing HUGE .. normative sizes being 11” by 14” .. the goal being 4’ by 2’ .. all hand printed with film, enlargers, and chemicals (and some other fun stuff).

Ocean Cyclist Fund Raiser!!
1) I’ve released my genre bending graphically enhanced novel “The Death of Love” for public consumption. It will be available at a growing number of merchants (not necessarily Book Sellers.. ) as well as online but it isn’t a digital download- it’s an in- hand, sit and read kind of piece.
2) I’m also re- releasing two collections of poetry.. A Poet’s Four Weeks and The Deft, The Daft, and the Defying.. both available thru my website only.
3) I’m working on a PATREON project.. and with this, I am hoping to network with a variety of unique individuals for still and video production.. “behind the scenes” videos along with selected stills from shoots.
4) I’m networking with some awesome people to launch a Sexy Cycling Website.. awesome, sexy models in sexy clothes (and less) combined with cool bicycles.

Participation in any/ all of the above ideas is appreciated but not required.

Please Note: so long as shows aren’t cancelled, I’m heading across the country starting on or around March 18th.. with my gear in tow for shoots en route. I’ll be shooting abandoned buildings/ places of interest but also making plans to shoot with unique, interested, and interesting individuals anywhere between Calgary and Halifax. I have a one- week “layover” in Toronto for the One of a Kind craft show thus it is my goal to be in Toronto March 22nd or 23rd, leaving Toronto on March 30th heading to Halifax for a 4 day show and shoot options. Message me your interest through any of the popular formats.. here or otherwise, however- I do prefer using other methods TBH.

Some things to make note of:
•I prefer TFP *
•I prefer height/ weight proportionate models
•I prefer to work with individuals who are ready, willing, and able to pose fully nude
•I prefer to work with individuals who are clean/ freshly shaven.. my personal aesthetic dictates a lack of pubic hair

Check out Other Profiles of Mine:
**DeviantArt Profile**

**About TFP:
While I do prefer to shoot TFP (you will be provided with everything we shoot- digital files for stills and video as well as prints from film) you will, also, receive at least one (1) Artists Proof when I go in to the darkroom to start working on the finished pieces for exhibition. The “Artists Proof” is considered unit zero in a series.. so if I was to “reprint” one image with a series of 100 units, the first commercial unit is numbered.. logically… 1/100 (unit 1.. series volume 100). Your print would be considered unit “zero” or… 0/100 as it is the first finished work.
~ if TFP isn’t conducive (I know, finances are tight all around right now).. we can work something out that is mutually beneficial.

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Twist Collective & Revelry: Pattern and Product photography, Print and web placements for Syvia Harding