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About Me

2021 Looking forward

I am dealing with health issues right now that I am working around some limitations

I truly love shooting and hope to continue shooting as much as possible  through it all

Contact me if you are interested in working together for Portfolio,Social Media,Instagram,OnlyFans, etc content images

Open to TF

Please look through my images here on Model Mayhem &
FaceBook -
Instagram - 
Please also read my Bio, it will explain who I am and answer most questions you might have.

I have been shooting for over 35 years and established on Model Mayhem for 15 years.

My main focus has been Cars,Bikes,Boats, etc and submitting to magazines (and getting published) as you can see from my port
But would also like very much to add more artistic, edgy and unique projects to expand my port images subject matter.
So if your creative please contact me, I really want to plan and create  with models for projects we both can get excited about  and will benefit us both as well.

I have been lucky enough to work with some great ladies who have become lifelong friends as well. And have plenty of references if needed.

I am internationally published and submit to several automotive magazines in Italy, Australia, U.K. as well as the US.
They are a great source for models to get valuable “Tear Sheets” (published work) for your ports.
I have had my work published in magazines, posters, calendar’s, catalogs, websites and advertisements

I am submitting now to Photo Contests as well on Model Mayhem, etc and need new edgy and unique ideas for a good chance at any success.

Looking for Models:
Looking to collaborate with talented models and create amazing Images.

Models who are beautiful, confident and comfortable with who they are experienced or not.
And open minded and willing to try new concepts and share their own creative ideas for projects that were both interesting and beneficial to us both

Model Mayhem is NOT a dating site, and any photographer acting like it is should be reported to MM.
I am a professional and treat all models with nothing but respect.
No pressure or stress, just relaxed and fun without exception.
All model boundaries are respected and never crossed.

References are available upon request that will vouch for my professionalism while working with all models.

Models Safety when choosing and working with Photographers:
Never put yourself in a position you’re not comfortable with, be safe.

The majority of my photoshoots are in the Sacramento,Ca Area with little to no traveling.
I do on occasion travel to and shoot in Las Vegas,Nv, Bonneville Utah, and Southern California and would love to hear from Models in those areas to shoot projects there.


To "Pay Only" Models

Please, if your only willing to accept "Paid Only" projects, please set your "Compensation" Section to reflect this and end any confusion

The majority of my projects are TF and no cash up front
I submit to magazine publications, and they are struggling right now just to survive and don’t have budgets for much
They are a source for Tear Sheets and getting published, which is helpful to both Photographers and Models both for adding to our portfolios

If your not interested in any TF and only do paying projects please let me know this and send your rates  and I will keep you in mind.
But i usually give the paying jobs to models that were willing to work with me on the TF projects showing loyalty to working together and supporting each others work

If you have questions about this area, please ask and we can discuss the details

Where to Start

If you’re interested in working together the first step in working together  is to fill my "Model Questionnaire", it really helps me see your:
Level of Experience (How long have you been modeling)
Goals for your Modeling (why re you modeling)
Portfolio Needs (images you want to shoot and add to your portfolio)
On Site Needs while shooting (music,water, etc)
Schedule of Availability (around work etc)
Styles of Projects  (what type fit best and you want to do)
This helps so we can pair you with the photo-shoot project that fits you best

Questionnaire located at

Please email me also and let me know you’re sending it and who you are and attach a photo. With Model/Stage names etc it can get confusing without Real Name and pic.

If after reading my Bio and looking at my port you’re interested in working together, please fill out the questionnaire and also contact me directly at [email protected]

And please ask any questions you might have

Look forward to hearing from you and the opportunity to work together and create

Brian Watts

No Permission is written or implied for your use of any images contained here
They cannot be used without prior written agreement and permission.
©2022 BRIAN WATTS - All Rights Reserved

Credit Notes


Melissa L. Brown MM# 2267999
Kirsten Moran - MM#2730626
Jessica Renea - MM#1319383
Kendra Evans - MM#2014092
Angela Bartlett- MM#2432683
Stephanie Kei - MM#554163
Jessica Kittredge  - MM#2326570
Wendy London - MM# 1830958
Crystal Megan  - MM#1027669
Renee Foxx - MM#339333
Nikki Fiction - MM#224238
Christina Murphy - MM#838550
Princess Monica - MM#1162403
Brigette Ashley
Cristina Nichole Nelutescu - MM#1601903
and Many Many More not on MM!



Thunder Road-NorCal Magazine
VolksWheels Magazine (Italy) - Staff Photographer
Volkswagen Magazine of Australia  magazine - (contributor)
Kustoms Illustrated  magazine
Hot Rods Illustrated  magazine
California Motorsports News - (Former Staff)
California Hunter  magazine - (Former Staff)
Hot VWs magazine
Easyrider  magazine
V-Twin  magazine
Roseville Press Tribune Newspaper
Stockton Record Newspaper

WEBSITES catalogs, website, etc - website. t shirts, etc - website
and many more

Sacramento Raceway
Bug O Rama Productions
BUGPACK Products
Rancho Performance
Lucus Oil
CB Performance
BigFoot Ent.

"Photographers Forum Magazine" National Photo Contest -  Finalist

The Watermark/Copyright:
Yes, I realize its placement on some of the images is distracting, awkward. My images have been stolen and inappropriately used on several occasions. So it is there to hopefully discourage such actions and protect the models and myself.