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Tired of the selfie look? Need pictures for your book? Please read on. The keyword is collaboration:

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Some of the pictures can be seen by friends only ;o)

My background:

I learned photography the traditional way in the 1970s, using film cameras such as the Kodak Brownie, Praktica LB, Hasselblad 500cm, Canon RT, Mamiya C330, and Zone VI 4x5. At that time, digital cameras did not exist, so I had to rely on techniques like the "Zone system" to determine the correct exposure manually. I eventually switched to a digital camera, the Canon D30, about 20 years ago, and since then have used many other digital cameras. However, I still enjoy shooting film occasionally with my Mamiya C330 and Zone VI 4x5, and I have a traditional black and white darkroom. Sometimes, I just like to take my 4x5 camera out into the field to capture landscapes.

From the darkroom; silver print using 4x5 Tri-X film:

Mission statement:

I am committed to capturing the diverse and powerful facets of feminine beauty in my photography, encompassing everything from a gentle and alluring aesthetic to a provocative and seductive one. I welcome both abstract and literal interpretations, adopting a minimalist approach to my craft. My main workspace is our home studio in Suwanee, Georgia, where I rely on a few strobes and a seamless background to achieve my desired results. Additionally, I employ makeup, hair styling, and post-processing techniques to ensure the production of high-quality images. I am enthusiastic about undertaking any projects, ideas, or concepts that foster the growth of creative expression.

About us:

At PHOTOPHYLIA, we are proficient in French, English, and Mandarin. Our studio fosters a laid-back and welcoming atmosphere. Unlike some commercial studios, we do not rush our models and encourage creativity. Our images are the product of collaboration between the model, the MUA and the photographer.


Makeup area:

Dressing area:

My work has been published in several magazines in several countries.

Tear-sheets: (cover) (cover)

Here is a description of my different categories:

Level 1: The basics   
    1.1   Headshots / Portraits: Head only or half body.
    1.2   Casual: Day-to-day outfits. Natural look.
    1.3   Formal/ Fashion: Bring your best ensemble. Makeup and hair styling are primordial.

Level 2: Intermediate; the model reveals her body shape. The ability to project a seductive look is a must.    
    2.1   Glamour/ Edgy: Makeup, sexy clothing, and hair styling are primordial.
    2.2   Lingerie: PG13
    2.3  Swimwear: PG13

Level 3: Advanced I; full or partial nudity   
    3.1 Fetish/ Cosplay: Leather, vinyl, metal, latex
    3.2 Incognito: The face does not show on prints.
    3.3 Implied nude: Key elements are hidden.
    3.4 Pinup/ Boudoir: Partial or full nudity with lingerie or garments.
    3.5 Nudes: All "au naturel" up to spreads

Level 4: Advanced II; full or partial nudity. The model will be touched by another woman.   
    4.1 Body painting: Metallic makeup all over the body; silver, gold, etc. A female assistant applies makeup.
    4.2 Girl-Girl: Fully clothed or not. Romantic, plastic, or erotic.


My schedule is generally flexible, but I usually don't shoot alone. Therefore, my schedule depends on the availability of my wife and muse, or makeup artist for categories 2, 3, and 4. However, an exception can be made for category 1.

Behind the scene:


I am seeking serious models with a unique look to add to my portfolio for TF... photoshoots. A model release is required, and models will receive unlimited use of the photographs. Escorts are welcome.

For the photoshoot, I will provide high-resolution digital files in 11x14 format that can be framed. For models seeking photographs to use in a portfolio to show to agencies, the format will be 9x12. Other formats can be provided upon request, and a link to access the files in the cloud will be provided. Web files with a watermark will also be provided, with print files being at 300 dpi and web files at 96 dpi in letter format.

I will carefully select the photographs to be delivered, ensuring a minimum of two meticulously edited photographs per look. On average, for a photoshoot with 12 setups, a minimum of 24 photographs will be provided.

For magazine publications as part of TF... deals, the format will be 8.5x11 and 11x17. A minimum of 12 settings, typically requiring two photoshoots, will be required to receive the magazine.

Model releases:

It may take up to two weeks for the photographs to be ready. I strive to produce high-quality artwork and therefore need time to ensure that the images are of the best possible quality. While some studios may offer same-day service, their photographs may not be as carefully crafted as mine. If you are interested in a more standardized, rapid service, I can provide you with the contact information for a chain studio that charges $399 for six pictures with basic makeup and editing.

Terms may be negotiated for models representing an established brand.

Test Session:

Prior to producing art, I require models with limited or outdated portfolios to participate in a test session. The test session includes four different looks:

1) Blue jeans and a white shirt.
2) Swimwear.
3) Two formal attire.

This allows for us to become familiar with one another and for the model to gain insight into what shooting with us entails. For the test session six photos, with basic editing, will be provided within 1-2 days.

Here is a link to the magazines I published:

Models I have been working with (not on MM):

▓ Alex
▓ Amanda
▓ Audra
▓ Ava
▓ Caroline
▓ Chase
▓ Christie
▓ Elise
▓ Erica
▓ Jessica
▓ Julie
▓ Karen
▓ Karina
▓ Kay
▓ Kristen
▓ Lauren
▓ Lily
▓ Megghan
▓ Meredith
▓ Michi
▓ Miliani
▓ Monica
▓ Nicole
▓ Oni
▓ Sanny
▓ Trinity
▓ Trish
▓ Winnie


I can get a make-up artist to work with us. She is very busy. This is only offered to serious models I worked with before.

Kay at work with my wife and muse:

Going on location:

Other Collaborations: I am always open to collaborating with talented MUA or stylists. Feel free to contact me.

Retouchers: Editing is part of my style therefore I have no need for retouchers.

$oliciting models: As I mentioned in my introduction, I am not a beginner photographer. However, I am still an amateur in the true sense of the word, which means I do this out of love rather than for financial gain. I do only TF.... as I do not make any income from my photography. My primary motivation is to satisfy my creative urges.

Debutantes: If you have the look and want to augment your portfolio; don't hesitate to contact me. We will work something out!

Spammers: You are easily recognizable. You consistently refrain from addressing me by my name while insisting on employing your stage name. The content of your email leads me to believe that you did not peruse my profile, as it appears to be a standard, pre-written message. Consequently, I regret to inform you that I will disregard your communication.

Remote shooting request: Ridiculous

It covers it all; I think. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

Best Regards
Daniel Paradis

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