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Agency-approved photographer specializing in fashion, editorial and beauty.

I have nice studio space located on the Fayetteville square in the EJ Ball building.
A very comfortable & creative atmosphere and I'm always playing your favorite tunes. Gotta have music at my shoots! Also there's a nice restaurant & bar on the first floor for escorts to relax in.

Art Institute of Pittsburgh - Degree in Visual Communications 89-91
24 years in the business of Photography, Graphic Design, Illustration, Retouching, Printing, Fashion Styling & Model Coaching.

•Quentin Daniel Photography- 91-Present - Fayetteville, AR / Photographer, Retoucher, Graphic Designer, Modeling Coach.
•Berquist Photography - 5 years, Fayetteville, AR / Retoucher /
•MAC Specialized Printing Services - 4 years, Rogers, AR / Owner, printer, graphic designer, photographer
•Bath Junkie Corporate Studio - 4 years, Fayetteville, AR / Graphic Designer, Photographer
•The Brandkamp Group - 5 years, Fayetteville, AR / Graphic Designer, Photographer, Illustrator
•ECA Productions - 3 years, Fayetteville, AR / Graphic Designer, Photographer, Illustrator
•Taylor Mac Advertising - 2 years, Fayetteville, AR / Graphic Designer, Photographer, Illustrator
•Dink Designs -  3 years, Fayetteville, AR / Graphic Designer, Printer
•Houndstooth Clothing Co. - 4 years, Fayetteville, AR / Model, Printer, Retail Sales

Top 20 things that ruin a portfolio for me.

1. Photogs with huge monologues on their page telling of all the expensive gear & gadgets they have and claiming years of experience & expertise (this goes for models too) and then you look at their portfolio and it doesn't fit the hype AT ALL! If you're good people will tell you, not the other way around. The product of a photographer and a model is the final image and not the bla, bla, bla.

2. White wrinkled bed sheet backdrops with fold lines.... take those down right now and go outside and shoot or pick an interesting wall with some texture.

3. Photoshop's blur & smudge tools make skin look fake and plastic & they remove all texture. When I see a photo retouched like this the realness of the model is gone for me. A person should not be able to point to all of the exact areas that you 'retouched', they should blend and be invisible & retain skin texture. If you're the model this does the opposite of hiding problem skin areas, if you're the photographer it shows that you in fact do not know how to retouch.

4.  Heavy black or white vignette done to every photo. This also goes for beveled edges, deckled edges, hipstamatic edges and giant frames around your photos. Good photos do not need these 'helpers'.

5.  Japanese folding screens, white plaster Greek columns, draped satin fabric & roses. No, no, no & no! Makes you look cheap.

6.  Selective color in a black & white shot. Can we all agree to stop doing this? It's been done to death and 90% of the time it looks cheap & cheesy.

7.  Zits, scabs, scars, bruises, ashy knees, skin flakes, deodorant crumbs & bikini line stubble. It's not that hard to retouch these, come on people.

8.  Green screen shots with conflicting shadows & wonky perspectives. Also sloppy, jagged edged, cut outs of subjects pasted onto other photos.

9.  People who go nuts with very cheesy old Photoshop filters. Lots of photo fluffing going on out there. Photoshop can totally erase the soul of your subject if you use it too much.

10.  What is the deal with railroad track shots? The most uncreative overused idea ever! It always reminds me of 1980's rock ballad music videos with their suitcase and guitar hitchhiking in their bikini & cut off jeans. Pick a more creative idea, this one has been milked to death. (update) Also shots of a model wearing nice clothes semi-submerged in a creek or lake. I also keep seeing models standing shin deep in water wearing jeans, I don't get it. It's an idea that thinks it's artistic but always looks awkward & unpleasant for the model.

11.  There's a difference between being a "model" and paying someone to take pictures of you "modeling." If you fall into the latter of the two, you have no bragging rights. If your photographer doesn't use you in their portfolio, there's your hint.

12.  Yellow or orange skin, and don't say it's your "artistic style".  People can tell when abnormal skin tones are supposed to be part of an artistic shot and when it's obvious the photographer doesn't know how to do a white balance or color adjustment. They make a translucent lens cap that lets you do a white balance anywhere.

13.  Nude shoots that have no plan or idea other than to take a picture of a naked person standing there. Worse examples are taken with the popup flash in some unflattering awkward pose against a cheap backdrop or on a hotel bed with a slight look of unease on the models unconfident face. Models don't fall for this without seeing examples first, if you're gonna get naked the photog better have a unique flattering idea that doesn't make you look cheap.

14.  Low quality pixely photos, cell phone pics, bathroom mirror shots & tiny thumbnail sized photos.

15.  Photogs that claim a stylized photo created on the photo effect website is their very own retouching work when all it took was one mouse click.

16.  Outdated photos of when you were way younger. I don't own a time machine.

17.  Bad photos with © DO NOT COPY pasted all over them. Trust me NO ONE is going to copy your bad picture.
18.  Models that have the exact same blank face in every shot. I want to see at least one genuine smile. Show some personality or emotion. I hear models say they hate their smile but trust me models, the photo with the genuine smile & some teeth showing is always the jewel in your portfolio.

19.  Giant photographer signatures in Papyrus font, a Brush Script font or the god-awful Monotype Corsiva font (The three "fancy" fonts that come on EVERY PC) emblazoned across your photo ruining the composition & mood of your photo. I can count 4 photographers in my town that use Papyrus as the font for their logo!!
Your logo should be as unique as your photos, thats your branding, thats what sticks in people's heads. When you use the same 3 fonts that 1000's of others have used it makes you look amateur and cheapens your brand and you don't stand out. (check out for free unique fonts) Even scanning in your own signature would be unique.

20.  And lastly, Lack of inspiration. Get yourself a Tumblr account, Pinterest, Deviant Art, Piccsy etc. Get inspired people!