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Greetings from Gary at Select Models!  We host photoshoots in SoCal, 25+ years, over 400 photoshoots, 1000's of models & photographers attended, 13 previous 'Cruiseboat Photoshoots'.  We are not an agency or management firm.  Anyone interested in SM photoshoot are welcome to inquire.  Gotta kooky 'freak off the leash' shooting style, for which I apologize.  Add me as a friend on Facebook (link above) and you're welcome to follow me on IG:


Carnival's world class cruiseship 'The Splendor' will be the host cruiselines for this 7 day event, with 4 group photoshoots, and one complete day of 'one on one photoshoots' planned.  All models get free cruise tickets with average photographer cost approximately $900 (see details below).  Models interested in attending will be listed on the events forum posting for this cruise.  All onboard ship meals are free, including free pizza and free ice cream 24/7.  The evening Captains Dinners at 8pm are 'first class', including appetizers, multiple main courses and desserts.   

First shoot will be the 4 hour 'introduction groupshoot' on the ship from 330-730 (Nov 11), with 'Captains Dinner' to follow at 8pm.  This video is a tour of the Carnival Splendor: 

Second shoot will be (Nov 12) on the big wave stretch of 'Divorce Beach' in Cabo San Lucas, with ship departing at 7pm.  Will also include some brief 'souvenior shopping' (1/2 hour) on the Cabo Boardwalk before getting back on the ship. 

Third shoot will be (Nov 13) at Conchas Chinas Beach in Puerto Vallarta, arriving back on the ship by 8:30pm that same night.  The ship will stay in Puerto Vallarta overnight, with 1/2 day of souvenior shopping on Nov 14, departing Puerto Vallarta at 4pm.

The 4th shoot will be an onboard groupshoot from 3:30 to 7:30pm on Nov 15, with Captains Dinner to follow at 8pm.  The last full day of the cruise (Nov 16) will be a complete 'one on one photoshoot' day onboard the ship, with 4 'one on one shoots' scheduled from 12:30 to 7:30pm, with the last 'Captains Dinner' following at 8pm.  The ship will be arriving back in Long Beach on the morning of Saturday, Nov 17th at 9am.

ATTENTION PHOTOGRAPHERS AND MODELS... to attend, notify one of your favorite models or photographers.  Attending photographer must purchase ticket for both model and photographer (see ticket purchase info below) on a double occupancy basis.  Room assignments can be adjusted on first day of cruise to keep participants content with room arrangements.  To join the group and work with lots of great models and photographers, call RAUL at Carnival Cruiselines at 1-800-819-3902 ext. 85820.  To preview photos of past 'Cruiseboat Photoshoots', visit our image portfolio and click on 'Cruiseboat Shots'.  Also checkout 'Cruiseboat Videos' at links below.  Message me if you're interested in attending.  Hope to seeya on the Nov 10 2018 'Cruiseboat Photoshoot'.




These 'Taco Tuesday Meetups' have been going on for over 9 years, with anywhere from 12 to over 30 attendees always present every Tuesday.  Bring your digital portfolio, business cards, camera gear and photo stories to share with everyone.  Discussions usually include great SoCal locations to shoot at as well as upcoming photoshoots and events.  Everyone on Model Mayhem is welcome to attend, as well as any of your friends, relatives and anyone interested in modeling and photography.  Meetup location is Rodrigos, 8950 Central Ave, Montclair CA 91763.  Attending 'First Timers' get FREE tacos at their first 'Taco Tuesday' meetup.  Tacos that you build yourself with your favorite condiments, fresh and warm chips with mildly seasoned dip, low cost drinks and fantastic dinners on the menu.  Quite atmosphere and plenty of space with BIG table reserved every Tuesday.  Hope to seeya there!

WATERWORLD!... New Select Models shoot location... now available to rent!

We are proud to announce this all new private shoot location, WATERWORLD!  Includes a large darkstone pool, swimup bar, 2 Jacuzzis, 2 mini-waterfalls, waterslide, rock formations and jungle background.  This amazing location is available to rent, $70 per hour with 2 hour minimum.  No permits or insurance needed with free parking.  Makeup mirrored restroom and changing room included.  Reflector holding and shooting assistance available (if requested) free of charge.  Message me if interested.  We will check the calendar and hold your reservation.


They call me 'The Chuck Norris of Model Photographers' because:  (sense of humor is a necessity here)  lol
(I'm really not this egotistical, but these quotes are funnier than Hell)

1.  Out of every 10 shots I take, 11 are keepers.
2.  I never have to focus.  Models run back and forth in front of my camera and stop when they're perfectly sharp.
3.  All images I capture are edited to perfection at the time of exposure.
4.  I never flip my camera to portrait position, the Earth rotates for me.
5.  Frequently referred to as 'The High Dynamic Ranger', all images I capture display perfect contrast, hue and saturation.
6.  The right focal length lens for the subject is always on my camera.
7.  I have no use for tripods.  Subjects freeze in my presence and the Earth stops rotating on my command.
8.  The wind blowing around me will toss the models hair perfectly, while never disturbing my lightstands.
9.  Models have no need for escorts, because I am the escort.
10.  I never have to adjust white balance.  The world shifts it's color to suit my taste.
11.  I have no need for light meters.  The moon eclipses the sun on my command, resulting in perfect exposure.

Here's a few short video clips showcasing some of the crazy fun available at Select Models shoots:  Photos from video here:

Select Models photoshoot events are among the best in the nation.  Don't take my word for it.  Checkout quotes below from photographers & models who have participated in past events and had great things to say.

Quote from DMPhoto Bob Singh (MM#209748)
This was the funnest shoot ever! (Nov 2nd 2014 Select Models Cruiseboat Photoshoot).  The models were fantastic.  The photographers were a joy to work alongside and the settings aboard the ship were great.

Quote from accomplished photographer 'Phillip Richie' (MM#43582)
Your works as a photographer is stunning, your portfolio is like a book on the who's who of modeling, you are part of what made Model Mayhem what it is today, plus you are part of the history of Model Mayhem, it also takes 4 hours to read your front page and look at all the pictures you have on here, but it sure is worth the time.

Quote from MM Supermodel 'Lakota Summers' (MM#1468753)
You are on FIRE... your work totally ROCKS... wish you weren't so far away!

Quote from Manus Ferrea (MM#472780)
I recommend Models & Photographers attend SM shoots, they are the best.  Gary sets the gold-standard for group shoots!

Quote from Poppy Aurora (MM#2422730)
Hey gary, you're like a vacation in front of the camera, sardonic humor, a bundle of laughs and juiciness through out.

Quote from James Sioux (MM#625507)
Gary, you're the MAN!  Thanks for organizing a fun event! (March 31 Riverside Airshow Shoot), nothin but great shots.

Quote from Nikki Lee1126 (MM#753739)
So thrilled I got the chance to work with you the images are amazing!  You are so much fun, had a blast!

Quote from Bonnie Rose (MM#869015)
I couldnt thank you enough for letting me stay at your place in SoCal.  You're always reliable, had lots of fun at the shoots!

Quote from Joe Torrance (MM#1362275)
Had a lot of fun yesterday (Feb 19th 'Evil Valentine Shoot').  Thank you Gary and the Models. This was perfect for me as I am getting back into photography and just getting into shooting models!

Quote from Corey Crimmins (MM#1212439)
Loved the shoot and location Gary (Jan 29 2012 'Antique Ranch & Caveroom Shoot'), it was one of ur best yet.  They keep getting better and better, model line up, hosts, everything was amazing!

Quote from Myke's Photos (MM#113285)
Big thanks Gary, tons of fun at the Poolparty & Gameroom Shoot.  But that's what you expect from a Select Models shoot.

Quote from Rick Matulac (MM#1770140)
Just wanted to say thanks for organizing a great shoot. That was a gorgeous location and great models to shoot with. (Jan 29 2012 'Antique Ranch & Caveroom Shoot')

Quote from Jim Wallace (MM#2256371)
Gary, you really know how to put on a great shoot, from the selection of location, the choice of beautiful models, to the logistics that keep it all together (July 3rd 2011 Mt. Baldy LTB Shoot).

Quote by Matt Ford (MM#1438354)
Gary thanks so much for the support and time at your studio. What a great value. Really appreciate everything.

Quote by Kelly Vy (MM#1153055)
Gary... you've hosted so many awesome group shoots last year, and the year before, and before.. and before... I know 2011 won't be any different!  Hugs and Kisses... Kelly V

Quote by Images by Laszlo (MM#1315763)
Gary, Thanks for putting on a kickass event! (2010 Hotwheels Shoot). Models were awesome, cars/bikes were great.

Quote from Lola Baby (MM#1706940)
There's a reason why you have so many MM awards and your events are super successful... cuz you're awesome!  Your shoots are always amazing and it shows that you do ANYTHING to get the shot.

Quote from Charlie's Pinups (MM#1515043)
Had a great time at my first 'Select Models' event (Sept 12 'LTB Shoot'/Mt. Baldy). The location just by itself would make for a great day... add a bounty of beautiful talented models and it doesn't get any better! 

Quote from Collette Valentine (MM#1738002)
Had a blast Gary, thanks again for a successful shoot (Aug 22nd 'Tropical Paradise Shoot'). You Rock!

Quote From Step Above Photos (MM#210934)
More models in Southern Cal get their start shooting at Select Models shoots... so if you have not had a chance and you are thinking about modeling join in on one of Select Models Events... they are a lot of fun.

Quote from Corrie Ivy (MM#1356807)
Hey Gary, had lots of fun at the Oct 18 'Estate Home Glamourshoot' in Temecula.  Great pictures, hot girls, awesome photographers, and tons of fun.  What more could i ask for.

Quote from Rey Sison (MM#1001476)
Gary, I gotta hand it to ya, my friend. You come up with the coolest concepts and locations.

Quote from Lucid-Grafx Photography MM#905112
I love that you shoot up high, down low, head on, all over the place. Keeps me lookin at your portfolio & interested.

Quote from (Eric) Bear Photo (MM#134146)
Awesome shoot (2010 Tropical Paradise Shoot)... With The European Imports and SoCal Girls Rockin It!  What More Could You Ask for On A Sunday afternoon In SoCal with weather in the 70's.  How You Gonna Top This shoot?

Quote from MykesPhotos (MM#1132851)
Hey Gary... my best images come from your group shoots because you always have the finest and most creative models.

Quote from Ed Stevenson (MM#113014)
Gary, thanks for a great time at the Aug 26 'Weekday Beach Minishoot'.  As always the models were AWESOME!

Quote from Alexis Nicole (MM#689981)
Hey Gary... what a GREAT shoot! (Aug 29 'Lions, Tigers & Bears Shoot').  The people & location were amazing and the pic's i've gotten back so far are the best!  I hope I can go to more SM shoot's in the future, they're too fun to pass up!

Quote from George Mendoza (MM#1215289)
Hey Gary... wanted to thank you for a great 1st photo shoot last Wednesday at the weekday beach minishoot with Laura & Maddy.  Your avatar from that shoot is great!

Quote from Christopher Ward (MM#1248955)
What surprised me was the explanation of your concept that I read in the paragraphs below your pictures. This is brilliant!  No wonder you have had profound success in the past. I hope to attend one of your events in the near future.

Quote from Eddy Einem (MM#94249)
Great studio setup Gary! Everything you need for lighting or backgrounds is available in one shooting session.

Quote from Milan of LA (Andrea/MM#1050535)
Hey Gary... your Select Models studio party was awesome!  I loved attending the Tropical Paradise Shoot on Aug 2nd!

Quote from Art Schlosser/'Artographi' (MM#379031)
Hey Gary... another fantastic Select Models shoot (July 19 'Beverly Hills Supershoot').  Thanks for a wonderful day!  It was great seeing so many friends and had a blast in the making of new ones!

Quote from Alise Velez (MM#1156708)
Thanks for inviting me to the Tropical Paradise (June 28).  I had a blast and I hope to work with you again sometime!

Quote from RICKYZAR (MM#827797)
That shoot on Sunday (May 31 'Estate Home Glamorushoot') was awesome!  I'm new to the scene, still being a student and all, but I really learned a lot at the shoot and on the Events Forum thread as well.

Quote from Bella Haushinka (MM#829704)
I just want to start by saying THANK YOU!  I had an awesome time at the May 31st 'Estate Home Glamourshoot' and I learned alot in 4 hours... probably the most in my life.  I am really very thankful for your amazing hospitality. You did MORE than enough and I appreciate it so much, you have no idea.

Quote from Rich Masuda (MM#426988)
I can honestly say that I've gotten better by going to your group shoots over the years!

Quote from Chantelle Gasconigne (MM#178787)
Thank you Garebear... I had such a great time (at the April 5th Tropical Paradise Shoot).  Evry1 was fantastic and the models were gorgeous!  Location was phenomenal!

Quote from Hector at BeatJunkie Studio (MM#826267)
this (March 1 Vista Glamourshoot) was my 1st event and 1st time shooting models.  Thanks for putting this together!  I was really impressed with the entire experience... you made it happen at a beautiful place, with gorgeous & talented models.

Quote from Tara Renee (MM#453785)
Thanks for havin me at the beach shoot yesterday.  Always fun working with you!  Hope to come to more shoots soon!

Quote from JonathanP (MM#869325)
well, that was awesome! (March 1st SM 'Vista Glamourshoot')  as a first timer... i had a blast.  you will def see me out there again.  gary, you've got something going that sets you apart from the crowd.  you provide something that no one else can come close to.  i thank you sir, for your selfless, providing position in the photography world.

Quote from Mike at Kings Media (MM#493522)
Thanks so much for the studio rental and all your setup help!  I got AMAZING images.

Quote from Dave at DFH Photography (MM#693883)
Your shoots are always well organized & loaded with talent! Love your killer locations, great MUAs & exceptional models!

Quote from Lee Phillips (MM#60731)
Gary... without question... you have got 2 be one of the top photographers in the world... WOW!

Quote from Sal Olivas (MM#549949)
I attended 3 beach minishoots last year, learned more from you and other photographers than any other group shoot.

Quote from Shelby Katz (MM#374920)
Hey Gary, your beach shoot 3 years ago was my 1st photoshoot, I owe my whole start to you.  You made it fun and with great photographers & models at the event, who made me feel comfortable and really helped me get where I am today.

Quote from Eric at EY Photography (MM#200396)
Thanks for organizing the shoot... your studio is awesome!  I will definitely shoot again sometime.

Quote from Manus Ferrea (MM#472780)
For those wondering if you should attend a Select Models event... there's nothing to wonder about... do it!  The events are always well organized, attended by the best photographers & models! The support & camaraderie are unparalleled!

Quote from Lacie Marie (MM#138609)
Gary, thank you for putting this (Dec 13 Hot Wheels Shoot) together.  Had a great time.  Quality of images were stellar!

Quote from Ed Stevenson (MM#113014)
Many have tried to duplicate what you do only to fail.  Your models always ROCK... that is why we have been coming to your events for YEARS.  They are consistently AWESOME... they attract great talent all the way around.

Quote from Ian Moore (MM#140633)
My advice to everyone... make your way out to Southern California to attend a Select Models event.  You're sure to network with great photographers, work with friendly beautiful models, talented stylists & make-up artists, and have a blast. The only thing you'll regret is that you didn't do it sooner.

Quote from Ariston (MM#821106)
Yo Gary, great shoot at Wooden Nickel Ranch!  Fantastic venue, amazing models, talented photogs, another success!

Quote from Tara Renee (MM#453785)
I had never done a group shoot before - and I have to admit, I had an amazing time!  I will FOR SURE be attending another one of Select Models group shoots, nothing but amazing things to say about everyone who attended!

Quote from Elee Photography (MM#767254)
Your Dec 13th 'Hot Wheels Supershoot' was awesome, this was my first event ever and I had a blast, great environment, great girls and overall a great learning experience.

Quote from Laura Shodire (MM#686083)
Gary... I have come to adore the Wednesday beach shoots immensely!  The models have been nothing but top of the line, with personalities to match. I have made so many friends from them, both models & photographers alike.  Your shoots are bar non excellence and a definite must on model mayhem, or anywhere for that matter.

Quote from GiovanniPhotos (MM#725333)
Gary... All I can say is that your the man.  I had a blast for it being my first group gathering.  It was a pleasure meeting such talanted photographers and beautiful Models.  Keep doing it and let me know for the next one. I surely don't want to miss it.

Quote from Lacie Marie (MM#138609)
I highly recommend Select Models events!  I've been workin with Gary for years, I love it!  Great people, fun experience.

Quote from Dave at McX (MM#695532)
Gary is one of the most selfless, generous guys out there.  He is knowledgeable, professional & personable, he's the superfly, uber-shizzle bomb.

Quote from Ron at New Digital Image (MM#196337)
Gary's got a well kept secret studio!  Anyone even thinking about checking it out, just do it!  You'll be glad you did.

Quote from Marie Spring (MM#159106):
I need to send you some love as you are the man. Your studio is awesome, lighting is perfect and the music is great.

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"I have worked with Gary on numerous occasions over the last 25+ years. Gary puts on some Amazing Photo shoots and Events. Always professional and Fun to participate and work with Gary. His Cruise Ship Shoots are legendary. I haven't been able to attend due to scheduling conflicts the last few years but am looking forward to soon. If you are a Model or Photographer ... You MUST attend one of Gary's Events !" Read less

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"Thank you, Gary, for shooting with me, It was very good experience and a lot of fun! Wish to work with you again! :)" Read less

... Read more

"Gary is very nice and considerate of his models he hires and work with. He makes sure you are taken care of and always trys to help in any way. It was very nice of him that I even hold on to a few of my lost iteams till I see him again." Read less

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"I truly loved spending the day shooting with you! I will keep you up to date the next time I come that way! Total Professional" Read less

... Read more

"Very fun to work with! I always had fun creating awesome photos with Select Models!! Great talent! I want to shoot again!" Read less

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"Gary at select models is great! He Is my day 1 photographer! He was the first to shoot me after turning 18 and he made me love modeling even more and feel confident." Read less

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Credit Notes


FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS:  To hire several models, pay for makeup artists, location fees & permits, it could easily cost you 100s or even 1000s of dollars, right?  Not so at Select Models events.  Photographer cost to attend SM shoots ranges between $40 to $80.  That pays for makeup artist, location and access to all models attending.  Only problem is, you'll be sharing everything listed above with some other photographers.  Unlike larger group shoots and photodays, photographer to model ratios at SM events will never exceed 3 to 1.  Are you tired of booking models, just to have them flake out & not show?  Have you paid for props, backgrounds & equipment, locations & transportation cost, only to find that you've been stood up by an inconsiderate model?  Like the convenience of working with several great models in the same time period?  There will be many terrific models attending the next shoot, and you are welcome to work with any and all of them.  At least 1 makeup artist will always be attending, whos services are paid for with your signup fee. 

FOR MODELS: Hoping your photographer is someone you can trust, not a creep or sex offender?  Are you afraid the location will be unsafe, or not to your liking?  We do not host all nude events. You will never be forced to pose nude against your own free will.  Want a variety of interesting & artistic images?  That's what you get by working with different photographers who have their own creative style.  Have problems getting escorts for your shoots?  You won't need one at SM shoots.  We provide security, and there is security in numbers.  Think you're worth hiring & tired of workin 'no pay' TFP shoots?  Book some paid 1 on 1's at these shoots, and we'll provide free softdrinks, munchies and makeup artist.

THE SOLUTION:  We sympathize & relate to your concerns. What we offer is an opportunity to solve these problems by organizing shoots that keep both parties happy.  Working with models & photographers in small groups, or '1 on 1' is more the rule than the exception.  These groupshoots are not for everyone, but if you're a talented photographer in SoCal looking for great models at a low cost, attending an SM photoshoot could be your most convenient & cost effective solution.  If you're a beginning or advanced model looking to shoot with quality, talented photographers, attending SM shoots could open many doors for you, also a great way to get terrific images for your MM port, while networking with many who may share your common interests.  A great way to expand your artistic horizons.  We select several great event locations each year, offering a variety of backgrounds at all locations.  We invite pro & semi-pro photographers who take their craft of image creation seriously.  Models receive free admission, free makeup application, free softdrinks and munchies, and get talented & trustworthy photographers to work with, offering different styles of images & different looks, providing variety for your portfolio.  We invite mostly So. California models, but out of state models are welcome to inquire. 

Nothing shouts 'amateur' louder in your portfolio than the same style, same backgrounds, or for photographers, many photos of only a few different models.  Take a look at my photo page and checkout the variety of images that can be captured at SM photoshoots.  The more diversity you display in your portfolio, the better your chances are for booking assignments.  We have hosted well over 400 photoshoots in the past 25+ years, in truly unique and diverse environments, with 1000s of models & photographers attending.  Our largest event had 91 models and 311 photographers (Humphries Mansion/1996).  Future events will NOT be that insane, with emphasis on quality of participants, NOT quantity. Thanks for visiting our page.  Looking forward to working with you.

Select Models Policy on Escorts & Photographer Assistants / Sorry Charlie, you're not invited!

These events are NOT '1 on 1' photographer & model shoots in a possibly questionable environment.  They are well organized and pre-planned photoshoots, with photographer to model ratios of approximately 2 to 1.  This doesn't mean you won't be working with many photographers in 1 on 1 situations, but you will be working in a secure, group environment.  If every model attending brought husbands & boyfriends, we'd be BOMBED with a population count that's too high for most of the facilities we utilize.  Most models don't want their boyfriends & husbands hanging around and flirting with anywhere from 10-40 other models.  It's not our position to babysit your escort for half the day, or allow them to interfere with the proceedings of the shoot.  In 20+ years of conducting SM events with 1000's of models attending, we have NEVER had a single model molested or raped.  I do make a few 'escort exceptions' for models who have unique circumstances, but by and large, you WILL be asked to leave the escort behind, or have them drop you off and pick you up at the end of the event. 

This same 'no invitation policy' holds true for photo assistants.  They generally end up being more of an annoyance than of any assistance, getting in the way of other photographers and all too often engaging models in idle time wasting chit-chat.  Both escorts & camera assistants have a tendency to drinkup all the drinks and eat the chips & dip, leaving little behind for those who are actually invited to the shoot.  On occasion, I have been known to assign 'Reflector Captain' duties to idle event participants, but these people MUST be willing to work diligently and harmoniously (with no pay) for 4 hours with all photographers interested in their assistance.  Models with reservations about attending without escorts are welcome to contact ANY model on my TAG page, or any model who participates in forum threads for references.

SM shoot philosophy, unlike other events, SM shoots are conducted with photographers best interest in mind.

Long before I started promoting SM photoshoots (1992), I was a photographer who attended other groupshoots, and I still do.  I attend events where I visualize a 'great bang for the buck' for participating photographers.  I will continue to attend and support other events as well as assist in promoting them.  On all future SM shoots, there will be 3 hours of 'one on one' time slots that will provide photographers with an opportunity to shoot models one on one at a rate you negotiate with the model.  This provides attending models with an opportunity to make additional income, working with select quality photographers.  Photographer signup cost for the groupshoot will be very affordable, offering quality locations and unique settings.  For the last 20 years of organizing SM photoshoots (400+ events since 1992), I have always structured these events with the photographers best interest in mind, providing them with a great bang for their buck invested.  I'm not saying that we don't appreciate the models who attend, cause we most definitely do... providing them with free admission, free softdrinks and munchies, and a makeup artist to assist with touchups.  SM shoots provide great locations, convenient props, and opportunities to capture images that will enhance your portfolio.

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