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About Me

Well, after 45 years of respectfully photographing the female, I have retired.  By that, I don't mean I have quit shooting, but now I will just shoot when inspired or, yes, bored.  If you would like to create together, please, feel free to contact me.  Also, should I contact you, it means I am truly interested in working with you, so please, have the professionalism to at least respond.  Thanks.
NO ESCORTS  You are capable of checking my references and I will check yours.  I cannot check "escort" references.  If you insist on an escort, be prepared to pay an additional $200.00 to cover my costs of hiring someone to escort your escort.  Also, if we are booked for a shoot, do not show up with a "friend" who might like to try some modeling, too.  Have your friend book a separate session. 
I am a professional and I only care to work with the same.  Thanks for your understanding.

Well, it has finally happened.  I am now pretty much retired, but will, on occasion, pick up a camera when inspired or greatly bored.  Models, if you are at all interested, who knows, we could create a masterpiece!

I am not interested in nature, I am interested in YOUR nature.

Credit Notes

Models I have worked with and enjoyed doing so (asterisk denotes multiple shoots):

Kirsten Page MM#2636079  Very professional.  Talented and creative.  Would enjoy working with Kirsten again.

Gabrielle Romanello MM#3407309  A beautiful, talented and extremely professional model.  Although I am mostly retired, I would love the opportunity to shoot with her again and hightly recommend her to any photographer.

Harley Rosalie*  MM#881764  What an absolute treat!  Harley is just perfect!

Jillian V MM#228986*  Jill is a true pro.  We have worked together multiple times and will work together more in the future.  I highly recommend this talent for your modeling needs!

Sessey MM#1407814*  Sessey is a terrific, fun and smart young lady with experience and a very natural posing style.  She is easy to work with and very quick to grasp a shooting concept.  I'm sure we'll be working together more in the near future.

Jessica is Nude MM#2022949* Jessica and I worked together just over 5 years ago and had sorta lost touch, as she had moved around the country.  She answered a casting call and it turns out she lives one street over.  It was great shooting with this pro again and I can definitely recomment her to any photographer looking for a petit, lovely lady to shoot.

Paige Fitzgerald MM#2279645*  Paige was an absolute real find!  Trained in ballet, her grace and style are so effortless and natural that the images literally flow from one to the next.  She is young, lovely, talented and should have a great future in modeling, dancing and anything else she sets her mind to.  I hope to have the opportunity to work with her more before I retire.

Kara St MM#1177629*  Kara is a wonderful mature model who brings an attitude and style to a shoot that is very refreshing!  She graciously worked with me on my upcoming book, "Ageless Beauty, Vol III.  If you need a mature model with style and class, give her a shot!

Meg b White MM#2097858*  Although relatively new to modeling, Meg has an excellent work ethic, shows up on time and ready to work.  She takes direction well, but also can take an idea and develop it on her own.  She is a pleasure to work with and I look forward to more shoots with her in the near future!

Tibby Muldoon MM#765287*  A wonderful model and person.  I am already looking forward to our next shoot.  Highly professional and also extremely fun to work with.  I highly recommend this model.  She's a world traveler, so be sure and catch her when you can! 

Gabbie Jane MM#1676849*  I was most impressed by the beauty and style of this model, but even more than that, her commitment to getting the shoot done was above and beyond all my expectations.  I hope to work with her many times again.

Samantha010788* MM#1465513 Very professional, on time and a pleasure to work with.  Looking forward to shooting with her again, soon!

Ariel Langager*  MM#1534346  A very impressive and highly professional model.  She'll be a wonderful muse for someone, someday.  I would work with this lady every chance I had.  Now, after numerous shoots, I must say, her style, class, attitude and overall look have me hooked on shooting Ariel.

Mari Carlopoli* MM#1058880 Wow!  A young yet very creative model.  Poses extremely well and creatively with very little direction.  Very professional attitude and qualities, plus a classic look.

Riley Girl Rox MM#149403 In spite of a conflict between our shoot and some other business problems she had, she made our appointment, ready, willing and more than able to shoot.  I look forward to working with her again, soon.

Tirrza Thompson MM#1389741*  A very productive first shoot.  I hope to have many more, as I sense a lot of potential projects.

Renai Holidai MM#1039451 This lovely young lady is always busy and extremely focused.  If you can work out the timing to shoot with her, it is worth it.  I look forward to the chance to work with her again!

Ashley Fennell MM#1295905  At Ashley's first "real" shoot, I was totally amazed at how quickly her nervousness vanished.  She very quickly fell into a nice posing rhythm.  She is a lovely, interesting and very photogenic young model! 

Nicole Balamut * MM#1149771  Working with Nicole, a relative newcomer, was such a pleasant surprise and wonderful experience.  I am sure we'll be collaborating often in the future.  I really like her attitude!

Brandi Bottoms* MM#1037281 Everytime I have worked with this wonderful model, she has delivered exactly what I was looking for.  Excellent model.

ModelMelissa* MM#1044019  Melissa is an experienced and professional model with an attitude and style that is fresh and inspiring.

1femlady MM#172627 A lovely lady, professional and yet fun to work with.  Her smile is infectious, but all you can catch from it is a smile.  I'm still smiling.

Sin City Model MM#1020621 Punctual and professional.  I truly appreciate her willingness to go with the flow of the shoot.  She's willing to listen to your creative ideas.  Photographs beautifully!  I do hope we have the opportunity to work together again, and often!

Starie* MM#699298 A wonderful, professional, ontime model who can take the concept of the shoot and run with it.  I most highly recommend this talented young lady to any photographer who is talented enough to try and keep up with her!  I know I'll be working with her again.

Daniela Kenzie * MM#193427
Professional, fun, lovely, and talented.  She is quick to grasp the concept of the shoot and deliver exactly the poses you need.  A true pleasure to work with, not a hint of the diva drama queen type.  We WILL be working together on more projects in the future.

Elite Beauty_20 MM#1097831
Her positive and professional attitude is so nice to find in a relative newcomer to the industry.  She has a wonderful look and style that are so naturally refreshing.  I highly recommend her and sincerely hope I get to work with her again, soon!

Natali Laroux * MM#463290
A true professional,  called to confirm, showed up on time and ready to shoot.  Natali is also creative, clever and fun to work with.  I really hope we have an opportunity to work together again.

GroovaciousK MM#557134
Impressive!  I was the first photographer to catch her on her trip back east, and while she had quite a drive to get here, she was ready to shoot at our agreed time.  She is "Muse" material. 

Model Mel MM#110458
A real pro.  Shows up on time, ready to work, excellent attitude and a genuinely interesting person.  She has my highest recommendation.  I look forward to collaborating with her on projects in the future!

Misty Vicious MM#1078109
A very nice young lady to have worked with.  She is also very new, but I see so much potential here.    She has a lovely style and a very natural camera presence. 

Kayla Jade Foster* MM#1041805
A very fine model and a wonderful person.  It is so nice to meet an individual who not only has both qualities, but is able to combine them into what makes a great shoot.  This is a good lady!

Sabrina Lee MM*682707
A lovely young lady who's modeling talents, while awesome, may soon be overtaken by her photographic abilities.  She is great on both sides of the camera.  She's an absolute pleasure to work with!

Mandy Anderson* MM#902505
What can I possibly say.  Twenty minutes into our shoot, I felt like we had worked together many times before.  She is a professional, timely and prepared.  Mandy works well with and without direction.  I will miss shooting with her when she returns to school. 

Kelsey Sheehan MM#891537
It was early in her modeling efforts for our first shoot, but I saw so much potential in this very lovely young lady.  Fun to work with and extremely photogenic.  I hope we get to work together again and often!

Katie Damron MM#807449
Wonderful!  She can and will adapt to whatever situation arises, and I can attest that this lady is a real pro!  I really look forward to working with her again!

Cindy Lee* MM#730579
An extremely pleasant person and very easy to work with.  I look forward to collaborating with her on many projects in the future.

Heather Vegas* MM#37478
She said: "Thanks again for shooting Samiya, Kenya, and I! It was very fun I'm already dreaming up what the images will look like! Any models reading this... definately consider setting up a shoot with this photographer!!!

Samiya MM#478327
She said: "Yes, we had so much fun shooting today!! You are TALENTED, NICE and PATIENT smile!"

Jessica Dawn W. #492128
An absolute sweetie.  Keep her in mind, photogs.  A a real pleasure to work with.

Shanice Nicole MM#522513
Wonderful to work with! 

Samantha Ashhadi* MM#568965
A wonderful lady to shoot.  Prompt, professional and has a great sense of presence and detail.  Photographers, keep an eye on her!

Julene Legg* MM#682499
A real natural talent!

Callie Lace* MM#669026
A lot of potential here and a wonderful lady to work with.

Laveeta Evans MM#2501
A very prepared, punctual and professional lady.  Really great to work with!

CrazyBeautifulSurf_Grl * MM# 627522
An very enjoyable lady to work with.  She has style, class and can hold a pose beautifully.  Photographers, this young lady is the real thing!

Susie Todd MM#709678
A very friendly and kind woman, with a twinkle in her eye and her mind.  Very enjoyable to work with, prepared, prompt and shows up to shoot. 

Bodhisattva  MM#47848
A beautiful young lady, obviously on the outside, but also on the inside.  A real pro, too.  After a very short time, I had the feeling we had worked together dozens of times.  That's the mark of not only a great model, but a great person!.

Zoey915 MM#805791
An absoulutely great shoot.  She is ready, willing and able to be photographed.  Her drive, ambition and maturity are all very positive assets.  Zoey is not only great to work with, she is also a nice person to have in your presence. 

T Dreams* MM#765422
A real pro.  Very pleasant to work with and an awesome style.  If you need a mature model, she is definitely one to contact!

KP the Model MM#472536
Great energy and wonderful to work with.  Her ease in front of the camera is a great asset.  Takes direction extremely well and also can help out with her own ideas. 

S Jackson MM# 833657
One very classy young lady!  I was actually shooting a friend of hers and suggested she join in the fun.  She had never posed with a photographer before and the ease with which she slipped into the role of a model was amazing.  I really look forward to watching her develop in this industry. 

Jazzy Diva MM#803615
An absolutely wonderful person!  Warm, honest, sincere, fun and very importantly, on time and professional.  Unless you're a complete jerk, she will win you over within minutes of meeting her. 

Bailey Steckler MM#844828
Very impressive style and look.  Her camera presence and her commitment are fabulous.  I look forward to working with this new talent again!

Champagne Andrecia R MM#786504
Absoulutely mature beyond her years.  She is a lovely young lady on many levels.  Photographers, keep her in mind when the right shoot comes up.  Very professional, timely and a pleasure to work with.

Sarah Jane83 MM#665446
I have to work with this model again!  I am still visualizing ways to capture her wonderful look and great sense of style.  I know there are a lot of great pics in her future, and I hope I am able to capture some of them! 

Dena Anne*  MM#660104
Just when you think you have run out of superlatives, a really wonderful lady steps in front of your camera..Dena Anne is that woman!  Her energy level and positive attitude just make you go to the next level!  Hopefully, we will have the opportunity to work together again!

Debra Jean MM#389465
I met this wonderful lady through Dena Anne, and I must say, she is not only a classic beauty, she has the ability to make something special happen in a picture.  She can find a prop, and with her acting ability, completely change the direction of a photo shoot.  Very impressive.

I look forward to working with all of these lovely ladies again.

I would love to give more of you lovely ladies some credits.  Please contact me.