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RIP - Jack Moses - (5-30-2013)

Recent-ish work! - Leila Lewis - Sheila J - 18+ - Roarie-yum - 18+ - Roarie-yum - Independent Heart - Christine Davenport - Christine Davenport - Vassanta - 18+ - Vassanta - 18+ - Kup Von Cake - Karime - Adaire B. - MKBlondie - MKBlondie

Let's start this out with a dash of humor to get a smile on your face!...

Mamma said, life is like a box camera, you take a bunch of pictures and find out later what you got. Ha!!

Stop flashion me!

Lenses are like potato chips! You can't have just one!!

You only live once! Make sure you look as good as you can when you run around naked!  Besides... it makes the paparazzi's job more difficult when they have to keep up with you!

No.. I am not the paparazzi! Gosh!!  I can't run... Models are freaking fast!!! LOL

Yes... I love to joke around!

Here is an old photo of my family. Yes, I need a new one that includes my daughter! Thanks!! Now I have to hear it from you too?? He he!

Fine... Here's a new(er) one.  If there was a newest photo, it would just show my daughter borrowing all of my hair. Ha! I shaved my head to help my hair finish falling out. LOL - Photo coming soonish!



OK... about me or about working with me...

Fun out shooting in Chicago...

*  I no longer allow non industry escorts to be on our shoots due to a theft situation. I am bummed about this, because I have had some great chats with friends of models!  So... please feel free to check any of my references. If you are not checking references 100% of the time then you need to think about what your Momma would say to you!  If that didn't help, then think about what your Father would say to you. Ha!

Back to the happy stuff! - I am a super loving husband and father. We have three AWESOME children. They all rule my world!

Photography is my second full time job!  My first is raising my three children. - Sleep is for sissies! 

I am an artoleptic!  It is so much better than a narcoleptic.

My TF* is very limited right now due to work family balance. The right amount of money always makes my calendar do magic tricks unless I am booked! He he!!!

I cover all types of photography and I care very much about doing a badass job. I love being an artistic jack of all trades when I approach shooting each model. 

I have loved art and guitars from the first moments I can recall.  However, I more than love photography, anyone that knows me can tell you that!  I was probably about 13 or 14 years old when I picked up my first SLR.  My dear friend Jack Moses sparked the interest in me. He was a very talented World War Two photographer. He was also like a father/grandfather/best friend to me...  more on Jack below...

There are very few places that I go to without my camera. I enjoy working with people from all over. I like being silly, having fun, and trying new things. I am very easy to work with, and I believe in setting good boundaries to keep everyone comfortable. I will never trade this line of work for any other.

Random facts... I practice the hell out of the guitar, but I don't know how to play at all.
I have ADD like a MoThEr, it's a curse and blessing all at once! Ha!!

I try my best to take photos to WOW the current you and the old you.

I have had a blast working with many of the people here on Model Mayhem. I can't wait to see who I work with next!
I wish the best of luck to you all.

Thanks so much for your time!

Josh Thatcher


This is Jack Moses.

Jack is the person that got me into photography when I was just a teenager. He loved that I brought him photos from all of my recent shoots. He was a very talented and skilled photographer. Unfortunately he had lost most of his work to an arsonist. I just hope that it brought him great joy to see what he has passed on. Wow, you should hear the amazing life stories this man told. They are  the kind of stories that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

The second (sepia) photo was taken on 8-10-2009 - I thought there was no way Jack would make it this long, but the VA hospital had taken very good care of him.


These photos were taken on March 21, 2010. I got a call saying that Jack was in ICU on the 20th of March. We were at a baby shower in Houston. My wife and I left immediately to go and see him. They didn't think he was going to make it through the night. We left from Houston at 10pm and got to Little Rock at about 5am. It was so sad to see him like this. When Jack first realized who we were, I thought he was going to have a heart attack. All these machines started going crazy and he looked like he was in a panic. He could not say anything and it was making him so angry. They had to strap him down to keep him from pulling out his life support. We stayed in Little Rock until they were able to take him back off life support. I just hope that when I am in his position, I am not alone. Once he was able to talk to us, he told us how much it meant to him to see us. I want to have more time with him, but I know he does not have much time left. Keep Jack in your thoughts.


(( Jack passed away on 5-30-2013 at 2:50pm. I am very sad! I had a Texas trip coming up and had planned on going out to see him for a day to catch up and have some face time with him. Talking on the phone was never quite good enough. I knew his time was coming and I am happy that he made it this long. I guess we always want more time with our loved ones. Thank you all for keeping him in your thoughts. I will sure miss him more than words can say. He played such a major role in my life. - Thank you Jack! ))

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"We had an amazing shoot: so many images I absolutely love, and Josh is a total pro, and a ton of fun! Definitely recommend to other models/clients. :)" Read less

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"Wonderful photographer!! I love his angles, and attention to detail. I felt very comfortable working together; and he gets photos back quickly. I highly recommend models to work with him. I look forward to our next shoot!" Read less

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"AMAZING PHOTOGRAPHER!!!! He pays such great attention to details, framing, angles, enviorment, lighting, mood. He's great at giving directions when needed which is amazing! Would work with him again in the future!!!!" Read less

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"I had a blast working with Thacther Photography ! His eye for composition are unmatched . He knows exactly what he's looking for in a shoot . He's extremely professional and easy to work with ." Read less

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"Amazing Photographer! Professional and Precise, goes above and beyond to get the right capture. We got so many good shots, I'm impressed. I hope to work with him again someday. Highly Recommended!" Read less

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J Morrison - Mayhem #581177

Misty_08 - Mayhem #568010

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MUA that I have worked with..

LaurieLandMakeup - Mayhem # 3807482

tbennett - Mayhem # 3783756

Connie Downs - Mayhem # 2677028

Perris Cartwright - Mayhem #2784185

Eye Con - Mayhem #713104

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Brad Overcash - Mayhem #540031

Makeup by Mandy Murray - Mayhem #684866

Makeup by Vetty - Mayhem #685117

Deucyz Make-Up Mayhem #640821


Wardrobe Stylist that I have worked with..

Decadent Livia - Mayhem #811059

Style by Michelle Evans - Mayhem #1967593

MegYen Styling - Mayhem #1014405

KETSANAM Designs - Mayhem #798159

Vlashay Couture - Mayhem #555563

House of AlonDria - Mayhem #724809

Krista Ketnourath - Mayhem #688888


Hair Stylist I have worked with...

LaToniaM-Hair - Mayhem #1083623

Amanda Starr Lombardi - Mayhem #1484165

Kellen the hairstylist - Mayhem #1097491

Hair Design by Tai - Mayhem #1309660

MegYen Beauty - Mayhem #3571

Cartel Pink - Mayhem #761494


If you made it this far I bet your scrolling fingers are tired... your half off code is - 1234


Take breaks to laugh!

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