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Model Female Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US My MM URL:
Mayhem # 1048355

About Me

*Please READ ALL of my profile before contacting me..

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"ART does not need humans at all to exist..."

Sporting [natural looking] dreadlocks in various bold shades of auburns, wines & purples with platinum accents, down to my rear, shaved into a hawk.
Acey Slade rocks my locks.

I am a full time tattoo artist, that is how i make my living:
NYC, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Baltimore & Delaware
i also frequent Los Angeles & New England
i no longer post my tour dates here, please pm for availability, serious inquiries only.
i am your

Feisty Pink Heavily Tattooed Soft Female Kamikaze Creature
Interested in working with those whose work compares to, or exceeds the quality of work already in my portfolio. I am in no need for "port updates" trade, i have my own team for that..
-i will never turn down anything that challenges my ability as a model.

Travel(USA):: I often take my show on the road,
the distance of my travel will depend on the assignment, location, and/or compensation.

International:: I have a passport for international travel.

Paid:: My rates are reasonable. I can also be bribed with Jefferey Campbell shoes.

TF:: I still shoot TF assuming you have a concept that will blow me away. I shoot content trade for Zivity, or lots of other lovely things like tearsheets, taxidermy, & wardrobe

Designers:: Always looking to collaborate with amazing designers.
However i am no longer interested in shooting latex.

NO!:: bondage, foot fetish, tickle videos, alternative paysites, "bra & pantie set/bikini on a backdrop", or spread shots. Just because because i'm comfortable with my body doesnt mean in interested in letting you photograph all of it..

References:: Feel free to contact anyone on my credits list for a reference.
"Dryad" painting inspired by the modeling work of Alexandra Fische, painted by Leif Olsen

My Body Modifications Include::
-full color traditional japanese water/koii sleeve [right arm]
-greyscale japanese portraits sleeve [left arm]
-script chest piece "Liebe Erobert Alle" ["Love Conquers All"]
-small black star outline [right hand]
-three bats [left side of neck]
-script "H2Ocean" [back of neck]
-skull&&rose piece [lower stomach]
-script "Sevas" && "Tra" ["Art Saves"] [back top of thighs]
-"Lil Bones" greyscale portrait [left foot]
-full color skull&&rose collaborations [each calve]
-"KAMIKAZE" knuckles, pink script
-post apocalyptic "my lil pony' [left thigh]
-pagan star [left ear]
-fuchsia upside down cross [left ear]
-demon skull coverup[right thigh]
-cherry blossoms [nipples/areolas]
-TokiDoki Diamonds [second row knuckles, left hand]
-"Jello Kitty" pink hello kitty jello mold [left thigh]
-pink tentacle filigree & black star stipple [right sidehead/face]
-13 [left hand]
-Lucky Chinacat SatanSphinx [right inner thigh]
-"Astro Creep" toe knuckles
-baby baphomet [left thigh]
-religious icons [second row knuckles, right hand]
-negative space alchemic symbol for sulfur inverted [sternum]
-ten various piercings, including size 0 plugs[ears]
-both nostrils
-both nipples [retired]
-forward helix [left ear]
*i do not remove any of my piercings other than my septum.

Additional Skills::
-i generally do my own hair & makeup, but am not opposed to working with licensed professionals.
-i sew like a spider. i design & create the majotiry of my wardrobe & jewelry for my conceptualized shoots.
-disco! i  am available for hire as a go go. my experience ranges in clubs, events, high profile parties, and stage performances.
i have several years of ballet & jazz experience as well as pole dancing.
-i am small and compact. [i fit in small places] i am incredible flexible [double jointed in weird places, former gymnast & cheerleader]
-run way modeling [and all other stage work]
- event planner - projects, workshops, events.
-visual arts since birth (sculpting, sketching, painting, etc..)
-certified bartender
-professional tattoo artist
Immortalized on my dear friend Chuck Maher's leg.
Photo Reference by Corwin Prescott.
Tattoo by yours truly.


-H2Ocean Promotional Model [as of 2007].
-Bizarre Magazine Ultra Vixen.
-MachineKUNT record label promotional model.

some of my lovely photographer friends ive shot with::
-Lithium Picnic - MM#581
-MojoKiss - MM#40972
-Corwin Prescott - MM#285248
-Steve Prue - MM#311
-Blind 7 - MM#371430
-Jeff Cohn - MM#98
-S. Jenx - MM#3873
-Jerry Bennett - MM#1374
-The Photography of J. Isobel De Lisle - MM#168006
-Laura Dark Photography - MM#2333
-NoiseNest - MM##1540300
-EPO - MM#460931
-Brosius Photography - MM##378707
-Krazy Spoons - MM#389551
-F.Benveniste - MM#369286 [of France]
-PK Brazil - MM#209837
-Dorado Inc - MM#642939
-Marc Mauro - MM#691
-StudioCMC - MM#300105
-StudioCMC II - MM#729531
-Creative Lens Photo - MM#453220
-eLizbiz photography - MM#678429
-Hannah K - MM#1587428
-JohnnyB - MM#119618
-Alice Marie - MM#543182
-KaoS GRaFFiX - MM#55999
-S A Y E R Photography - MM#106343
-Studio206 - MM#148598
-Dastardly Dave - MM#105703
-Michael Heartless - MM#1320025
-Barrie Blau -MM#1041706
-Glen Tuttle - MM#10302
-Reagan Lam - MM#1195713
-S+S - MM#275631
-Dead Clown Studios - MM#1272244
-Jason Hyde - MM#9594
-Joe Shoots Me - MM#236870
-Jaymo Photography - MM#823765
-Tiffany Webber Photography - MM#1094433
-Visual Distress - MM#510136
-Arsine - MM#90039
-Ivan Hicks Photography -MM#618549
-Arvin Alston - MM#294864
-Simmone Von Sydney - MM#1172459
-Mandurphy - MM#660459
-Ken Norcross - MM#54061
-Timothy P Hines - MM#667692
-Poison Applez Inc - MM#550645
-Naked Glory - MM#792005
-Steven Douglas - MM#553840
-Stiver Photography - MM#830509
-Carbon Decay -MM#1246579
-Stephen Markman -MM#715594
-Ds Photography -MM#849794
-Gair Wissenbach -MM#861697
-NN Star Photography -MM#610764
-Fine Art Portraiture/Eric Gray - MM#356177
-Angel Rift Photography - MM#15399
-Abandoned Graphics - MM#522715
-"Spike" Stephen Kilmer Photography
-Printz Photography - OMP ID #199895
-Optimism Photography [Adam Ramirez] - MM#350667
-Mariela Georgieva
-David Frei
-Bryan Pascual
-Weintraub Photography - MM#866342
-Violet Skye Images - MM#133014
-Contamination Dolls - MM#887309
-Jeff Wickliffe
-Ju'see - MM#1020300
-Laura Keen Photography - MM#1272878
-John Treichler - MM#594857
-Johnathan "MisterVibe"
-Maura_ - MM#410938
-SCC Photography - MM#1169267
-Madame Black Photography - MM#902565
-d james dee - MM##262757
-Glamour1Studio - MM#187819
-Moore Photo Graphix - MM#240549
-JoshuaDavisPhotography - MM#327007
-Smile Sourire Sonreir - MM#327007
-13th Floor Photo - MM#747904
-Abraham Friedman - MM#1268035
-PhotoInspirations - MM#606338
-TJ Morgan Photography
-TM Photography [Ted Masters]
-Siabhan Downs
-Ed Lee
-Steve Fabry - MM#818409
-Cultured Pearls - MM#492558
-RedLite Photography
-GWR Productions - MM#140814
-Mike Pierce - MM#331792
-Alex Somma MM#828144
-Kevin Convery
-Kelvin zlochevsky - MM#1454555
-Driven By Boredom - MM#627616
-Farley Zoober - MM#1209379
-VSD Photography - MM#1828661
-RudeBoy Photography - MM#1347881

Photoshop Wizards::
-P A P A R A Z Z I - MM#890552

-"Goliath" -latex book
-"Beauty In Darkness"
By Laura Dark
-"Dirty Little Deeds"
By j. isobel de lisle
By Griticityinc
-Too Fast Clothing Spring/Summer '09 catalog
-various H2Ocean advertising.
-Laura Dark's Business Card
-Reagan Lam's Business Card
-Too Fast Clothing Fall/Winter '10 catalog

i do not do adult videos, however, you might catch me on MTV in a few music videos.. or in my friends bands tour videos smile...
-Job For A Cowboy- "Regurgitated Disinformation" Music Video.
from the album "Ruination"
[soon to be released]
-"Unfurling A Darkened Gospel" - Job For A Cowboy. 

-TraumaDeville&&SoreEyes Killers Never Die Tour
Week 3 Tour Video

-Ruina tour 2009 Imperative Reaction/Pysclon9 tour videos.

-stop motion filmography by Gair Wissenbach MM#861697 featuring Manzin MM##314564 + myself.
-Philadelphia Channel 3 CBS News March 29, 2010 12:03am E.T
"Body Art On Display At Tattoo Arts Convention"
-East Coast Ink Magazine - photography by SAYER - MM#106343
-Bizarre Magazine - Issue #158 February 2010 [full page in Ultra Vixens Section]
-WWS Magazine Model Feature/Interview [released April 18, 2010]
-Alt Noir Magazine -COVER and Model Interview- Spring/Summer Issue July 2010
-Urban Ink -Issue 53 page 28 [June 2010]
-Rebel Ink - page 33 shot by Steve Prue [September 2010]
-Goodies Magazine Full Model Feature & Interview[release October 2010]
-Synthetic Sensations Magazine - COVER - Feature/Interview [June 2010]
-AP Magazine - Too Fast Clothing ad. pg 152 - 25th Anniversary Issue [August 2010]
-Tattoos For Women Magazine Issue #96 -Too Fast Clothing Ad pg 56, pg 58
-Bizarre Magazine Issue #166 [September 2010] page 90 "London Edge Central"
-Alt Noir Magazine - Summer/Fall Issue #8 ~ artist feature, interview, makeup feature [Dec 2010]
-The Petite Alternative ~ COVER, spread & interview [Jan 2011]
-Dark Beauty Magazine "love sucks" [Feb/March 2011] issue ~ model feature
-Senza Respiro Magazine Vol.1 No.1 Premier Issue ~fine artist feature
-Sublime Rush [details soon]
-Alt Noir Magazine ~ Issue 9 - Designer feature for Baby Loves Latex & Itzy Bitzy Hats
-Skin & Ink Magazine - Philly tattoo convention
-Tattoo Revue *COVER* & spread [Issue #156]
-Skin & Ink Magazine [pg 56] -Baltimore tattoo convention
-Rebel Ink Magazine - Hank3 Feature Sept/Oct 2012 Issue
-Too Fast Clothing Immediate 2011 catalog *COVER*
-Too Fast Clothing Fall/Winter 20011 catalog *COVER* & just about every page
-BelleMorte Magazine ~Just Latex Edition [Sept 2011] Alloy Latex feature
-Gorgeous Freaks Magazine ~ Issue 6 April 2012 *COVER* Interview, spread, & Alloy Latex Feature
-Savage *COVER* & artist feature [release TBA]
-TATTOO [release TBA]
-Too Fast Clothing Spring/Summer 2012 catalog *COVER*
-Filigree - Issue4 Fall/Winter 2012 - Pink&Ink artist feature
-Tattoo'd LifeStyle *Limited Edition Issue*
-Urban Ink Magazine - Jan2013 Issue [BlackMan] #29 pg 47[United Ink Convention]
-Skin&Ink Magazine - March2013 Issue #142 [United Ink Convention]
-Alt Life Magazine [Greece] Jan2013 *COVER*
-Tattoos For Women - Feb2013 *Artist Feature & spread*
-Lollipop Magazine - feature model
Clothing Lines/Designers::
   -Eric Aswang - MM#543552
   -Delicious Corsets -MM#70657
   -Too Fast Clothing [online catalog] -
   -SourPuss Clothing
   -Heartless Revival MM#1579469 [runway]
   -HellBunny UK
   -Paper Doll Productions [catalog]
   -Switchblade Stiletto [catalog]
   -Tripp NYC [fcatalog]
   -Lip Service [runway] [&catalog]
   -Cyberdog [runway]
   -Sibyl Vain Clothing - MM#1089472
   -Candy Rock Couture - MM#1188251
   -The Corset Girl - MM#1526830
   -Madame Corzettes
   -Breakin Chains - MM#1914638
   -Shitsville Clothing [Italy] - MM#1695257
   -Facing Costumes [steampunk]
   -Swollen Skateboards - [clothes, skate decks, etc..]
   -Filthy Brand Clothing -
   -F I V E Clothing. -
   -Fische Couture
   -various band merch.
   -Ego Assassin
   -Spiral Stitching - MM#440525
   -Latex Nemesis - MM#588031
   -Crash Trash Designs MM#1570190
   -ALLOY Latex -MM#741442
   -Martha Rotten
   -Velvet Volcano
   -Savagery Art and Clothing [Etsy]
   -Hyde's Vice
   -Mary Anna Fetterman [etsy]
   -Pretty Poison
   -BrokenBrainz by Eric X [custom fetish gas masks, respirators, && goggles]
   -Deanna Danger Designs - MM#1257835
   -Itzy Bitzys Hats - MM#1109634
   -Hypoxia Creations - MM#2354155
Just A Few Events Ive Been A Part Of::
-Candy-Rock Couture & Too Fast Shoe's: Dream Dollz in CandyLand fashion show @ Pink Elephant NYC April 2013
-Los Angeles Fetish Film Festival Oct 2012 runway for Eirik Aswang
-Candy Rock Couture Runway Show @ Hotel Empire NYC April 2012
-Philadelphia Tattoo Convention Feb2012 [717 & H2Ocean Promotional Model]
-Group Workshop @ Sopha in Manchester, New Hampshire [Jan20/12] w/Vika Nox
-Reflections Benefit 2011 [grand finale runway model & painter for art gallery]
-Annual HalfTime Wet Tshirt Contest @ Cheerleaders Philadelphia Oct3,2011 [WINNER]
-"The Devils Double" Movie Premier Event July2011 [Cheerleaders Promotional Model]
-Baltimore Tattoo Convention April2011 [Promotional Model]
-Philadelphia Tattoo Convention Feb2011 [H2Ocean Promotional Model]
-Diabolique Fetish Ball Nov 2010 [runway model]
-"Pleasure Me" Halloween Event @ Pole By Patricia [bartender, promotion]
-Reflections Benefit 2010 [runway model, clothing designer, painter for art gallery]
-"Pleasure Me" @ Pole By Patricia [living fruit display]
-Latex Nemesis Runway Show May 2010 at QXTs
-NYC Tattoo Convention May 2010 [H2Ocean Promotional Model]
-Philadelphia Tattoo Convention March 2010 [H2Ocean Promotional Model]
-NO H8 Campaign
-Sly Horse Studios Meet&&Greet [feature model]
-Desire Nightlife [fetish event performer]
-Reflections Benefit 2009 [runway model]
-Obscura April 2009 [assisting the Rigor Mortis Revue]
-SnapM! March 2009
-Philadelphia Tattoo Convention February-March 2009 [H2Ocean Promotional Model]
-Libertine Ball August 2009 [runway model]
-various runway shows
-Bizr Entertainment -
-Studio 206 @ Kulture Sh0ck - MM##148598
-TeamRonin @ Paul Booth's Last Rites
[gogo dancer && runway model] -
-TeamRonin Last Rites 20th Anniversary gallery and gogo dancers page

MUAS Ive Used::
-Under Blue Lights MM#2106301
-Making Faces Pro MM#853658
-Designs By LJ MM#322
-In The Dark Designs MM#487454
-Nuke Cosmetics MM#852107
-Gray Artistry MM#1149014
-Mascaraid MM#443421
-Anatomy FX MM#17031
-Brad Janney MM#1275256
-Keith Stewart
-Cherrie Edwards
-Liquid Vicious MM#1239897
-Dr. Spookenstein MM#650938
-Sammie Sixx MM#686251
-Nicole Gevirtz MM##1350901

Hairstylists Ive Used::
-ShearTerrorHairDesigns MM#555155
-Gray Artistry MM#1149014
-Brad Janney MM#1275256
-Keith Stewart
-Cherrie Edwards
-Acey Scissorhands
-Updo Lily MM#1774451
-Nicole Gevirtz MM##1350901

My Darling Model Friends Ive Shot With::[shortened list]
-Perish MM#1262
-Hank3 [for Rebel Ink Magazine]
-Abbey Nex / Filip Abbey [of Genitorturers, Combichrist, Pysclon9] MM#1411464
-Manzin MM#314564
-Porphyria MM#1478
-Sascha B [of 62 Degrees L attitude]
-Santino Campanelli [of Scarlet Carson] MM#46813
-Dorian White MM#1303724
-Key MM#22830
-SailorMary MM#1926186
-Asphyxia MM#558864
-Megan Massacre MM##362734 [too fast clothing catalog]
-Paige Hawk MM#60282
-Steph Vicious MM#81086
-Kat Kalashnikov MM#474712
-Lily Lisa MM#359835
-Rika La Rogue MM#502468
-LizBiz -MM#318799
-Vika/Nox MM#385080
-Rebecca Marchand MM#1079885
-Jordan Supernavage MM#1338212
-Sammie Sixx MM#686251
-MissyStarr MM#489440
-Alien Baby #825693
-Mandi Malfunction MM#871184
-Poison MM#1116591

Models Ive Done Hair && or Makeup For::
-Filip Abbey#1411464
-Rachie Tartz #125284
-Dorian White#1303724
-Rebecca Marchand #1079885


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