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(15) Portfolio
US (lbs/inches)
Metric (kg/cms.)
Height: 5' 3"
Weight: 130 lbs
Bust: 36"
Waist: 27"
Hips: 36"
Cup: C
Dress: 8
Shoe: 8.0
Hair color: Brown
Hair length: Short
Eye color: Hazel
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Skin color: White
Shoot nudes: No
Tattoos: Some
Piercings: Some
Experience: Very Experienced
Compensation: Depends on Assignment
Genres: Acting
Fit Modeling
Parts Modeling
Promotional Modeling

Last activity: Aug 17, 2014
Joined: Jul 10, 2010

Lindsay Lavender

22 years old
Seattle, Washington, US
Facebook Modeling Fanpage

Mayhem #1757748

MM URL: http://www.modelmayhem.com/LindsayMcCoy

About me
♥♥♥Check out my facebook modeling fan page♥♥♥

♥♥♥Check out my photo retouching account♥♥♥

❤I am TFP/TFCD friendly for anyone who's local! However, provided that I am focusing on school right now and don't have a job, I would kindly appreciate gas money and/or funding for new clothes. It's not required, but anything helps.

❤Locations: These are the main locations I can shoot at because I have places to stay nearby. Unless it's in the Seattle, I would really appreciate help with gas money, especially to any Eastern Washington locations. For any location outside of Washington state, I require serious funding for travel expenses.

Seattle (Primary Location)
Olympia (Primary Location)
Surrounding cities of these locations

❤I'm a renaissance woman. Out of necessity and lack of finances I generally do all of my own makeup, hair, outfits, props, and photo editing. Most of the amazing work you see in my portfolio is the result of these combined skills. Therefore I only work with people on a TF or compensated basis.
❤I am a RELIABLE model with a strong goal of professionalism and reputation. I plan ahead, mark my calendar, get directions and show up on time. If there's ever a circumstance beside an actual emergency, I ALWAYS call and keep everyone informed. I respond to any message I get here on MM, my phone, or in my e-mail.
❤Please don't send me messages if you don't plan on responding to them. People who randomly disappear from MM after messaging back and forth for a while bugs me the most! Flaky people drive me nuts.
❤I am originally a computer graphic artist, but over the years I have become more interdisciplinary. I was introduced to modeling by one of my good friends, and since then I have thrived in the world of modeling. At this point I consider myself very experienced. I am not afraid of the camera, I am not afraid to try daring new poses, I am not shy, and it doesn't take me long to warm up. Feel free to take a look at my art portfolio and be sure to like my page: http://www.facebook.com/LindsayMcCoyArtist
❤ I have school and work, I am a very busy person. Planning ahead with me is CRITICAL.
❤ I do not participate in full nude photography. I am NOT a swimsuit model looking for a chance to show off my body, pop out my breasts, or spread my legs. If that's the kind of photography you do, then I suggest you look elsewhere.
❤ I am a "busty" model, so I ask that you be willing to work with my body type. I am not skinny, nor am I fat, just healthy.
❤ I have a VERY large clothing/jewelry inventory, but I'm always open to wearing other clothing pieces and jewelry/accessories. I am also willing to buy new clothes if you are able to help me with the funding.
❤ If you live far away (this means at least half an hour driving distance or longer), I would appreciate help with gas money (I'm a broke college kid haha). I am always willing to do photo shoots with any photographer willing to travel to my area too. Photo shoots out of state, as previously mentioned, requires serious serious funding for travel expenses.
❤ I have 9 years of experience using Photoshop and love to edit my photos. I love being provided with RAW photo files whenever possible.
❤I have one tattoo on my left shoulder. It's high enough that most T-shirts cover it up. My piercings only include my ears, consisting of two ear lobe piercings.

-----------------------------Ideas for photo shoots:

♥Cupcakes and Sprinkles
♥Everything in one color
♥The Water Nymph
♥My world is upside down
♥Willma Wonka
♥Fake wedding shoot
♥Forest Fairy
♥Mad Alice
♥Bloody Playground
♥I barely exist
♥Pink Princess
♥Panda Bear
♥Villian or Superhero
♥Greek Goddess shoot
♥Snow white
♥Dark/Gothic Lolita
♥Puddles and Boots
♥Electronic Robotic Futuristic
♥Pink Zebra
♥City lights
♥Moonlit balcony
♥Poison apple
♥Sugar/Kawaii/Dolly Lolita
♥Fruits and Rainbows
♥Lilly Lavender
♥Red Chinese Dress
♥A Pinup Picnic
♥Balloon Pen
♥Little Red Riding Hood
♥Serious Business
♥Barbie in a box
♥Swan Lake


Note: # refers to their Model Mayhem numbers. Some are not on Model Mayhem.

Photographers: ----------------------------------------------------------------
#1073561- Noctem Photography
#77688- John Gerecht
#2349128- ArtMax Photography
#224971- Digital Knight Photography
#1728717- Painted Lady Studios
#1952054- AriDublyu
#1863178- Peppin Photography
#(Not on MM)- Cher Covington Photography
#(Is he on MM?)- Jim Martinson
#889579- PhotoArt by Martin
#(Is she on MM?)- Melanie Wirkkala
#(Is he on MM?)- Randy Yaple
#(Is he on MM?)- Life Captured - Photos by Terry Tetreault
#315658- Hard12find
#229973- GM Photography
#(Is he on MM?)- Paul Marsh
# 215174 - Washington Photographic
#(Is she on MM?)- Jennifer Wee
#1701079- Richard Doyle
#(Is she on MM?)- Woven Hands Photography by Heather Newby
#2533832- Nathaniel D
#1798904- Irisphoto
#2440050- Sihayashi
#2466493- C LeMay
#1787519- D. B. Edgmon Photography
#110919- The Jack of All Trades
#831747- Epsilon Images
#854746- Jim Hadley Studio
#2606803- Amour Photography
#1675176- Mandee Rae Photography
#(Is he on MM?)- Ron Kenny Photography
#2827074- Studio Satyricon
#30207- Robert Contreras
#(Is she on MM?)- MyStache Photography
#1637639- Gene Wang
#2685386- Bill Hinsee
#1946180- Penumbra Productions
#2737562- JCDC Photography
#(Is she on MM?)- Sarah Morgan Brayman
#2404732- RPM Photography
#(Is he on MM?)- John Gong
#327018- Bingme Photography
#1451212- Don Pham
#(Is he on MM?)- Tero Patana
#2277667- Tilted Gear Photography
#(Is he on MM?)- Ian Walker Kamp
#7461- Estelia Photography
#2108619- Glam Bunny
#219- Michael Schreiner
#56510- Justin Engelman
#309043- PortfoliosNW
#1409924- Backbone Photography
#1220487- T-W-D Photos
#(Is he on MM?)- Jeffrey Hammond
#2452694- Hobart Photography
#(Is she on MM?)- DA Photography
#3047115- Dyllan Hackett
#(Is she on MM?)- Lenore Photography
#2883109- Shutteyeimages
#298978- RJB Photo
#(Is she on MM?)- Starlight Wonder Imaging
#(Is she on MM?)- JMP Boudoir
#2388399- Craig Solomon
#(Is she on MM?)- Sarah Mae Photography
#3143179- NW Fashion Media
#3110361- Michael E Fisher
#(Is he on MM?)- Scott Foster
#(Is she on MM?)- Bella Imagery Productions
#(Is he on MM?)- Justin Hebert Photography
#2827817- A Spark of Glamour
#(Is he on MM?)- Anuj Photography
#(Is he on MM?)- D Lamont Photography
#(Is she on MM?)- Summer Polansky Photography
#(Is she on MM?)-Creative Craft & Design, LLC
#2108124- MK Studios Photography
#3093451- Photography By Amy Stickel
#1715144- Riamux Creations
#7414- Gobo Photography
#(Is she on MM?)- CayS in Wonderland
#(Is she on MM?)- Be Art Photography
#(Is she on MM??)- Michelle Binkowski
#(Is she on MM?)- Deborah Ingemunson
#(Is he on MM?)- Joe Teeples
#(Is she on MM?)- Jenn Findley Photography
#2946905- Harold Mayo
#(Is he on MM?)- William West
#881099- Art by Leonhardt Photography
#(Is he on MM?)- Ankit Saxena Photography
#(Is he on MM?)- TranImaging
#(Is he on MM?)- JAS’s Photography
#(Is she on MM?)- 2ManuallyFocus
#(Is he on MM?)- John Gilmore
#(Are they on MM?)- Morning Star Creative Group
#(Is she on MM?)- Kae Cosplay/Photography
#(Is she on MM?)- Donna Read Visions
#(Is he on MM?)- Wes Kirkpatrick
#854563- Jon Volden
#2663521- Da Vinci Photo Studios
#(Is he on MM?)- Scott Graudin
#1772477- Dark Angel Productions
#202836- Gary Ungefug
#2353914- {bre z. photography}

#1946180- Penumbra Productions
#(Is she on MM?)- Sheik Mian Film & Photo
#(Is he on MM?)- TranImaging
#(Is he on MM?)- JAS’s Photography

#(Is he on MM?)- Dominic Gomez

Hair Stylists:-------------------------------------------------------------------
#(Is she on MM?)- Megan Rose
#1924310- Shante Reyes
#2900407- Paula Yahn Artist
#(Is she on MM?)- Maekayla, Stylist at CoCoSeattle.com
#3105058- Tausha Faust MUA
#(Are they on MM?)- Melissa Bidleman, Chardonnae Mortimer, and Stella of Gary Manuel Aveda Institute
#(Is she on MM?)- Martine Mondragon
#(Is she on MM?)- Breanna Snelson
#(Is she on MM?)- Courtney Murphy
#(Is she on MM?)- MUAH by Bang Bang Betty

MUAs: -------------------------------------------------------------------------
#(Is she on MM?)- Summer Gallamore Townsend
#(Is she on MM?)- Sarah Rasor
#1438186- Moulage Guy (Monsters, Moulage, and Mayhem)
#(Is she on MM?)-Midnight Sky Makeup
#(Is he on MM?)- Antonio, Creative Director of CoCoSeattle.com
#(Is she on MM?)- Kayla Nissen
#(Is she on MM?)- Stella of Gary Manuel Aveda Institute
#2918074- Magnificent Marjani
#(Is she on MM?)- Gina McGraw (Stevie)
#2903467- Jesse McCray Hair & Make-up Artistry
#(Is she on MM?)- Meagan Moore Makeup Design
#(Is she on MM?)- Alicia Birkby
#1379479- Staccato by Rhiannon Cupps

Models: ------------------------------------------------------------------------
#2657253- Wonder
#1341079- Demi Xeyorei
#1449578- Nox Noctis
#2905201- Jackie Pauline

Clothing Designers: -------------------------------------------------------------
#(Are they on MM?)- Genius Threads
#2670263- D.N.A. Fashion
#(Are they on MM?)- Paper Dollz Clothing
#(Are they on MM?)- Poppy Seed Roll
#(Are they on MM?)- GG Connections by Debbie Nghiem
#(Are they on MM?)- Libertine Clothing
#(Are they on MM?)- Rhaychell Ann
#2978770- Il Sangue
#1222622- PERCHLIK Design
#(Are they on MM?)- Sassafras
#(Are they on MM?)- Kris&Kate
#(Are they on MM?)- Canopy Blue
#1329158- Lastwear
#(Is she on MM?)- Voodoo Bunny Clothing Co.
#(Is she on MM?)- DeLoach Wear
#(Is she on MM?)- LaBellas Boutique
#(Is she on MM?)- Alien Earth Designs
#(Are they on MM?)- Mishu Boutique
#(Are they on MM?)- Creatrix Headdresses

Magazines: --------------------------------------------------------------------
-American Classic Magazine Issue #4, Pages 16 & 17- http://www.magcloud.com/browse/issue/464444
-Norwescon Issue #36, Page 41-
-Riot Vixen Magazine: Comic/Super Hero Issue-
-Freque Magazine Vol 3 Part 3: Beauty & Bodyart-http://www.magcloud.com/browse/issue/643666
-D'Lovely Damsels #39: http://www.magcloud.com/browse/issue/718693?__r=361911&s=w
-Kittie's Queens Magazine- Issue Five- JMP Cover: http://www.magcloud.com/browse/issue/709889

Events: ------------------------------------------------------------------------
-Model/Assistant at Posing for Photos 101- http://events.trlib.org/evanced/lib/eventsignup.asp?ID=38003
-Active Entertainment Mansion Collaboration Shoot-
-Glam Bunny Bikini Bash- https://www.facebook.com/events/451071544962886/
-Zombie BBQ: https://www.facebook.com/events/295930587217595/
- Asylum II - A World of Madness: https://www.facebook.com/events/544268768963428/

Calendars: ---------------------------------------------------------------------
-Hot Rod Pin Up Calendar Shoot- http://www.facebook.com/events/474487255907910/
-Official 2014 Glam Bunny Swimsuit Calender Calendar- http://www.zazzle.com/official_2014_glam_bunny_swimsuit_calender_calendar-158906992522148117
-Mystache Photography 2014-2015 Calendar

Fashion Shows: ----------------------------------------------------------------
-6% Dokidoki Fashion show 2011
-Chance Fashion: Eco-Friendly Designer's Show 2013
-Kawaii Girls' Party Fashion Show at the Westlake Center 2013
-Chance Fashion: 4 year Anniversary Tour, Seattle Edition 2013
-Chance Fashion: Urban & Underground Edition 2013
-RAW Natural Born Artists Elevation Showcase 2013: Fashion Designer Il Sangue
-Chance Fashion: Fall Clothing Edition 2013
-AMDEF 2013 (Arts Music Dance Entertainment Fashion show)
-Strong Women Strong World Fashion Show Fundraiser 2013
-Chance Fashion: Halloween Edition 2013
-Ruby Room's Fashion Faux Pas to Fashion Fabulous Benefit Fashion Show and Auction
-Chance Fashion: The Evening Gown and Custom Luxury Edition 2013
-Twisted Winter Fashion Show Benefiting St. Francis House 2013
- Chance Fashion: The Accessory Showcase 2013
- Chance Fashion: 4th Annual Artist of the Year Awards
- Chance Fashion: Spring & Summer Edition 2014
- Port Townsend Wearable Art Fashion show 2014

Volunteer Work/Other-----------------------------------------------------------
Kirkland Fashion Night Runway Show: Setup, Door Greeter, Seat Coordinator

Lindsay's Favorite Pictures   70 pics

Local Availability Notice
Aug 4, 2014 Summer time photoshoots!


LM Retouching


Noctem Photography

Estelia Photography

Robert Contreras

Jerica Truax

Tilted Gear Photography

ArtMax Photography

Richard Doyle

PhotoArt by Martin


Clothing Designer
il Sangue

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