Membership Requirements

Model Mayhem Requirements

Minimal Requirements

Welcome to Model Mayhem! We are excited that you've decided to join the largest and most active community of people interested in the modeling industry on the internet. However, we do have a handful of requirements that must be met in order for you to become a member.

Please check out the following so that you give your application its best chance for success:

  • General Requirements
  • Model Requirements
  • Photographer Requirements
  • Filmmaker Requirements
  • Hair Stylist / Makeup Artist / Wardrobe Stylist Requirements
  • Photoshop Wizard Requirements
  • Clothing Designer Requirements
  • Body Painter Requirements
  • Artist / Painter Requirements

Automatic Rejections

Zero Tolerance Policy

We try and maintain a safe network for all of our members, which means there are several things that will result in the immediate rejection of a profile here on Model Mayhem. Please note that these rejections can occur without notice or warning.

  • Networking for adult content, such as (but not limited to) pornography or "web camming"
  • Copyright violations of any kind
  • Maintaining a profile that represents someone else
  • Maintaining someone else’s profile

General Requirements

Bio Requirements

You are asked to provide a short bio as part of your application. Please provide details about your experience, goals, reasons for being on MM, or any other relevant information. Please err on the side of providing more info rather than less. Also, don’t make it sound like a personal ad.

Must Fit Within A Category

Your profile must clearly fit into one of the categories listed upon sign up:

Individual Artist

This membership provides you with a portfolio to showcase your work and to be a full-fledged member of the community. It is ONLY available to individuals and is NOT available to entities that have multiple users or fall within a Talent Recruiter profile type.

Individual Artist Profile Types:

  • Model
  • Photographer
  • Makeup Artist
  • Wardrobe Stylist
  • Hair Stylist
  • Retoucher
  • Artist/Painter
  • Body Painter
  • Clothing Designer
  • Digital Artist
  • Filmmaker

Talent Recruiter: Casting Directors, Agents, Recruiters, Publications etc.

This membership provides you with a simple profile and enables you to post casting calls to recruit Model Mayhem talent for your projects. If you do not fit within an individual member category, please choose the closest Talent Recruiter category that fits you.

Talent Recruiter Profile Types:

  • Modeling Agent
  • Casting Director
  • Employment Recruiter
  • Brand Owner / Rep
  • Film / Video Maker
  • Musician
  • Event Promoter
  • Publication (eg, magazine, newspaper)
  • Ad / Mktg Agency
  • Photographer (eg, commercial photographer or brand photographer)
  • Other

You Must Be You

We do not allow profiles to be set up or managed by people other than the profile owner. This means profiles are not to be shared, group, or joint profiles. Passwords and login information should always be kept private.

You Must Be 16

Members must be 16 years of age or older. Members under 18 are not allowed to display photos that we deem too provocative or revealing. Unless you’re 18 or over you may not display any level of nudity/sheer (that includes "implied" nudity), depictions of bondage or any image that is sexual in nature.

Provide 4 Different Photos (or more!)

At least four different photos are required for all accounts. No duplicates, re-crops, or manipulations of the same image. Members are expected to maintain a minimum of four relevant photos at all times.

Quality Images Required

We want quality images here. Your photos must be judged to be of sufficient quality. This means that you should not submit cell phone shots, webcam shots, mirror shots, arm's-length self-portraits, personal snapshots, etc; images that are poorly exposed, too grainy, have too much compression, etc.

Make Your Photos Big Enough But Not Too Big

MM recommends that your photos be 600-800 pixels on the longest side. Anything less than 200x300 pixels or so is typically too small to see. Please note that images wider than 800 pixels will be resized (and the EXIF data will be removed), and images over 600kb will not upload.

No Fakes

We take copyright laws very seriously here. If your photos or profile appear to be the work of someone else, you will be denied. This includes fake tear sheets, advertisements, and magazine covers using existing trademarks.

No Pornography

Pornographic material is not allowed on this site. This includes inappropriate photos and linking to or networking for adult content in your bio or portfolio. If you are unclear as to what we deem to be adult content, please see our Site and Image Rules.

Model Requirements

Show Us Your Face

Your portfolio must show your face clearly. Some headless nudes or whatever are cool, but we need to know what you look like.

Show Us All of You

Please include at least 1 full length body shot.

No Selfies

Seriously. No selfies.

Photographer Requirements

Show Us A Model

Photographers must have at least 4 different photos specifically of adult human models. Snapshots, children, cars, landscapes, animals, etc do not count. Please show us your best work - we need to see examples of your photos in relation to "modeling".

Show Us Variety

Please provide at least 2 different models or 2 different locations. Stock-style white-sheet or hotel wall photos are ok, but try and show us something more.


Show Us Your Experience

In your biography, please include links that show your filmmaker experience – the more you have, the better. We're looking for IMDb pages, official credits, and at least one link to a video or trailer.

Show Us Your Work

In your portfolio, include at least 2 stills from your films, and 2 other images related to your filmmaking – behind the scenes images and promotional material may be posted with permission from the copyright holder. Be sure to caption them clearly: production title, date, your production role(s), etc.

Hair Stylist, Makeup Artist, and Wardrobe Stylist Requirements

Show Us 2 Different Models

You need to provide photos of at least 2 different models. This is mostly to prevent members from submitting just photos of themselves.

Show Us Variety

Please provide at least 4 different looks rather than 4 photos of the same look.

Retoucher Requirements

Clearly Show Your Skills

You need to show at least some skill in retouching photos of models. Simply running a Photoshop filter on a photo does not qualify. We don't expect everyone to be an expert, but at least demonstrate some basic skills with the images you submit.

About Your Portfolio

Please be sure you have explicit permission from all copyright holder(s) to display retouched/edited images in your portfolio. Also, not required but helpful is at least some before/after comparisons... if you do use them, be sure you have permission to display the "before" images as well.

Digital Artist Requirements

Clearly Show Your Skills

You need to show at least some skill in creating digital manipulations/composites. We don’t expect everyone to be a high-end artist, but at least demonstrate some basic skills with the images you create.

Your Work Must Be Yours

Your digital artwork must be your own original creations (no copies of others' work) and include human models... after all, this is "Model" Mayhem. Please note that MM does not allow the use of company logos, product trademarks, fake magazine/newspaper tears or covers, or any other copyrighted/trademarked content without prior and explicit permission from the copyright/trademark owner(s).

Clothing Designer Requirements

Show 2 Finished Designs

You must supply photos of at least 2 finished designs being worn by models.

Some Sketches Are OK

You may provide sketches or illustrations of unproduced designs if they exhibit a reasonable level of skill and training, both in quality of the design and the sketch itself.

More Than Just a T-Shirt

All designs must be entirely original. Printing graphics/designs on pre-made clothing is not acceptable.

Bodypainter Requirements

Models Only Please

No donkeys.

Artist/Painter Requirements

Use Models

Please focus your submissions on art that utilizes models (human) rather than just landscapes, etc.

Original Only

Artwork must be original only. No copies of existing artwork.