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The answer depends on what kind of stuff you want to shoot, but what I will try to do here is give you a good base that will allow you to attack most challenges.

In this third and final installment, I would now like to discuss how to control your light with greater precision by mixing “Hollywood Grids” (Cookies) with bare head flash units, snoots, and honeycomb grids

I have for years pondered how to render 3 dimensions on to 2 dimensional walls and surfaces, or how to add greater topographical richness to predictable lighted interior landscapes.

Choosing the correct lighting systems and accessories is essential to attaining your final goals in lighting your subject or scenario

Shooting haute couture is a privilege and a rare occasion. It comes with some unique challenges, from not shooting in a controlled studio to very demanding time constraints, but shooting for Harper’s BAZAAR makes it worthwhile.

Here’s a behind the scenes video of Benjamin Kanarek shooting Pernille Moeller for VOGUE Brazil.

When preparing to embark on a fashion shoot, it is important to know what kind of environment and shooting space you will be working with.

The following example is for the purpose of being either published in a magazine for a fashion editorial.

It seems that more attention placed on the post-production process than the pre-production preparation for the photo shoot. But, making the most out of pre-production can result in a better end product and reduce post-production costs.

I’ve been asked on many occasions how one might break into the fashion business. However, I feel compelled to discuss some of the “fallacies” associated with breaking in to the “biz”.