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kelly odells

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Elizabeth Lakomsky wrote:
Pretty silly of you to refuse, if you ask me. Give him my
The adult industry pays very well,

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Avy Lee

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Victoria Vandal Makeup wrote:
Lol this entire thread made me giggle and trust me, I've been having a bad day and needed that good giggle. smile
Okay, so where do I start? The adult industry is how do I say.. my 2nd industry! I've done makeup for a lot of adult videos. Having worked in the industry myself had its perks because everyone knew I was a makeup artist and I got even more jobs not only as an entertainer, but an artist as well. This industry isn't for everyone, but doing makeup for porn and/or feature dancers is no different than doing anyone elses makeup. Its a job. I've NEVER been asked to do touchups after they have already started a scene. I have always had the option to leave as soon as makeup was applied and completed. Makeup is applied in a seperate area, you don't need to be anywhere near the set.
NO, you absolutely DO NOT have to "clean up cum shots".. that's absolutely ridiculous to say something like that and call it "fact". Although porn stars are clean and always tested regularly, my brush and hands do NOT and will NOT touch the talent after they have been "active" in the scene.
If your uncomfortable doing something, simply don't do it! As far as doing it for "anyone", don't just do it for anyone. I am picky about who I work with! Reputable businesses or go home..
Hope this helps smile

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i want to work in the adult industry anyone know how i can get in?

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Katie grace bouchard

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Hey gamlour pics guy...or gal..
I've been working for a more "adult" based company for a few years, the man who runs it is very sweet and professional, has kids and a wife. when the filming is going on I step out as well, not too far of course. I will go back into the makeup room and clean my brushes and straighten up. I check in as needed. Otherwise it isn't necessary to watch for fly aways or smudging fact that's usually all apart of the look, ifyaknowwhatimean?

There's no need to huff and puff about how you would never hire a Mua who wasn't watching the whole time. Yes, for fashion work. Adult films? Not
so much...

Anyhow. It doesn't bother me all that much, when the it does I step out to the makeup room.

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Designit - Edward Olson

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LunaProMakeup wrote:
i want to work in the adult industry anyone know how i can get in?

1. Please do not resurrect years-old threads with only indirectly-related questions.
2. Model Mayhem DOES NOT permit "adult networking" as such. There are other places online for that.

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Kelly Ager MUA wrote:
Hey everyone!

I had a creepy man call me this morning - he said he was wondering if i was still looking for freelance work, and as I always am I said yes.

He then went on to say he had a project in a few weeks coming up, he said its a little bit different as its an adult film!

I instantly said no, its like the word fell out of my mouth!

So while on the subject just wondering if anyone has ever done make-up for a adult movie??

What I imagine seems to be highly embarrasing and uncomfortable.
Do you like have to touch up inbetween scenes when the make-up has 'sweated off'? lol *cringes*

usually on the lower budget internet stuff the make-up artist applies than leaves, there are no touch-ups. I have worked with a lot of MUA's who did adult work. I'm not sure how i would feel if i was working with someone who was afraid of it. I mean my stuff can get pretty raw, and it is all with clothing on!

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Maja Stina

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I would just LOVE to do the makeup for adult movies. Would be so much fun. smile

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Whoops! :Backs out of Dino-thread..:

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