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Dan K Photography

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Art Silva Photography wrote:

It comes down to how much you need of each. Chances are they (models) need to pay off bills, traveling expenses and other debts or eat more than they need a photo for their port.

I guess I wasn't clear. It is photographers who say that paid work is a priority and that they will backburner trade shoot photos until they finish with paid ones even if the paid ones were done after the trade.

Even the togs who are being called very professional on this thread are proponents of this. So I wonder how they rationalize the 2 viewpoints.

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Dan K Photography wrote:

I guess I wasn't clear. It is photographers who say that paid work is a priority and that they will backburner trade shoot photos until they finish with paid ones even if the paid ones were done after the trade.

That's much worse.

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Aaliyah Love

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Small Fruit Pits wrote:

Probably not, because it wouldn't be necessary.

The odds of getting a paid gig like that on the very same day, without an option for the day before, the day after or a couple days away would be a rare occurence, particularly if within the confines of the net modeling world.

Not for me.. I'd say this happens about 60% of the time with TP shoots, actually. And when a paying company asks me "can you be here at 8am on Tuesday" as a model I don't have the option to say "how about Wednesday?" Either you can be there, or they find another model who can.
But I only do TP with photographers who understand and I have the same agreement with them. This happened to me TWICE last week. Once I booked a paid shoot (tomorrow, actually.) so we decided on our "back up date" which is the day after.. the other time it was a photographer and I said of course, go ahead, and we have yet to set another date, but we will when our schedules die hard feelings, no need to be a jerk about it and say they have no integrity or label them as a flake..
No hard feelings, this IS a business and we do have bills to pay.

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Aaliyah Love

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-B-R-U-N-E-S-C-I- wrote:

I don't know about you, but I generally have quite a fair amount of input into when I get booked wink

If somebody came to me 2 days before a trade shoot wanting to pay $1k to shoot on the same day then I would offer an alternative date with the explanation that I was 'already booked' on that day.

In the very unlikely event that the paying client was unable to shoot on a different day then I would ask the trade model if she could reschedule and offer to compensate her for any expenses she might incur as a result.

If that wasn't possible then yes, I would turn down the paid booking, but the chances of it ever coming to that are extremely slim.


Really? because as a model I have NO CONTROL over WHEN I get booked. Companies call/txt me all of the time to come in last minute. I prefer them to book me 2-3 weeks out at least, but it's not up to me. If I can't make it, they find another girl, and I lose out on that money. so when you say "In the very unlikely event that the paying client was unable to shoot on a different day" you're wrong.. they are shooting on the day they that have planned, and either I can make it and get paid, or not. Furthermore, I might not be called back for future shoots with that company if every time they try to book me I'm unavailable. There's always another model younger and prettier than you waiting to take your place.

But I am shooting 5-7 days a week, mostly paid shoots (I allow for 3 days a month for trade shoots) and like I said, that's why I'm very picky over who I do trade shoots with, it's usually like minded people who understand the same, and we always set up a shoot day then a "back up day." Id say about half of the time we end up shooting on the back up day, no hard feelings.

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This is bolded in my profile.

"-->Agency castings and paid work get my priority 
If we have a TF shoot scheduled and an agency/paid opportunity arises, I may (with as much advance notice as possible) ask to reschedule.  If you want a guaranteed shoot for a specific day I suggest you book me via my agency."

I do the best I can when a schedule conflict arises, but when push comes to shove my agency gets priority. It's not a shock, I always mention it as a possibility.

The shortest cancelation I've had still gave the photographer 5 days notice. Although sometimes my booker will text me "can you make it tomorrow?"

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If booked for a paid assignment that isn't a fantastic concept but more for the finances and on the other hand a fantastic collaboration that I have been dying to create then my mind would be on the collaboration - not that I would down prioritize any of the assignments but I definitely prefer the collaborations that have creativity written all over them than the paid assignments that lack creativity but that are only gap fillers during finances.

"TF* is not free work, it's an investment!" smile
Not my words. Something my other half said that really stuck..

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IDiivil wrote:
Paid jobs take priority in my scheduling (aka they tend to get first dibs on dates), but if I have agreed to shoot TFP and have a date scheduled, then I stick by it. I will not cancel a TFP shoot in favor of a paid shoot.

IMO, a TFP is as valuable to me as a paid shoot as the images I make from TFP get me connections and paid gigs, so if I say I will do something like TFP, I will not blow it off.

I don't think it's a very wise statement to make on a profile or something. Too many interpretations.

Edit: If it's a huge paid offer, however, I may talk to the photographer and see if I can't work out a rescheduling ... ;P Honestly depends on the situation, but I would NEVER flake/last min cancel.

You I have a lot of respect This is the way I wish everyone was. I have no issue with someone asking about rescheduling due to a paid job but I certainly appreciate the mentality that an obligation made is one worth keeping simply because it was made.

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FiveOne November

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The Trousseau wrote:
To me, it means, "move on, there is nothing to see here." 

A commitment is a commitment. I'd rather work with someone who values that.

This.  I have declined or asked for other dates for paid photo sessions that conflict with previously agreed to TF sessions.  The model's time and commitment are just as valuable as mine.

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It means what it looks and sounds like.  Usually anyone that books a TF will do so when they don't have a paid gig they are looking to shoot.  It also depends on how good we are in that model's eye.  If we are a better shoot and will offer more to her then she would probably schedule the paid one after us or before or definitely at a different time.  She would probably take the best of all worlds...!  :-)

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