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Hunter GWPB

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With all due respect, and not to pile on, you started this thread because you suspected you are doing something wrong.  You said, "I think I'm doing something wrong, because the models read the message, but then don't respond."

Since then, you have received the advice and opinions of four well known and well respected models on the site.  That is a very good response for the forums and they represent your potential colleagues and collaborators.  One of them went as far to indicate she does the kind of fetish work you want to do.  Furthermore, they have made more than a passing effort to talk to you. 

You have a choice to adapt and try to implement their advice, or ... not.  You are not going to change the minds of these people that have developed their opinions from years worth of experience.  The only mind you have any chance of changing is your own.  Or not.

Good luck to you.

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