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Nov 18, 2015
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May 20, 2012
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About Me


♩I am a RELIABLE model. I work at maintaining a reputation of professionalism and punctuality. I prepare everything in advance and prefer to err on the side of over-communicating rather than making mistakes due to lack of communication. If there is ever a time when I need to cancel or reschedule, I will let you know as soon as I do. I maintain a high standard of respect for everyone that I work with, INCLUDING MYSELF.

Modeling is something I do ON THE SIDE. I am serious about it, as I’m serious about all my commitments, but it’s something I have to fit in between everything else I’m doing. As such, I appreciate your patience in scheduling with me, because it’s a good chance that shoots with me will have to be scheduled anywhere from one to five weeks in advance. But I promise, I won’t forget and I will show up.

♪ I am a CREATIVE model. What I look forward to most about working with other artists on this site is that I am an artist myself. I'm looking to marry my artistic vision to yours to create impactful, dynamic photos. Sure, a pose here and a pose there is great for building experience, but I'm not interested in going through the motions just to climb the ladder of the industry. I'm looking to make art. I'm looking to make magic. I almost always have ideas up my sleeve, and it doesn't take much to get me inspired.

♫ I am a MODEST model. I have very high standards for myself because I respect my body and I’m not interested in flaunting my breasts just because I can. I DO NOT DO ANY NUDE SHOOTS WHATSOEVER. If at all possible, I want to avoid being viewed as a sex object. I’m a married woman and a serious, passionate artist. I’m not doing this to see how sexually appealing I can be; I already know that I am and I'm not interested in manipulating that to my advantage.

♬ I am a MUSICAL model. If you really want to make my day, you’ll ask me to do a shoot with my guitar or a microphone. I'm the most loose and relaxed when my instrument is in my arms. Music is my life. Also, if you would like to shoot actual performances, let me know and I’ll give you dates and invitations to weddings, concerts, recording sessions, etc. I’m very active in the downtown Olympia community, and perform at many events, as well as spontaneously.

---------------------------------♩ ♪ ♫ ♬

♬ Thank you for visiting my page!

♬ If you have an idea you'd like to shoot with me, please feel free to message me, or leave me a tag! I'm very creative and outside the box.
New! ♪ Wasteland – Post-apocalyptic. Wardrobe could either be a striking contrast of elegance (ball gowns, formals, bright colors), or high fashion/steampunk/grungy survivor wear. I imagine several different shoots that this concept could work with.
New! ♪ Pirates! – We tell the story of a pirate who wakes up on a beach and tries to figure out where they are/what to do next. Maybe they hitch a ride on a boat?
New! ♪ Princess in the Big City – Like the Disney movie "Enchanted," we take a princess completely out of her element and stick her in the city. What does she do? Who/what is she looking for? Where would she go to eat? Is it raining? Etc etc etc.
New! ♪ Weeping Angel – The most terrifying creatures in fiction, from Doctor Who. We get me some angel wings, and paint me + my outfit to look like stone. Then we go around to different locations and pose the Weeping Angel + SCARY FREAKING ANGEL. Very artistic.
New! ♪ Retro Futurism – What folks in the 80s thought future millenia would look like. Funky round shapes, big hair, fashion-disaster leather/plastic/glitter/sequins.
New! ♪ Alien – An MUA and wardrobe stylist would be awesome for this. We turn me into a high fashion alien and set me loose on the streets. Maybe show the wreckage of a crashed ship and go through the process of me trying to repair it and get back 'home.'
New! ♪ Industrial Sci-Fi – EVERYTHING white and straight, with odd angles and crisp lines. White wig, sharp&bold makeup, sleek and stiff fashion.
New! ♪ Android – Paint wardrobe to look like mechanical pieces put together to make an outfit, and use bodypaint to turn joints into hinges. Blank expression, stiff movements. Doing everyday activities--washing dishes, driving, walking, sitting--but with a blank stare and plastic smile.
NEW! --------------♪ Michael Jackson Tribute – Specific vintage wardrobe, smoky bars and alleyways. Probably a series--Smooth Criminal, Thriller, Billie Jean, Beat It, etc. This would take some careful planning in the wardrobe department.
NEW! --------------♪ Macklemore Thrift Shop – You knew it was coming. We could either stage a set to look like a thrift shop, or shoot on location. Crazy vintage outfits that we would then take to the street to shoot in wacky locations.
NEW! --------------♪ Princess – I have access to some lovely princess gowns! It would be fun to stage the story of a fairy tale. We could find something to pass for a dirty tower, or a lovely castleground.
NEW! --------------♪ Poison Apple – Where I play the evil queen from Snow White! This would be a conceptual shoot involving some dramatic dark purples and greens, bold makeup, and possibly another model to play Snow White.
NEW! --------------♪ Crooks & Thieves – A comedic shoot where another model and myself dress as robbers or crooks who just broke out of jail, sneaking and chasing one another around town with burlap sacks full of "money."
NEW! --------------♪ Underwater – We'd have to find a pool or a tank. Wardrobe could be anything from flowing gowns to a conceptual mermaid/fish-like attire, depending on what resources we have access to at the time.
NEW! --------------♪ Wonder Woman – I was planning on cosplaying as Wonder Woman for Comic-Con, but since that's not happening yet, I'd still love to gather the cosplay material and prance around Seattle acting heroic. We could get some awesome candid expression from bystanders and passersby!
NEW! --------------♪ Forest Nymph – I can tease out my hair to look super wild, and dress in deep greens and browns to bear the texture of bark and leaves. Then I act as a guardian of the forest, picking up and inspecting leaves/objects, talking to plants and snails, etc.
--------------♪ Bodypaint, particularly as a tiger, white tiger, lion or any other creative thing you can think of!
--------------♪ Superhero. I have always been and always will be a superhero/comic buff. I currently don't have any cosplay material, but I'd love to work with some wardrobe designers on this!
--------------♪ Animals. I love animals! If you own or have access to any critters, I'd love to shoot with them.
--------------♪ Music. Anything music. Piano, guitar, singing. If you can find me a microphone, I'm all over it. I'm a diva at heart.
--------------♪ Alter Ego – Not necessarily good/bad, but we could also do different sides of personality. Bold/shy, loud/quiet, introvert/extrovert, angry/joyous, etc.
--------------♪ Na’vi – Bodypaint, some weapons and a forest.
--------------♪ Bridal – Vintage or contemporary, city bride or chapel bride. I’m always looking for new dresses to model, so if you have access to a wedding dress that would fit, I’d love to shoot in it! Plus I have a few of my own gowns.
--------------♪ Bubbles – Need I say more?
--------------♪ Balloons – Red balloons, white balloons, helium-filled or just scattered across the ground.
--------------♪ Pinstripe – I’ve always been crazy for some pinstripes and fedoras. I’m thinking dark alleyway with some ambient purple and blue lights, fog, really harsh relief in the shadows, lots of dramatic poses.

♬ As stated before, I am an artist and a musician. I’m very passionate, very serious and very committed at what I do. But I don’t take myself too seriously. I love to laugh and I love to have fun. I have a little bit of history in acting all through high school and some in college, and you’ll find that in person I’m very dramatic and theatrical, but not at all superficial. I’m a deep person and I love talking about deep things. I’m not one for small talk at all, and what I’m really passionate about is people and matters of the heart. I love asking questions and getting to know people; my favorite thing about modeling will probably be making new friendships and business relationships.

♬ I already said that I’m a business owner and involved in ministry. That, on top of being in love with music, means that I don’t have much money floating around just yet. Which means I have to be really wise with gas and travel. I’m willing to travel to you for shoots, but one of the reasons I may have to plan so far in advance is so I can budget the gas money in for the trip. If I'm traveling to you, bear in mind I may ask you to compensate my travel expenses.

♬ I have some experience in graphic design, so any raw files of our shoots you would want to provide me with for enhancing my Photoshop experience would be spectacular.

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Credit Notes

Artists I have had the privilege of working with:

#1073561- Noctem Photography
This photographer and I have been friends for ages. She introduced me to modeling a few years ago and I have had the exquisite delight of watching her grow and mature into a great artist. She is so worth working for, and all her photos are absolutely beautiful!

#1757748 - Lindsay McCoy
A beautiful and creative model, Lindsay has inspired me for several years now. I have her to thank for re-introducing me to modeling. I'm always in awe of her work, and I look forward to working with her in the future.

#229973 - GM Photography
The first photographer I worked with who wasn't a personal friend, Greg was very encouraging and gave great direction. He was patient with my first-time-modeling jitters and got some great pieces from the shoot! His portfolio is worth stopping by, and he's phenomenal to work with in person.

#2245512 - Dee Oliphant
A beautiful and spunky model, I've had the pleasure of working with Diana just once--but hopefully that won't be the last time! I love watching her do her thing. She is so wild and sweet, and has been very helpful and encouraging on my journey with modeling so far. I look forward to working with her again in the future!

#2466493 - C LeMay
Beautiful, creative work coming from this guy. He was a blast to work with! Very helpful and inventive. What a patient man for working with me when I had NO idea what I was doing. Props to you, C! He's great at putting a model at ease and giving direction, as well as encouraging original ideas. I learned a lot about posing from this guy.

#1202608 - Vanhaute Images
Inventive, easy to work with, and utterly fascinated with nature! I have had the delight of working with this photographer twice now (and anticipate many more in the future!). The shoots have always come out fun and creative, and it's SO much fun bouncing ideas off of each other. If you want to have fun, get breathtakingly beautiful photos, and possibly get some hiking in, contact this guy.

#2203245 - Photobyzak
I shot with Zak while in Portland the first weekend in June. He's a great photographer to work with! Very relaxed, go-with-the-flow and fun to be around. He's super versatile--just take a look at his portfolio--and easygoing. I had a wonderful time on our shoot and look forward to planning the next one.

#400598 - Jim Yeager
I didn't know what to expect as I sat nervously in the Starbucks on LoveJoy Street in Portland, waiting for my team to show up and my Americano to kick in. But when the ensemble burst through the door and Jim immediately unpacked his camera, I was pleasantly surprised and found myself among friends. Suffice it to say, the following hours were among the best in my entire life. Jim's ideas are beautiful and innovative, his sense of humor is explosively contagious, and his photos are to die for. I look forward to our next shoot with great anticipation. It's not often I run into someone as spontaneous and creative as I am.

#2595564 - Tricia Marie MUA
Tricia Marie is THE woman to go to for hair and makeup. I don't care if you're in Portland or Seattle--go find this woman and pay her whatever it takes to get your hair, bodypaint, makeup, whatever done. Tricia is a genius. She has an eye for beauty and detail, and working with her was not only rewarding as far as the look, but it was FUN in the process. She is spectacular. I will be working with her again in the future, and I look forward to this with great anticipation.

#2428146 - MB Imaging
When a tattooed man with a Canon rang my doorbell on a Sunday afternoon, I was sure of two things: 1), this must be Bruce Willis, and 2), he must be at the wrong house. But the second I opened the door, any intimidation I felt melted immediately at his bright smile and warm handshake. We then proceeded to keep up an easy and very profound conversation through the whole shoot--little did I know, he was weaving magic with every click of the shutter. This guy is definitely a favorite and working with him has been an absolute pleasure.

#1188540 - Holliday Photography
I will recommend this photographer in a heartbeat to all models, regardless of experience. He is phenomenal to work with. In our first shoot, I learned SO much about modeling--and more importantly, about myself. Holliday is very gracious without being insincere; he's great at giving feedback and direction. What a visionary! All his photos are creative genius and it would be well worth anyone's time to book a shoot with him.

#2666731 - Chaos Journey
My first lifestyle shoot! I had a wonderful morning with CJ. Super easy to work with, very personable and pleasant. Here is a very talented photographer who is also very humble about his fabulous work. It has been a privilege to work with him!

#2105595 - TriTran
What a wonderful man to work with. I sincerely enjoy the serenity that Tri carries with him everywhere he goes. He exudes professionalism and a humble but far-reaching vision. "I never want to stop growing," he told me after our shoot after we had listened to each other's visions about our craft. Coming from a spectacular photographer who does phenomenal work, that really inspired me.

#1701079 - Richard Doyle
Ah! What fun I had with Richard. From traipsing around the streets of downtown, to high fashion lounging in his very comfortable studio space, I had a great time working with him. His art is absolutely fabulous. He has an eye for a spectacular shot and he's the guy you want to talk to for a good theme, concept, attitude--you name it. We bounced so many ideas off of each other, and filled up a 6GB card in the process just in the first shoot. Working with Richard was casual, authentic and FUN.

#518612 - DNDF
The moment I first laid eyes on a DNDF creation, I knew I HAD to work with him. I had to collaborate. I had to grasp whatever it is that he carries that makes his photos so spectacular. When I had the privilege of meeting him in person, he astounded me with his deep passion for his art and his authenticity.

#1438186 - Moulage Guy
Conceptualizing with MG was something else. I'll admit, I was skeptical of his ideas to do fake wounds on me--but the result was realistic and horrifyingly beautiful (in a really macabre way). Artistically planning the shoot was as easy as breathing, and under his paints and brushes I became a character so flawless that acting the part was not a problem at all. MG does fabulous, unique work!

#1787519 - DB aka Bruce
A spectacular photographer, Bruce sacrifices a lot for his art and that's something I respect. Even more so, I respect that he has such an artistic vision and an eye for detail. He is an excellent communicator when he has an idea or a concept--and the execution is always flawless. The photos from our shoot left my jaw hanging open, hardly able to believe that the person on the screen was exactly what I had envisioned in my mind, exactly what I had been trying to communicate when I had posed. Bruce is a fabulous collaboration partner.

#2597213 - Nefarious Apparitions
My last shoot with Nefarious has left me speechless. We took a wide range of photos with different moods and concepts, all while remaining in the same theme. One vision morphed into another, morphed into planning for another shoot before we were even halfway through the first one. It's always so refreshing to run into someone so brilliant and creative!

#6468 - Prime Imaging
We shoot from 11 in the morning until 4:15 in the evening. Several costume changes, a spontaneous bubble bath in my sink, location and lighting changes all yielded countless spectacular photos.

#324812 - JazzyPhoto
Shooting with Joe was one of the most unique experiences of my modeling career. The atmosphere was funny and friendly, but intensely passionate and creative. Joe's eye for beautiful photography is masterful beyond words; all I can do is stare in breathless awe. Truly, this man is a genius and, once again, it has been a humbling privilege to work with him.

Monica and Sonny Allshouse of Family Affair Photography - Going into modeling, I never expected to make such lasting and precious relationships. I have had the enormous privilege of sharing countless priceless moments with Monica and Sonny, and there are gorgeous photos to show for it each time. I love working with these two because there's such a natural dynamic of family. They're like my modeling parents--I highly recommend these two for any occasion!

Randy and Sharon Yaple - Another pair of favorite photographers to work with, Randy and Sharon are two brilliant artists who I would also consider family. Whether you're a beginning model, or looking to capture a special moment, look them up -- you won't be disappointed!
Christopher J. Clements - Though I only worked briefly with Christopher in a meetup shoot, he made a lasting impression on me with his humor, the ease in which he works, and the obvious passion for his art that oozes out of his composure as well as in his photos. I'm eager to work with him again.

Michael Christopher - Something magical happened the moment Michael and I got to work. The laughter was explosive, the shots were pristine, and there was an overall crispness to the work we did together that makes the photos from our shoot one of my all-time favorites. His energy is infectious, and his work is completely gorgeous. I was very humbled to get the chance to work with him, if only for a few minutes.

Paul Marsh - Something of a wizard among local artists, Paul's work exceeded expectations. His expertise with lighting and framing was evident as soon as he stepped on set. He gives excellent instruction for beginning models, and knows how to capture the most vibrant and brilliant emotion.

#77688 - John Gerecht - Before I ever met John, every single photographer or model I worked with talked about how amazing his work was. I knew this to be true from his portfolio and seeing his work on my model friends' pages, but working with him in person was another experience entirely. John is marvelously creative, amazingly encouraging, and SUPER fun to work with. He absolutely did not disappoint. I'm very humbled to have had the opportunity to work with him, and I look forward to next time.