POTD Contest Suspension Guide

Model Mayhem is adopting a new system for our contest suspensions. This article discusses how the new system works.

Images submitted to the POTD and POTD 18+ should always comply with all of Model Mayhem’s Terms of Usesite rulesimage rules, and contest rules.

Images that are disqualified from the contest will be assigned points based on the infraction type. Please note that certain infractions are worth more than others in an attempt to dissuade violations of the rules.

When someone’s points reach a certain level, a specific suspension level from the contests will be issued. These points are cumulative, meaning after each suspension your points will continue to accumulate and your next suspension will be at the next level. Points are also assigned to each person, not each account, so keep this in mind as you participate in the contests.

To avoid disqualifications, and to continue to enjoy suspension-free contests, you are welcome to contact the Model Mayhem team and inquire about any image you may want to submit. You can either Contact a Moderator and link to an image you’ve uploaded to your portfolio, or email the image file to [email protected] – whichever you prefer.


Point System

5 Points:

Prohibited images
Copyright violation
“Gaming the system” or Vote Solicitation

3 Points:

Clearly Mature image in POTD
Under 18 Person Entered

1 Points:

Non-M Image in 18+
Not clearly a Mature image in POTD
Wrong gender in POTD 18+
Cell phone image
14-day rule
Previously 1st place
1 Entry Per Day

Double points are to be earned when a user has submitted the same violation 3 times in a row (consecutively) as an extra means to deter them from repeating the same offense.

Your infraction points will be added to your disqualification reason.

Suspension Levels

3 days – 10 points
7 days – 20 points
15 days – 25 points
30 days – 30 points
45 days – 40 points
60 days – 50 points
75 days – 60 points
90 days – 70 points
120 days – 75 points
150 days – 80 points
180 days – 85 points
210 days – 90 points
365 days – 95 points
Permanent Suspension – 100 points


If you have any questions about this system, or would like to dispute your suspension, please Contact a Moderator.


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