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This llama did on january 21, 2013

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Calypso Moon

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No way.  She's braver than I am.

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Essence of Cassie

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Gabrielle Heather

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i will do lots of things, i will try the cold, if you want your photos to look terrible, sure. I am game for pretty much anything though. I think we have discussed this (not the cold, but putting ourselves in different scenarios before. Im game for whatever. Please dont ask me to eat shit, ok? or roll around in it. I prefer nothing with snakes or maggots either. Other than that im pretty good.

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If it's paid, we're getting killer shots, I don't have to worry about getting sick (i.e. I'm not traveling), if I really like the photographer, there's an assistant on hand to help hand me a coat between shots, and a few other variables. Not necessarily all of those have to be in place, but at least some of them.

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L2Photography net

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I would NOT want to shoot outside at that temp. lol

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If it is colder than -5 Celsius (23F) I call off the shoot.
I don't allow boots in my shots tho... But I have cozy down filled slippers for the mode to wear in between shots smile
I find anything colder is a waste of time. Don't have time to work on poses and expressions. Shoots can't last more than 45 mins. Models become uncomfortable pretty quick and it tends to show in their faces and bodies.

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Unfortunately, I think it would not be a good idea for me. I have shot nude in an unheated level of a building next to a broken open window in February here in Detroit. Not sure what the temperature was, but I started shivering uncontrollably and I could not form facial expressions (thankfully I was mostly supposed to be looking away). I lose body heat like crazy and I am already cold all the time. Something about my body surface area to mass ratio, I think.

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Fotografica Gregor

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sure - if the money was right and I liked the artistic concept smile

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Benjamin Lambert

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i've shot the northern lights at  -50f give or take and couldn't feel my face. hated it. tried a shoot a few winters ago with a model at -20ish and super winds coming off the ocean and it was a total waste of time, i was freezing, the poor model was blue and getting wind burn...everything bad. i wouldn't do it again.

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Mischa Marie

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As long as you would also pay me for the time I had to take off work because I'm sick!

I've been nude in 30 degrees and that was enough for me to catch a cold. hmm

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Rakesh Malik

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Emily Hayworth wrote:
No way.  She's braver than I am.

It's a good thing that I invited you to Seattle in summer rather than now, eh? wink

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Caitin Bre

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I think my gibblets would fall off!

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Laura UnBound

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No. hypothermia and frost bite arent really my thing.

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Nope!  :-)

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Totally have.
Even got a good photo out of it.

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Vector 38

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how many threads have you started with this same image?


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Mischa Marie wrote:
As long as you would also pay me for the time I had to take off work because I'm sick!

I've been nude in 30 degrees and that was enough for me to catch a cold. hmm

cold temperatures cannot create a cold(sick).  exposure and create frost bite, but germs which die in the cold is what make people sick.

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She's not nude - she's wearing boots and a hat! big_smile

For my thoughts on the photo, see my reply in the Critique forum.

Just my $0.02


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angel emily

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Yes, and I have, however most of the time I find doing stuff like this is about shock value.

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Some years back I had to work in -20C and there's no way I'd ask anyone to take off anything at that tempeture or close to it. I don't see any point in it anyway.

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Art Nudes

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Would I f**k. Not even fully dressed in that kind of weather. Blue is NOT an attractive skin tone.

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Anna Adrielle

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if the concept was right and my health would not be in danger, sure.

most of the time I'm not a fan of these shots though, and for that reason I wouldn't. It's often more a "look how well I can pose in the cold" contest, without actually producing a nice picture.

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RKD Photographic

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Heating broke in the studio last week, so the indoor temps are the same as outdoors at the moment. sad

This was shot in -5C (23F) at the end of a four-hour shoot... … 83ba_z.jpg 18+

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Klassic Photo

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I hate being cold so I have the utmost respect for models that do this.

As a footnote, those guys n gals in the "Polar Bear Club" that jump into freezing ice water are just nuts...

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I saw a model's profile that said she was happy to pose nude in a river in January as long as the photographer did it first!!

Must say the cold kills the batteries in the camera!!

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I have done it for very short times, maybe 30 seconds at a time. Any longer than that, no way. I would only do it for the right setting and concept though, it would have to be something really great that I really wanted to do.

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Anna Marzenka

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The boots she is wearing really do help to fend off some of the cold.
I have posed totally nude in a freezing river in Alaska back in September, glacier water.....and after about 5 minutes of standing in the water my feet were completely numb and I was shaking. I have also posed nude in about 30 degrees in the desert outside of Vegas, teeth shattering. Once you get cold it is difficult to keep a relaxed pose.
An assistant that can hand you a coat or something to bundle up in real quick is very handy at shoots that are done in cold weather.
Would I do it? YES.

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I actually love those kinds of challenging shoots. 

Natalie shot this one on a 10 degree day in Baltimore

Foxy's shoot was a -3 degree day in northern Michigan.  She held that pose for the better part of two minutes while we waited for the wind to calm enough to get the shot.

And Jessi June's shoot was one of the coldest January days in recent memory.  Baltimore 2011  18+

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Rebel Photo

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I can, without a doubt, unconditionally and certifiably state;

NO male model would even contemplate the idea for a micro second! big_smile

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Sabryna S

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If I were open to nudes...I really don't think so. I think that would be really pushing it for me.

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- Aina -

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Oh, in a heartbeat!

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Heck, I'm not even fond of shooting football in 10F weather (I've covered Bears games in that weather, and it isn't really much fun)... and when I shoot football, I'm bundled up in multiple layers and good gloves.

Shooting nude?

That's crazy talk!

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James Morgan aka Maddog

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I have concern for my models... The only way I'd put a model thru that would be during a day without wind (no windchill) and the rental of several forced air heaters (like you see on the sidelines of football games) that I 'd position out of the shot.. But pumping that heat on the model.

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Farenell Photography

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I'm a wimp. I barely even want to make the short distance from my house to the car all bundled up let alone shoot someone in that miserable weather.

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S. Stark

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Los Angeles, California, US

I am not opposed to the idea, but I am booked nearly every day of most months, and this is how I make my living.

I cannot get sick.

I have posed nude in the snow on a few occasions, but, during times when I had ample cushion in between gigs.  Even if you don't get sick (not something I'm really prone to), after working in that type of temperature, your body can feel weird for several days, or more than a week.  Weird tingles, aches, movement issues.

I can't afford not to be tip-top shape, right now.

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Lily Darling

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If I shot nudes hell yeah I would!! Takes a lot of mental concentration smile and I love the mental exercise smile

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Wurmwood Photography

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I just had a model pose for me the night before last, outside, in the freezing ass cold, nude as hell. Some models are awesome! big_smile

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Grady Richardson

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Gabrielle Heather wrote:
Please dont ask me to eat shit, ok? or roll around in it. I prefer nothing with snakes or maggots either. Other than that im pretty good.

Is this something that comes up a lot?

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