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Model: Melancholic; Photographer: AJ Moksha

Where are you from? Where are you based now and do you travel for shoots?

I am from northern Virginia, I lived there most of my life and still travel there often. I am currently based in Norfolk, VA. I travel about half the time and shoot locally the rest of the time.

Who or what inspired you to become a model?

I knew some people who did modeling when I was in high school and college, and I saw their work and was inspired to create beautiful pictures like that too. I wanted to overcome the physical limitations of my body, especially after I got diagnosed with a chronic health condition that limited my ability to work a traditional job.

Model: Melancholic; Photographer: provoculos

How and when did you start modeling?

I started modeling mostly for fun when I was 19 years old. I enjoyed the shoots and enjoyed getting better and better pictures as I gained more experience. I started to develop a portfolio and began to get offers for paid modeling gigs. For a while, I did it part-time in conjunction with another job, but after I got sick, I needed a job that would be flexible with my schedule of doctors appointments and health fluctuations as well as help me cover the costs of my medical bills. Modeling was something I enjoyed doing and fit the needs of my life at the time. I quit my day job and started modeling full time, which was a big leap of faith but ended up working out. Seven years later I am still modeling and I love many things about it.

What type of modeling do you enjoy the most?

I really enjoy artistic nude modeling. I love using my body as a tool for creative expression, and feel that nudity has a lot of symbolic significance as well as the power to touch an audience. I particularly enjoy work that defies traditional perceptions of reality or of beauty. I also enjoy going thrift store shopping for interesting wardrobe pieces and creating outfits out of them.

Model: Melancholic; Photographer: Billy Monday

What do you look for when deciding to work with a photographer?

The most important thing is that a photographer is respectful and professional in their portfolio, profile, and communication with me. I get excited when I can work with someone that I think will challenge me to step outside of convention and push some artistic boundaries, but I love working with photographers of all skill levels. I really enjoy the creative curiosity that many newer photographers possess as they are exploring what works and what doesn’t. The only major turn-offs for me are photographers who seem like they have big egos or will be difficult or unpleasant to work with or those that are not respectful in their pre-shoot communications with me.

Which models or other artists currently inspire you?

My early inspirations were Sera FerronBlueriverdream, and Mosh. More recent inspirations include Anoush AnouVex Voir, and Cam Damage.  I really love what @theljilja is doing, as well as @the_nudie_mag. One of my favorite people to work with is Thomas Sauerwein. The work of Egon Shiele has also been very inspiring to me.

Model: Melancholic; Photographer: Tom Sauerwein

What would be your dream shoot?

I’m not sure exactly. I really like using strange materials and getting messy, so I know it would incorporate that. An image that won’t leave my mind is of a pool full of black spaghetti-like substance that looks like a black hole. Limbs, all askew, would be coming out of it and it would be very abstract and surreal.

How important is social media in your success?

I have an Instagram account which I recently made and it is growing slowly. I feel limited in what I can post there because of censorship, however. I post occasionally on Tumblr, but get most of my bookings from Model Mayhem.

Model: Melancholic; Photographer: Romantic Photographic

What else do you like to do outside of modeling?

I love playing music and cooking! I play violin, mandolin, and sing and am currently in two bands. I follow a vegan, gluten-free diet for health reasons, so I do lots of cooking at home with my partner and I’m having fun learning new recipes and challenging myself to improve. I also write poetry and dabble in photography.

What’s the best career advice you can give to new models?

Figure out your limits early on, and stick with them. There are, unfortunately, photographers that will try to push your limits, especially if you are just starting out and inexperienced. It’s worth it to work for trade with photographers who will help you build and strengthen your portfolio, and this will help you in the long run as you will be more likely to get paid bookings if you have a strong portfolio. Workshops are a great way to meet photographers, build your portfolio, and learn how to become a better model, plus they can be a lot of fun and a way to meet other models. Also, be polite, communicative, and on time, and you’ll be way ahead of most other new models. Stay safe!

Model: Melancholic; Photographer: provoculos

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