The Model Mayhem interview: Mosh

Mosh is an alternative model and burlesque performer based in Los Angeles, CA. Her modeling work covers an extensive—and impressive—array of genres including fetish, glamour, pin-up, nudes, commercial, fashion, and beauty. She’s been featured in various print publications, such as LA Weekly, Bizarre, and Maxim magazine (Czech), and she currently graces Model Mayhem’s new banner. We took some time to talk with Mosh about her overall achievements, her early days as a model, and her favorite pieces from her eclectic wardrobe.

We’d also like to thank those members who submitted questions for Mosh’s interview. We were unfortunately only able to pick a select few, but we’re very grateful for all of your submissions.

— MM Edu

Mosh for Coffin Case
Model: Mosh; Photographer: Danger Ninja Production; Hair Stylist: Danielle June

MM Edu: Tell us about your career as a model, from how you got started to now.

Mosh: When I was a teenager, I ran across some fetish imagery online. The more I kept looking, the more I was intrigued. Years later, I posed for a friend in high school. She had to complete some shoots for her photography class, and I modeled for her. A little while later, I found Model Mayhem during one of my many internet searches for fetish and pin-up imagery, and I signed up that day using some of those images that my high school friend had shot. I booked my first shoot shortly after. A week later, I booked another shoot, and then another… and the rest is history.

Mosh brought to you by Coffin Case
Model: Mosh; Photographer: W B Fontenot; Clothing Designer: Collective Chaos

MM Edu: Your work covers many genres but do you have a preference?

Mosh: Fetish was my first love and classic pin-up was my second. I started using the term “alternative” to describe my work—more so as an umbrella term to cover the genres I loved to shoot the most and that weren’t considered part of modern and mainstream fashion shoots. So, “alt model” seemed perfect and because it could cover the things I loved and everything in between; it was the genre of modeling that I loved the most. It could cover fetish, pin-up, odd fashions—anything I wanted it to. When I first started using the term, it didn’t seem as popular or used by such a large variety of models.

At a photo shoot years later, I explained to a photographer that I was an alt model and he immediately looked me over and said, “How can you be an alt model, you’re not tattooed or pierced?” The second photographer in the room replied, “No, she’s the alternative to the alt industry.” I had a good laugh at that. Up until that point, I hadn’t realized how it’s grown into a term to usually refer to a model with modifications. I had some piercings earlier in my career, but that was really the extent of my modifications. Anyway, I still love the alt genre, and I consider all models (modified or not) to be an alt model, so long as they produce work that makes them unique or that does not fit mainstream standards. All in all, I love the ability to model whatever I want, whenever I want. That’s my preference.

Heels by Fabulously Fetish
Model: Mosh; Photographer: Fräulein Ehrhardt

MM Edu: What does it take to be a successful alt model?

Mosh: Professionalism, drive, patience, and good business sense.

MM Edu: Let’s talk fetishes, when did you discover your love of fetishes and how has it evolved?

Mosh: In my early teenage years, I found some fetish imagery online. The more I searched, the more I was intrigued. So, I developed this fascination with fetishism, and soon after became a fetishist, years before I even started modeling. Now, my career focuses heavily on fetishism.

Mosh by Emma Wilcox
Model: Mosh; Photographer: Emma Wilcox Photography; Clothing Designer: Vaunt D

“I developed this fascination with fetishism, and soon after became a fetishist, years before I even started modeling. Now, my career focuses heavily on fetishism.”

MM Edu: You’re also a burlesque performer. Tell us about your shows.

Mosh: I do my best to create shows that evoke the same things that my photos do. My shows are heavily based in fantasy and certain elements from classic burlesque. I love incorporating props and highly stylized costumes that help a stage show really draw you into this fantasy. My shows range from performing a “Jungle Queen” inspired act on an oversized bamboo pyramid to a Magician-Bunny act featuring a 4- foot-tall revolving top hat. I love motion, fetishism, and femininity. Placing those interests together helps to create glamorous and mesmerizing acts, which is something I strive for in every show. I work closely with a few people, like Lisa Lorenz of Waisted Couture who does all my costuming, to bring my ideas to life. Creating everything from the stage lighting and putting together the music to constructing the props and various pieces.

Mosh by Viva Van Story
Model: Mosh; Photographer: Viva Van Story

MM Edu: You must have an incredible wardrobe and show collection… what are your current favorite items?

Mosh: I recently released two different pieces in collaboration with two different designers, and I really love both outcomes. With Stephanie Kuhr of Dottie’s Delight, we released this sheer playsuit that I had originally designed for myself. The playsuit was requested so often that we ended up releasing the suit exclusively through her brand. Classic pin-up illustrations were the major inspiration behind this piece. I wanted a Vargas-style sheer suit to come to life and encase my body! Shooting the piece with Viva Van Story really made the suit look exactly like a classic sheer piece a pin-up would be illustrated wearing. … h-playsuit

With Collective Chaos, we released this ultimate ‘50s-inspired latex swimsuit that I wear for photo shoots (designed originally for my promo shoot with Coffin Case) and certain pool parties. I brought these simple lines and cinched waist to the suit, but Collective Chaos made this piece really special, adding the ruffle derriere to the bottom and bosom, accentuating the hourglass figure. This is one of my most favorite pieces in my latex collection, and I’m so happy that my name is attached to it. … -p-77.html

And, from my entire wardrobe:

For corsets, Lisa Lorenz of Waisted Couture Corsetry makes all of my custom corsets and costuming for my stage shows and photo shoots.

For lingerie, I love Waisted Couture’s pieces as well as Dottie’s Delight.

My reproduction stockings and reproduction girdles come from GirdleBound.

For shoes, hands down the high heel masters at Fabulously Fetish, who create my custom show shoes and whose stilettos are featured in almost every shoot I do today.

For latex, I adore Collective Chaos, Westward Bound, Ego Assassin, Fraulein Ehrhardt, Pandora Deluxe, Am Statik, and others in my credits (in no particular order)!

Mosh by James Jaeger
Model: Mosh; Photographer: James Jaeger; Clothing Designer: Lisa Lorenz

MM Edu: One of the first things everyone notices about your work is the incredible poses and flexibility you display. We received many questions asking about your posing, from how do you come up with them and what helps you pull them off – is it your gymnastics background, yoga, or something else?

Mosh: My gymnastics (artistic and rhythmic) background is primarily where I took bits of inspiration from for poses. I was also a cheerleader for a number of years, and did my best to work at a stable from time to time. A combination of everything helped develop my posing style. I don’t really do anything special nowadays—I try to stretch regularly as I would have in gymnastics, and if I exercise, I replicate my conditioning floor exercises from my training days. In recent years, I’ve been traveling too much to keep up with a regular workout routine; the airlines would probably frown upon my rolling around on the floor of their walkway. My shoots give me my most strenuous workouts, as well as my show rehearsals.

Mosh by Mickle Design Werks
Model: Mosh; Photographer: Mickle Design Werks

“My gymnastics (artistic and rhythmic) background is primarily where I took bits of inspiration from for poses.”

MM Edu: You also do your own makeup and hair styling, did you take any classes or are you self-taught?

Mosh: I’m self-taught and have learned through trial and error. I’ve been applying makeup to my face since the age of six for cheerleading competitions, so I’ve gained quite a bit of experience from applying my own makeup for years. I do recommend taking the time to sit in front of the mirror and study your face thoroughly. Apply make up slowly, and study the results after each step to understand the uses of the cosmetics. The same can be done for hair styling. Practice and experiment! Practice makes perfect; it took me a few years to acquire my semi-professional styling skills. I’m still polishing them and adding to my styling capabilities, and I try to polish off the looks even further year after year.

Mosh by James Jaeger
Model: Mosh; Photographer: James Jaeger

MM Edu: What do you like most about being a model? What do you least enjoy?

Mosh: The creativity that my freelance modeling allows me to have is what I cherish most. The images I project, and the shows I create, are the reasons for why I wanted to become a model and performer in the first place. To be able to do this my own way is a dream come true. Rejections are perhaps the least enjoyable moments; having projects and ideas turned down or ignored isn’t a very pleasant feeling. You must pick yourself back up, keep doing, and keep trying.

Mosh by Peter Gonzales
Model: Mosh; Photographer: Peter Gonzales Photo; Makeup Artist: The Vanity

“The images I project, and the shows I create, are the reasons for why I wanted to become a model and performer.”

MM Edu: What career achievement are you most proud of?

Mosh: I’m very happy about all of my achievements. It’s the combination of them all that makes up my career: Having the opportunity to work with some of the biggest names in their respective genres, as well as my credits, such as my appearances on the covers of Bizarre magazine and Maxim (Czech). I’ve gained sponsorships and the respect of some designers and companies that I admire, as well. I’m very honored to be seen as a valued artist by those talented individuals.

Mosh - Bizarre Magazine
Model: Mosh; Photographer: Nick Saglimbeni; Makeup Artist: Jennifer Corona; Hair Stylist: Danielle June

MM Edu: If you could shoot with anyone (models and/or photographers), who would you choose and why?

Mosh: Ellen Von Unwerth has always caught my attention with her imagery. I’m not sure if she’s a fetishist in any way, I’m only assuming, but her book “Revenge” along with a number of her other images captures classic eroticism flawlessly. Her work contains these raw elements, but is still polished and stylish. I look for this kind of uniqueness in photographers. I really would just like to work with photographers who have their own signature style, whether it’s versatile or very particular, and can light their subjects flawlessly. Lighting is always key to beautiful photographs, and it’s the number one thing I look for in a photographer’s portfolio. Now if we’re talking fantasy shoot, what I’d really like is for Helmut Newton and Bob Carlos Clarke to beam down for a few days and work with me.

Mosh in the premier issue of Alt Mag
Model: Mosh; Photographer: Nick Saglimbeni; Makeup Artist: Jennifer Corona; Hair Stylist: Danielle June

MM Edu: Who or what inspires you?

Mosh: My inspiration comes from a variety of places. I collect a lot of antiques, classic fashion, and vintage ephemera. Sometimes, one of the items that I bring home will inspire me to develop a concept for stage or studio. Other times, a color, or a phrase, and occasionally a household object inspire me. I just keep my eyes and ears open. I enjoy being intrigued, and love finding items that could possibly be the start of something beautiful.

As for people, I have a long list of women and men that I admire or enjoy watching, mostly from the early to mid-20th century.

Mosh by Allan Amato
Model: Mosh; Photographer: Allan Amato Photography; Clothing Designer: Mother of London

MM Edu: What advice do you have for aspiring models?

Mosh: Let your own unique self shine in your photos. Inspiration is great, but don’t forget that it’s only inspiration. Use it as a foundation for your career to develop and allow it to blossom into something that’s your very own. Besides this, professionalism will go a long way.

MM Edu: Let’s talk a little about Model Mayhem because that’s really where your modeling career got started. What does MM mean to you?

Mosh: It is where a good portion of my career started, so it means a great deal. Without this tool and network, it’s anyone’s guess where my career would be, if I’d even have one. It just goes to show that you shouldn’t take MM or anything in your career for granted. It’s all just a matter of how you use it. Don’t misjudge the power of MM!

Mosh - Bizarre Magazine
Model: Mosh; Photographer: Holly Randall Prod; Clothing Designer: Ego Assassin

MM Edu: Please tell us about your shoot with MichaelO that became the new MM banner and what it means to you to win the contest?

Mosh: It was quite a while ago, but I seem to remember it being one those thrown together kind of shoots. We didn’t have a set time, or set place—we were just trying to get a plan together. He was visiting and we were trying to figure out where we could shoot in DC. I was sitting at my day job at the time thinking, was this shoot really going to work out? I did really want to work with MichaelO, so I just kept hoping it would all fall into place. I have a photographer friend in DC, Vance, who I called last minute and who kindly allowed us to use his place that evening. We managed to get a few looks in, headphones and all, and it turned out to be one of my important career-advancing shoots. It gave me one of my first covers, Advanced Photoshop magazine #49, and now you’re forced to look at my face every time you log onto MM.

I still can’t believe that my face is featured at the top of the biggest photo networking site on the web. I feel honored and ecstatic.

MM Edu: Congratulations, it’s well deserved, and thank you for giving us a glimpse into your world.

Mosh: Thank you!

MM Edu

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  1. March 02, 2017 at 12:23 am, Lexi Vinci said:

    Model Mayhem please have your interviews and articles edited properly!


  2. April 24, 2013 at 11:10 am, Lacie Schwarz said:

    want to hate her because she creates images that i would love to see myself in, but i gotta hand it to her, she’s talented and beautiful. Haters are gonna hate. Insecure people are going to find every flaw and every fault.


  3. April 22, 2013 at 1:01 pm, Miss Serenity said:

    I’m so in love with her! She’s the reason I’m perusing modeling currently and the reason I fell in love with fetish.


  4. August 25, 2012 at 6:37 am, Industrial Girl said:

    Mosh. You are a lovely person inside and out, and I am honored to have met you this year at the Solid Gold party during the Fetish Factory event in May. Best of luck and wishing you continued success! Always enjoy your photos. Keep it up! :)


  5. August 05, 2012 at 5:44 am, Jane S. said:

    Isn’t it interesting…how all the positive comments have been posted with names, and the negative ones are all anonymous? Hmm…


    • August 05, 2012 at 12:08 pm, Guest said:

      That’s probably because people who have experienced something negative in regards to the topic of this article probably do not WISH to associate their name with it. Sure, it would grant for some hits and exposure and questioning. But none of that is really worth it. The experience is bad enough! I can’t speak for all the others who have posted something here, but everything I’ve said has been in all good faith.


  6. August 03, 2012 at 9:32 am, Aurora said:

    and another note, if Pink and other known entertainment industries used her because she is only professional to those that will make her bigger. People underestimate others talents. Mosh will only be professional if it is convenient for her. A REAL Model would be professional to those that are starting as well to the ones that are known.


  7. August 03, 2012 at 9:29 am, Aurora said:

    I totally agree, the thing is that some businesses don’t even comment negative because they will delete them. but coming from me, she has been the worst and the most unprofessional model I have ever worked. I am not a model but a business owner and her sense of professionalism is too the floor. I bet you guys will delete this message, but most businesses like mine won’t even talk more than should. Time will tell, not everything that glitters is gold… she is false gold. trust me, she sabotaged one project I had in LA, another known business and known photographer. I predict more negative comments in the future.


  8. August 02, 2012 at 8:56 pm, Shida the Cheetah said:

    Geesh, people. What’s with all of the hatred? Mosh has done her fair
    share of hard work, and I think everyone should be able to respect that.
    If you’re unhappy with something she’s said or done, I don’t think that
    leaving a comment on here is the ‘professional’ way to handle it with
    her. Stop with all the HATE! Share some love for goodness sakes.

    Having said that, Mosh: Continue to ignore the nay-sayers. You’ve been
    inspiring me since the first time I ran across your portfolio in late
    2010. At my first few shoots in LA, you were always the first reference
    to style that I mentioned – To Paindancer, to Ophelia, to various
    others. They all had wonderful things to say about you.

    You’re an icon now! 😮 Remain fearless, doll (and congratulations)!


  9. July 31, 2012 at 3:16 pm, Koray said:

    Mosh rocks. Thats all I have to say.


  10. July 31, 2012 at 5:06 am, Hung Doan said:

    Congrats Mosh! She’s no casual smiley gap model nor the cheesy glamour bikini wearing daisy dukes babe. Nope she eats them on a skewer with radishes. Mosh is a versatile model if you have a highly conceptual image or a visually stunning off-the-wall well styled shoot in mind. Also i can see how a newbie photographer could get bucked-off if you’re some guy lucky to book her but haven’t quite mastered the basics. If you know your shit(even if its basic portraiture lighting) and can convey your concept she will run with it and you will have no shortage of great images. I shot her a few times for some specific clean beauty series and we were done in about 20 mins. No needless actuations with this girl.

    Mosh is quite proficient at adapting to the artists’ vision which was why the director and Pink were ecstatic with her performance for the lead girl in the Pink music video “Blow Me(One Last Kiss). As far as professionalism the blood-rain scene was unexpected to her and even though fearing she may have pink/red hair the next few days(possibly overlapping onto booked shoots) her priorities were to the artists’ vision and delivered amazingly.

    So… she’s pretty cool. I will click the “like” button now.


    • August 01, 2012 at 8:21 pm, N/A said:

      That is a biased comment. What makes you think photographers have had terrible experiences with this model are amateurs or are “new” to the business? At the end of the day, granted a model can’t please everybody… but being professional is a *must* at all times.


  11. July 31, 2012 at 12:16 am, AiTenshiMisha said:

    I think Mosh is great :) Ive heard nothing but great things about her. She deserves to be the main banner for MM.


  12. July 30, 2012 at 6:49 am, T Ladd said:

    artistic inspiration of the most delicious kind. thank you Mosh and MM.


  13. July 30, 2012 at 12:36 am, Josalynn Lark said:

    Your stunning, and your work is amazing. I only hope that I am able to be in your position one day, so that I can bring my imagination to life.


  14. July 27, 2012 at 11:35 pm, Pretty Deadly Stylz said:

    Good read, Mosh has always been super nice when meeting/working with her. Wanted to say congrats on the role in the new Pink Video as well:

    Lovely as usual!


  15. May 21, 2012 at 7:11 am, Billyarchos said:

    I feel very honored to have worked with Mosh a couple of times when she has visited Toronto Canada and just wanted to say she is a total joy to work with besides being an amazing talent. Mosh you deserve all the accolades you receive and your combination of talent, kindness and professional attitude is brilliant and rare! Thank you for helping me evolve as a photographer and capturing some amazing photos with you! Sincerely, Billy


  16. May 19, 2012 at 1:55 pm, Magic Image said:

    I am wondering if you have ever been painted by Olivia De Berardinis, and if so where can i find the print.


    • May 21, 2012 at 8:23 pm, AmandaAperture said:

       I wonder this to myself constantly.  I don’t think she has, but I really wish it would happen.


  17. May 19, 2012 at 7:22 am, Julie said:

    While I’m not much into alt or fetish, it’s cool to see what Mosh has done to advance her career in this genre. Intelligent, insightful interview and sexy images. 


  18. May 18, 2012 at 7:11 pm, Victoria Gail said:

    Excellent feature- makes me admire & respect her all the more!!! All hail to the Queen – she is her own woman and so inspiring-thanks for making my day  ♥ ♥ ♥


  19. May 18, 2012 at 6:31 pm, PatRat said:

    I have loved Mosh since seeing her on DeviantArt before I found MM.

    Thank you for all the inspiration!!


  20. May 18, 2012 at 2:55 pm, Shelbie Marie said:

    Mosh you are my favorite! <3


  21. May 18, 2012 at 2:54 pm, Bryan Drumm said:

    your words are as graceful as your photo’s amazing as always. 


  22. May 18, 2012 at 12:36 pm, Guest said:

    I liked the old banner better…..(


  23. May 18, 2012 at 12:07 pm, Dgart50 said:

    All I can do is bow and worship. Mosh for president. great interview!


  24. May 18, 2012 at 10:56 am, SilkeGabrielle said:

    Been following Mosh since I purchased Viva Van Story’s book back in 2010 (where she graced the cover). I love her unique style and it’s so nice to see an article on her. Definitely my favorite Alt Model!


  25. July 29, 2012 at 1:47 am, Mosh said:

    Ah yes, I remember! I told this character I wouldn’t wear UGG boots and mini jean skirts via message and then was blocked, I would hardly call that hiring someone 😉 Silly Bill, only ridiculous stilettos are allowed on these feet!

    Thank you very much for all of the kind words and comments everyone! I’m beyond flattered and honored, tall tales and all!


  26. July 29, 2012 at 12:05 pm, Jose Luis said:

    It seems she is more a personality than a model. Models being blank canvas that can portray various themes and personalities who have one look that people admire. I think this is true for alot of alternative “models.” Now lots of folks love this personality and look so this is not a negative judgement in any way. That being said when you hire a model like this with a very singularly defined persona or an alt model with alot of tats or something- you are hiring that character, not really a model. That being said- you should be understanding that they will want to protect their persona and have final say on wardrobe, styling, etc- just like when you would be shooting a celebrity. If you are looking for a model to do various themes, I would hire a girl that is a bit more versatile in goal and availability.


  27. August 03, 2012 at 9:47 am, sean (anonymous) said:

    Bill I agree with you. I have hired her once, for a shoot and she took my money and never gave answered to my emails. I hired her because she has a gorgeous face. Nevertheless, I am a company for gods sake and it is sickening how this woman gets so much praise. I admire Mosh, for knowing how to market herself well. She is nice and professional for those that kiss her ass. And what can you expect from a model that with her beauty and youth, take trashy naked pictures? Bottom line, I wish her the best in her endeavors and ventures. Regardless, I never hired her again. Plus, (without mentioning names) I heard other negative things from other businesses that had terrible experiences with her. For some reason, the internet blocks them, removes them for some reason.


  28. July 30, 2012 at 7:50 am, L Bass said:

    Actually, Mosh is very diverse in her abilities as a model. She is meticulous with her makeup and hair before the shoot (which really pays off when the camera goes to work)… and incredible with her poise and body language during the shoot. Subtle things like her hand motions and intense eye contact will grab your attention as you shoot.
    It’s really hard to describe her in a paragraph or two. All I can say is this… if you are ever fortunate enough to work with her on a one-on-one basis, you will agree that she has to be one of the most talented models you will ever have in front of your camera. Hands down.


  29. July 31, 2012 at 9:45 pm, Bill Mason said:

    You have the wrong person, Mosh. The wardrobe you refused to wear in the shoot I was discussing with you was from a vintage collection of 40s and 50s clothing and accessories. And yes, you had agreed to the shoot, so in essence you had been hired. The professional response would have been to just politely decline the shoot.


  30. August 03, 2012 at 9:38 am, sean said:

    How about when you were paid for a shoot, never signed a release form, never answer emails to more than 3 professional businesses, Mosh? Or did you forget how you trashed other models and other companies to photographers? yeah, wat ever hunny bunny, the truth about you will come up shortly. I heard about you not by my own business but other photographers and other stores in the business. this is the first time I have spoken and if Bill had something negative to say… then I know I am not crazy. You ain’t the best model in the industry. With your cocky attitude you will be old news soon.


  31. August 01, 2012 at 2:53 am, Mosh said:

    I think you’re most certainly mistaken sir! All the best to you anyways!


  32. August 01, 2012 at 4:01 am, Mosh said:

    And yes you are sir! Posting your full name allowed me to pull up the full message, and I’m very happy I found it. Before remembering who you were and posting my initial response, I was concerned that I had somehow let my professionalism slip up at some point, but the message proves otherwise. Not to sound conceited, but I’d like to think it was one of my greatest response emails ever written on MM. You know, I took a full half hour writing it out for you! If you’d like, I’d be happy to send you the link to the message in order to refresh your memory.
    I don’t take these “being unprofessional” accusations very lightly when I know that I did all that I could on my end to be the most honest professional that I could be to provide you with the best shoot possible. I certainly won’t ignore it when now you’re just telling tales on my own interview. For future reference, when a model tells you “I don’t really have ____, but I can bring ____, is this acceptable?”… don’t wait until a few messages later to tell her you’re not hiring them for that reason, although you already stated earlier that the latter sounded good and to bring it in. You could have at least said the fact that I requested to see the MUA’s portfolio before allowing them to work on me was the reason you wouldn’t hire me, as that’s when you stated “it’s not the place of a hired model to make such comments and demands”. Nevermind that I had/have it clearly stated on my main portfolio page that muas must be discussed prior to a booking. Just a few tips so as to not confuse your future models. As I said before, all the best to you!


  33. August 25, 2012 at 10:34 am, Bill Mason said:

    Mosh, I have never, nor would I ever, do a shoot with a model in Uggs and a mini jean skirt. I checked our conversation on MM and you were the one that used the words mini jean skirt, not me. And neither of us mentioned Uggs in any of that MM conversation. I do apologize for remembering part of our conversation differently. I still stand on principle that you should not make negative comments about wardrobe or any aspect of a shoot that you are hired for.


  34. April 20, 2013 at 12:34 pm, Wendy Baez said:

    Hey, Mosh im doing my senior project on modeling and i need to do an interview from someone professional so i was wondering if i could interview you through here or through your email or something..???…i really need it plz


  35. August 02, 2012 at 5:29 pm, MM Edu said:

    The comment was removed because it was a personal attack, which we don’t allow, and anonymous, which left it lacking any credibility.


  36. August 03, 2012 at 9:13 am, guest said:

    Truth is if I came out of anonymity credibility would be an understatement. I am avoiding that so I do not recieve hundreds of questions by other girls who look up to this girl. My comment wasn’t a personal attack, it was an experience I had business wise with this girl as a model, which is a topic mentioned in this article.


  37. August 03, 2012 at 10:06 am, guest said:

    Same problem here! Zero returned emails, lack of communication after she received what she wanted.


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