Model Mayhem Photographer of the Year: Stephen Thorne

Stephen Thorne is an accomplished photojournalist with 40 years experience as a photographer, 30 years as an editor, lecturer and award winning reporter.

He’s covered combat operations for many years and his reporting and photography has been featured in many newspapers and magazines, including Time, Weekly World News, and the International Journal.

Stephen recently won the Gold Medal, as voted for by members, in the Model Mayhem Photographer of the Year contest.

Model Mayhem Photographer of the Year: Stephen Thorne
Photographer: Stephen Thorne

MM Edu: Tell us about your photographic style.

Stephen Thorne: I try to stick to simple concepts, well within the limits of my resources and those of the models I work with. The connection with the model is everything to me. When model and photographer make that connection and things start to flow seamlessly and effortlessly, it’s amazing. You feed off one another’s creativity and imagination. When the model understands what you are looking for, and you understand what the model has to give, communication can be almost intuitive and it can be very rewarding.

MM Edu: Where do those concepts come from?

Stephen: For me, I find the best concepts come from within — the light, an expression, a look, a mood. If these elements of a photograph move people, then I feel I’ve succeeded in doing what I set out to do.

MM Edu: What does it mean to you being named Model Mayhem Photographer of the Year?

Stephen: The Model Mayhem Photographer of the Year award was a great honor. Especially considering the cross-section of support I received from models, stylists and other photographers. I am very fond of the MM community and I’ve made some good friends here, especially among photographers whom I really respect.

View Stephen Thorne’s Model Mayhem portfolio. See more on his personal website and follow Stephen on Facebook.

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