Why is my Model Mayhem profile in Google search?

Model Mayhem carries a high search ranking online, which means that certain information in your profile may be indexed by Google and/or other search engines online.

Please note that Model Mayhem has no control over search results but we do offer you several ways to help you control your visibility in search results.

1) Change your display name!

If your real name is associated with your profile, it means people searching your real name will be able to bring up your profile.

2) Change your profile privacy!

We offer several options for profile privacy options, many of which do not permit search engines to index your profile.

Note: If your profile has been listed as public, this will not automatically erase or modify existing results.

You can change your profile privacy from this section of Settings:

3) Upgrade and utilize private photo albums!

Subscribers have the ability to put their images into private albums which can be displayed to Model Mayhem members only, or password protected so you can choose specifically who you want to see your images.

4) Cancel your account.

While this option is definitely a nuclear option, cancelling your profile will return an error page for anyone trying to view your profile.

Tip: If you are canceling your profile, We highly recommend that you remove all of the images and information associated with your account FIRST.

Note: Even if you delete your images and profile content, Google and any other third-party search engine still serve cached versions of their search results — which makes old information still searchable.


Why is my profile appearing on Google after cancelling my account or changing my privacy settings?

Profiles that were public before you changed your account settings to exclude search engines will likely still be indexed by Google. This means they took a snapshot of your public profile and put a copy onto their servers.

Once you have saved your account settings to exclude search engines, all changes moving forward will be blocked from search engines, but that will not change any previously publicly available information. If you later change your account settings back to public, your profile will once again become public and may be indexed by third-party search engines again.

Deleted Images and Content

Even if you delete photos or other content on Model Mayhem, that information may still be presented as a cached version by Google and other search engines, which means that the information may still be available. Although your images are removed from Model Mayhem’s servers when you choose to delete your photos, this does not automatically erase old information in Google’s search index.

Because the images will no longer be on our servers, anyone who tries to visit the old image will be taken to an error page: “This image has been deleted.”

The old image will still appear because Google and other search engines may not have the current information updated in their search index, and until Google updates the new information and indexes your current status, links to the profile or updates posted prior to removal/protection remain online.

How and when to send Google a request to remove the information:

Google will eventually update their version of information, but if you’d like to request Google to do it sooner, follow the steps below.

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