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To get the most out of your friends network it’s essential to think about who you want to be friends with on Model Mayhem. If you find a member that you’d like to work with, or contact for a reference, send them a friend request. Once accepted you have unlimited messages to check references, discuss your ideas and schedule a shoot.

When you receive a friend request you have three choice; accept, deny or ignore. But, it’s important to remember that Basic members cannot message you if you choose to deny or ignore their friend requests. Only Premium and VIP members can send messages to non-friends.

Unlimited Messages to Friends

All Model Mayhem members now have unlimited messages to friends.

Basic members cannot send messages to non-friends. They must send a friend request and wait for it to be accepted before sending messages. However, Basic members can send 10 Casting Messages per day.

Premium members can send 100 messages per month to non-friends and VIP members can send unlimited messages to non-friends.

Friend Requests

The number of friend requests you can send per day depends on your membership level. Basic members can send 10 friend requests per day, while Premium and VIP can send 25 and 50 respectively.

Why have limits? To reduce spam/unwanted requests.


Non-friends on Model Mayhem are considered out-of-network. And, as mentioned above, only Premium and VIP members can send messages to non-friends.

The Importance of Building Your Network

Your friends network on Model Mayhem now has real value. It allows you to connect with other members you may want to work with. It can also be used to limit or even prevent interactions with members you don’t want to work or communicate with.

If you’re a model it’s important to become friends with photographers you may want to work with, and other models in your location and the locations you may travel to for work. Your friends network is a valuable resource booking modeling jobs and checking references.

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