The 10 most popular articles of 2013

Every January we take a look back at the 10 most popular articles published the previous year. So, without any further ado, here is our top 10 or 2013!

10. Beach photography tips for models and photographers

Photographer: Armond Scipione; Model: Karolina Wozniak

Armond Scipione has been living near the beaches of South Florida since 2004 and during that time he’s developed extensive experience for what it takes to create successful photo shoots at the beach. Read the full article

9. 11 tips for making more money as a freelance model

Model: Aviva; Photographer: Philip’e

Aspiring models are always wondering how to make more money, especially when they are going the freelance route. In this article, Aviva shares 11 tips on how you can increase your own value as a model and make more money. Read the full article

8. The secret to landing your first magazine cover

Model: Armond Scipione

Here’s another entry in the top 10 from Armond Scipione! This time he shares his secrets for what it takes to land your first magazine cover. And, he’s speaking from experience with 12 magazine covers to his name, all without the use of a manager, agent, or outside help. Read the full article

7. Plus size modeling

Model: Anna Adrielle; Photographer: Pieter Vandeur

Plus size modeling can be many things and in this article Anna Adrielle discusses the most common types of plus modeling, the requirements for each type and the best way to find work. Read the full article

6. Intro to freelance modeling

Model: Sierra McKenzie; Photographer: Jeff Waters Photography
Model: Sierra McKenzie; Photographer: Jeff Waters Photography

Professional freelance model Sierra McKenzie provides the building blocks for models wanting to enter the freelance world but unsure where to start. Sierra discusses the basics, from being professional to setting limits, before going on to cover building a portfolio, paid vs. trade, setting rates, posing and more. Read the full article

5. How to create foreground bokeh in-camera

Photographer: Jake Hicks Photography; Model: Alex Fia

Jake Hicks shares his technique for creating foreground bokeh in-camera. Bokeh is most commonly seen in small highlights such as specular reflections and light source areas of an out-of-focus background but Jake shows how to bring that visual effect firmly into the foreground. Read the full article

4. Androgynous modeling

Model: Van Burnham; Photographer: Phillip Ritchie; Makeup Artist: Elise

Androgynous model, Van Burnham, discusses androgyny and the rise of androgynous models in the fashion industry as the concept of having two models for the price of one gains popularity. Read the full article

3. Modeling, vanity and self-awareness

Model: Ella Rose; Photographer: Max Operandi

Ella Rose shares her thoughts on the media’s obsession with  “beauty” and “perfection” and her feelings about modeling, vanity and self-awareness. Ella’s inspiring article generated a tremendously positive response from readers in the comments section too. Read the full article

2. Shooting in a small home photo studio

Photographer: R-a-n; Model: Amber TL

Shooting in a professional studio isn’t an option for many photographers just starting out or only shooting for fun. In this article, R-a-n, provides a workable solution with tips on how to temporarily turn your own home into a studio. Read the full article

1. 8 ways to flatter women using one light

Photographer: Christa Meola

It’s no surprise that this was our most popular article of 2013. Christa Meola generously allowed us to publish a very detailed excerpt from her excellent book, The Art of Boudoir Photography: How to Create Stunning Photographs of Women. In this article, Christa provides advice, technical tips and lighting diagrams to explain how she creates such stunning photos. Read the full article

We hope you enjoy reading, or re-reading, these and all the other great articles in EDU. And, we’d also like to thank everyone that contributed to EDU in 2013. We published many great articles last year and look forward to 2014 being even better as we strive to cover a wide range of interesting topics. Let us know if there’s anything you’d like covered or if you have a something you want to write about.


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