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Model Female Los Angeles, California, US
My MM URL: http://www.modelmayhem.com/TheJinNTonic
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About Me


Hi! I'm JIN! Full-time, professional Actor/Model/Badass based in LA!
I have over 500+ FR's!! If you're interested in working together, please PM! <3

I <3 to pose..
Behind the scenes with Mykes Photos.

Acting is my first <3 Be sure to check out Zombie Town!, an online short written and starring yours truly! (I did have an Awesome Still posted here, but MM deemed it "Too (M) for Mature" and I was asked to remove it! (If you didn't want to watch before, you know you have to now!)

"You make people realize that there exist other beauties in the world."
-so says my favorite fortune cookie

Current Look 2/22/15

I am currently only making time in my busy schedule for PAID or PUBLISHED work. If money is an issue I suggest reading this awesome forum post on feasible ways to overcome that! I have my own set rates but do consider all offers and am a fan of bartering. I am also ALWAYS interested in being a part of charitable projects, just message/email me.

If I get compliments on anything (besides my nice rack, that is) it's my versatility!

"Jin made my job easy, I am amazed at how many different looks she has."
-Light Dances Photography (not on MM)

(Photo creds available upon request)

I'm making my own genre! I have the curves for glamour, the attitude for fashion, and the heart of an artist; all wrapped in a perfect little, blonde, travel-sized package for all your shooting needs!
JNT is all about breaking molds, telling it like it is, and looking fabulous while doing so!

I own 9 wigs; a very long black, a medium long red, a medium long blonde, a short black, green, pink, and purple bob and blonde bob with bangs, & a nice 'natural' brunette wig. Browse my port; Each wig completely transforms my look!


I have some BIG plans for travel in 2015!! Most dates are NOT set yet so this means BIG opportunity for you to make sure I work you into my travel plans!! PM meow!
NorCal Tour
February 4th & 5th (Wed/Thur) - *Bakersfield *Fresno
February 6th (Friday) - *San Jose *San Francisco
February 7th (Saturday) - *Sacramento Workshop "The Color Red" with Jin N Tonic
February 8th (Sunday) - *Sacramento - available for one-on-one bookings
February 9th-??- Back to *San Francisco *San Jose
Available for workshops, private shoots, group events, video projects (yes please!) and figure modeling!
NW Tour!
February 20th-27th (Friday-Friday) - I will be ALL OVAH Oregon & Washington, main stops of course being *Portland & *Seattle
March 2015 - Dates not set!
Short trips in the works to San Diego and Salt Lake City
Spring AZSO
April 17th-20th (Friday-Monday) - I will be heading to the Spring Arizona Shootout once again, just outside of *Pheonix, AZ. There are TONS of great photographers in the area, so I'm looking forward to extending my trip, and able to travel to *Tuscan as well.
NE Tour!
May/June 2015 -DATES NOT YET SET! PM ME!
*DC *NYC *Philly *Baltimore & *Toronto! *Montreal! (My first trip to Canada!)
Available for workshops, private shoots, group events, video projects (yes please!) and figure modeling!
May/June 2015
Will be heading from my NE tour to Paris, France! My first trip to Europe, I will be testing the waters out there and available for limited travel outside of Paris as needed/demanded wink Available for workshops, private shoots, group events, video projects (yes please!) and figure modeling!
July 11th - My Annual NO PHOTOGS PARTAY (sorry Photogs!)
More deets to come, annual party at Santa Monica Beach, all models near and far are welcomed! <3
Also in the works...
*Denver *Chicago *Cleveland *Florida *South Korea *New Orleans *Anywhere else!

See What it's Like Working with JNT! Behind the scenes on an alternative pinup shoot with RJ Barnes on my recently wrapped tour of the NW! (PSST! I'm a lot of fun!)


~I prefer to discuss details of our shoot via MM or email (badass@jinntonic.com)
~If interested in working together, don't forget the details! Be sure to include your REAL NAME, proposed date, location, concept, MUAH, length of shoot, compensation, as well as a couple references. Feel free to share and review the 6 steps to Emailing like a Professional (Goddammit).
~I LOVE to travel but the airlines are insisting that I cannot pay them in photos, no matter how nekkid (and my gas tank is saying something similar). Therefore; I CANNOT/DO NOT/WILL NOT TRAVEL FOR TF PROJECTS! If you see your area listed feel free to message me and we can discuss. Otherwise, you and your budget need to have a talk (rates + travel compensation = JNT in front of your very happy camera)!
My Look
~Is insanely versatile!! Please do not paint me into a box; I never have.
~I have a few thousand freckles. They are ADORABLE but easily disappear.
~I have several tattoos and piercings - all piercings are easily removed and I know how to pose around my tattoos (Hmm, you'd think I was some kind of professional or something!). Generally speaking my right side is my 'non-tatted' side.
At the shoot..
~If you plan on providing food -which is always GREATLY appreciated - please keep in mind that a 'model diet' is often not the norm. Additionally, I am a vegetarian who does not enjoy cheese (so let's say "vegan" to keep things simple)
~When shooting I often have one of my assistants with me, especially at beach shoots. They are experienced and professional, and make my life a hundred times easier. I do not mind sharing, as needed. Having my assistant at hand is vital to making my social media updates as non-disruptive as possible, and to ensuring that I have all proper crediting information so I can share the amazing products of our shoot!
And one more thing..
~I currently have over 500 FR!! EEK! If you're interested in working together the fastest way is to SEND A DAMN MESSAGE! <3[/b]

Additionally, I am also available for hire as a posing coach and wardrobe stylist. These rates are lower than my modeling ones and still provide your shoot with an extensive amount of knowledge and unique wardrobe. I collaborate with designers all over the U.S. who provide me with their unique creations to be used in photo shoots. Check out "Miss Toxic Styles" on MM! or PM if interested in adding your designs to the arsenal!

You can find tons of BLOG posts, PRINTS (like, to buy!), ACTING RESUME, and more at:

You can also find me on....
Facebook Instagram Twitter Tumblr Zivity YouTube
And beyond! I'm errrrrrrywhere. Plus a Wishlist ;D

Models and other traveling artists; I'm happy to host! If you do not mind a feisty kitten, I always have a warm/cool/safe place with blankees and wifi for the traveling artist <3 *Please have references!*


You can find my acting reel and resume with lots of fun little links HERE

Pheonix Stanna Presents Fashion Mix - Huntington Beach, CA - March 2014
Barbie Love (Designer)– Barbie Birthday fashion event – Hollywood, CA – October 2013
"Agent O" (artist) of Artifakt - AMDEF, 6th Annual Event - Seattle, WA - August 2013
Taken by the Sky (Designer) - Rock the Runway 8 - Portland, OR - August 2013
D.N.A. (Designer) Urban Protest (Designer) Genius Threads (Designer) - Chance Fashion 4 Year Anniversary Event - Portland, OR - June 2013
Barbie Love (Designer)– American Cancer Charity Event – Hollywood, CA – January 2013
Hillary Flowers (Designer) – New Year’s Eve Event – NYC, New York – December 2012
June Klyder (Make Up Artist)– RAW Artists – Boise, Idaho – December 2012
Barbie Love (Designer) – Sounds of Fashion – Glendale, CA – October 2012
Bourgeois Chic (Designer) – RAW Artists – Boise, Idaho – June 2012


"Uncovered" Magazine - Issue #3 - March 2014
"Babes of the Northwest 2014" Calendar - Miss February - 2014
"Girls and Corpses" Magazine - Volume 7 - Winter 2013 - INTERNATIONAL PRINT!
"Garters and Grills" Magazine - Issue 7 - December 2013
"Ladies of Steampunk" Magazine - Cover - Issue - October 2013
"Project OH!" Magazine - Beta #1 Issue Summer 2013
"Fashion Bombshell" Magazine - May 2013 Issue
"Belleza" Magazine - February 2013 Issue
"Fashion Bombshell Magazine" - January 2013 Issue
“Ladies of Steampunk” – Issue 3 – January 2013
“Chuy's 2013” Calendar – Miss September - Bakersfield, CA - 2013

Online Features & Interviews
FetFan Magazine Feature and Interview April 2014
Dr. Suzy Block's 22nd Wedding Anniversary with Girls & Corpses Magazine April 2014
Wheels & Heels Magazine coverage of Pheonix Stanna's Fashion Mix - March 2014, Photos ©Py25 Studios 2014
Arsenic Magazine Feature March 2014, Images ©Sal W Hanna Photography 2013
Glamour Model Magazine - January 2013 Interview, Photo set ©Sal W Hanna 2013
Arsenic Magazine - July 2013 Feature, Photo set ©Robert Bejil Photography 2013
Team Leftjab - March 2013 "Team Leftjab Girl Jin N Tonic," Photo set ©Carlos Ramos 2013
The Feature Image - April 2013 Interview, Photo set ©Robert Bejil Photography 2013
Eavesdropping with Johnny - April 2013 "Pin Up Friday with ... Jin N Tonic" Photos ©Atomic Johnny's Pin Ups 2012
Eavesdroping with Johnny - March 2012 "Jin N Tonic Friday," Photos ©Atomic Johnny's Pin Ups 2011

Promotional Work
Girls & Corpses Magazine promo/ G&C Girl - The Hollywood Show, January 2014; Monsterpalooza March 2014; Dr. Suzy Block's 22nd Wedding Anniversary April 2014
BVR Etc. Promotions - Oregon - Summer 2013
T.I.M.s Models (Car shows & Group shoots) – LA area – 2012-Present
Chuy’s Girl (Car shows and calendar signings) – Bakersfield, CA - 2013
Push Models – Bakersfield, CA - 2013
Sunflower Staffing - Bakersfield, CA - 2012
Attack Marketing - Boise, ID - 2011

Bilingual English/Spanish, weapons & stunt training, yoga, improv, go go dancing, promotional model, ring girl & fitness instruction experience. All piercings are removable, tattoos are located primarily on left side and covered by t-shirt and shorts. 


I have worked with dozens of professional photographers and even a few designers, hair & make up artists, and body painters all over the U.S. and Canada. I have the proper credits listed on all photos. If there is no MUAH credit that means hair and make up was done by little ol' me. If you have any questions on credits please let me know!

JNT comes highly recommended!
"[Jin] has so much range, and that is a tough feature for ANY model to posses. One minute she is doing sexy, and the next she is doing fun and fashionable with entirely different looks."
-Photographer Robert Bejil MM#1543853

"I can honestly say it was a pleasure to shoot with [you]... Its very rare to come across someone as easy to work with, awesome at directions and very versatile with looks and ability to get the 'shot'."
-KWBPhoto.com MM#420762

"Jin’s talent for modeling and passion for art of using herself as the medium is without measure. She was fearless at striking wickedly awesome poses ... I so love the pix [sic] we took and working with Jin is a blast of inspiration,,,,, she jumps right in with ideas and themes to make every set up a lot of fun with fab results from the camera’s POV…."
-Atomic Johnny's Pin-ups MM#2126972
(read the full blog here http://johneaves.wordpress.com/2012/03/ … ic-friday/)

"Amazing to work with, drops into pose/emotion so easily, makes my job so simple! Also a great MUA!!"
-Erin Koski MM#1820594

"You were a true delight to work with and bring so many positive memories to [my] photographic endeavors..."
-FFantastique Photography MM#619674

"...great lady... knows how to move, camera loves you jin"
-Photographer Rocky Deaton (not on MM)

"...sexy, tasteful, and just plain ... AMAZING!"
-Designer and Photographer for Ladies of Steampunk Sean McCaffrey (not on MM)

"...not to be redundant but you really were terrific... and as wonderful as your work is, you were a totally surprising personality to add to your talent and you really do have the right to call yourself badass!!!"
-Photographer Deborah Conners of DCGibs Photography MM#681056

"I told Gary [Abrigt of Select Models] right after he took that photo he should have taken the memory card out of the camera and thrown the camera into the ocean because he ain't going to get nothin better than that image. I love it!"
-Photographer FotoGregg MM#1611152


all about perspective   10 pics
amazing implieds   39 pics
ART!!   41 pics
beautiful ink   6 pics
black and whites done right   64 pics
bridal   21 pics
concepts done fantastically   45 pics
edits/fantasy   51 pics
face time   40 pics
fav pin ups   36 pics
fitness yeah   1 pics
great body paint   19 pics
great couple shots   51 pics
gurl lookit dat boday   2 pics
I love behind the scenes   7 pics
incredible settings   50 pics
landscapes   1 pics
lovely nudes   47 pics
love the make up!   28 pics
me gusta   502 pics
mirror shots   9 pics
mmm latex   17 pics
my hot ass friends   63 pics
perfect erotic   17 pics
runway   3 pics
story time   15 pics
the men of mm   57 pics
the more the merrier   35 pics
the photogs   2 pics
the 'tude   17 pics
unique wardrobe   60 pics
water   9 pics
what is it about doorways...   9 pics
windows   12 pics
work the pose!   136 pics

Casting Calls

Travel Notice
Apr 20, 2015 LA Published Glam/Alt/Art/Nude Model Available in Tucson!
Local Availability Notice
Apr 20, 2015 LA Published Glam/Alt/Art/Nude Model Available in Phoenix!
Travel Notice
Apr 17, 2015 LA Published Glam/Alt/Art/Nude Model Heading to AZ
Local Availability Notice
Mar 21, 2015 Dates Changed - LA Alt/Glam/Art/Nude Model Heading to SLC! Expired



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